This Black Panther Merchandise Will Break Your Box Office Records

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We at DGHQ—and the majority of geeks—are elated that movies like Black Panther and Wonder Woman are doing better than the age-old superhero movies of yore that have, honestly, been done to death.

The Black Panther movie has been breaking records here, there and everywhere, earning $108M on its 2nd weekend, which solidifies its spot as the second biggest second weekend gross of all time, and it’s showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

It’s a victory in times when politics are all over the place, trying to use our differences as weaknesses; to pit us against one another, but are failing because Wakanda represents an underrepresented voice and it’s a good one.

To celebrate the awesome that is Black Panther and a distinct, newsworthy lack of merch for the movie, we’ve picked out some of our favorite pieces of Black Panther merchandise just for you, geeklets.

1. Don’t Claw Each Other’s Eyes Out Just Yet

Black Panther claw pendantSource: ThinkGeek

Jewelry is a great way to show your originality and your insatiable love of a movie or a game, especially when it's still too cold outside to wear your favorite Groot shirt. This Black Panther-inspired claw necklace looks like it was forged directly from whatever glorious minerals are found in Wakanda and will also look killer with basically any outfit known to man. If you're looking for an excellent piece of Black Panther merchandise inspired by T'Challa but not a direct copy of his costume (we can't all look good in such tight clothing) which makes it yours.

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2. Brush Up a Little on Your Lore While Waiting to See it Again

Black Panther hardcover Ultimate GuideSource: Entertainment Earth

Have you only just started wanting to know more about Black Panther after seeing the movie? #Same, to be honest, only I also haven't seen the movie yet so no spoilers! Not unless the spoiler is, "It's so good, I can't believe you haven't seen it yet, what is your childhood trauma?" This book is a key piece of Black Panther merchandise that explores everything from his 1966 creation to now.

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3. This Exclusive Black Panther Poster is UNREAL

Black Panther poster premium art printSource: Sideshow

We hereby dare you not to find yourself looking at it forever, mouth agape. It's such a beautiful poster that your eyes may literally hurt when you look at it, but that's fine. After seeing Jared Leto's Joker on billboards all over every city a couple of years ago, it's time we had something beautiful to look at. (Leto jokes aside, there are some pretty wicked Suicide Squad action figures). Man, Sideshow never lets us geeks down, do they?

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4. Only Cool Snapbacks Are Allowed in Wakanda

Black Panther snapback capSource: Amazon

It takes a great head to pull off a snapback, but it takes an even greater one to pull off a leather-look one like this. Still, if we didn't take risks when it comes to fashion, fashion, as a whole, wouldn't be fashion. It's all about taking risks and sometimes, an item of clothing is so desirable that you'll go out of your way to try it on; give it a chance, see how it looks, see how it, more importantly, feels. And let's face it, when it comes to Black Panther merchandise, it's gonna be cool.

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5. And This Essential Piece of Black Panther Merchandise

Black Panther ShirtSource: TeePublic

Come on, people. It's time to make some more Black Panther shirts that are stylish, awesome, and would be able to be styled with the snapback up there. It's past time, it's just now that we have a Black Panther movie, there's more of an audience to do it. I loved this one the most because of its simplicity. Were T'Challa to indulge in loungewear, I'd put money on him wearing this and some killer sweats. I mean, I say money, I mean pleads.

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6. Dress Up Your Lapels to Impress Bast

Black Panther lapel pinsSource: Entertainment Earth

Bast, like most Gods, is kind of difficult to please. Moreso because of her feline sensibilities. These pins will get you as much in her favor as possible because a) they're not (gorgeous) Sailor Moon brooches, and b) they, like Black Panther, look so damn cool on denim or leather. At least you're not a dog, right? It would take so much more if you were. Dogs can't be controlled. Humans can be. That... is how it works, right B?

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7. If the Black Panther Likes it, He’ll Put a Ring on It

Black Panther replica ringSource: ThinkGeek

A replica of the ring the rulers of Wakanda pass down to their rightful heirs, this piece of jewelry is prime Black Panther merchandise for that reason alone. Based on the ring worn by T'Challa in the Captain America: Civil War, you can try to find one that's quite as close to the real thing as this one is, but you'd find nothing. It's so realistic looking, its sterling silver could pass easily for Vibranium.

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8. They Can Take Your Iron Man Mug but Never Your Black Panther One

Black Panther mugSource: Entertainment Earth

I'd prefer it if they didn't take either myself, but beggars and coffee drinkers can't be choosers. (Especially not when there are so many awesome geeky mugs out there to choose from). Black Panther merchandise is still pretty rare compared to its Avengers brethren too, so getting this mug now would save you a heck of a lot of grief when trying to find one later. Who knows how quickly these will be sold out and because of supply and demand, the more people that buy Black Panther merchandise, the more Black Panther merchandise there will be...  

Because I mentioned mugs, I'd be remiss not to supply you with some of our favorites:

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9. You Can’t Beat an Original MCU Comic Book

Black Panther comic book Marvel epic collectionSource: Amazon

Not as much as you try, or as hard as you try. Marvel has stood the test of time for so many reasons. It's survived through Spider-Man 3 and X-Men: The Last Stand and will continue to survive through the Trump presidency. Assuming we do. Jokes aside, there are some great original comic books out there and there's no better way to truly get a sense of a superhero than to catch them where they started. No tale of the Black Panther is as quintessential as Panther's Rage, and no other story remains far too relevant than it should be in 2018.

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10. Bag it Up in Style and Pride

Black Panther purse handbagSource: ThinkGeek

Do panthers operate in a pride like lions do? I don't know big cats. What I do know is this bag is incredible in every single language on earth (616 and 3010) and I would take it everywhere with me. What this Black Panther merchandise (and pretty much all of them we've done) article has been teaching me is that you don't have to ditch style or practicality to rep your favorite things. You can be stylish and do it all in one go and this gorgeous purse proves that perfectly.

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11. Your Key Will Have Swag Now

Black Panther keychain key ringSource: Amazon

Keychains say a lot about a person. If I were to give you my keys, on them you'd find a Darth Vader USB stick (32GB on a tiny Darth Vader helmet? We're in the future) and a Baby Groot pocket pop keychain; both of which—alongside my Tank Girl patch—says everything about who I am as a person and as a geek. I can see it on keys for everything from a penthouse to a tiny studio flat with a leaky pipe. Anyone should be able to own amazing Black Panther merchandise, regardless of where they live or how.

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12. Deck Your Walls with the King of Wakanda and You’ll Regret Nothing

Black Panther canvas printSource: iCanvas

Art doesn't have to be beautiful, but this canvas print most certainly is. It's awesome, it's official, it's Marvel through and through. Part of the Avengers Assemble series of wall art, as usual, Black Panther remains the coolest one and the one that would work on literally any wall in your home. Bedroom? Done. Kitchen? Sure, okay. One on every wall on every room in the house? Bit much, but it'd still look rad and... some of us are just that little bit extra.

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