The BEST Game of Thrones Pop Vinyls For Your Collection

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You’ve perused your favorite Power Rangers pops and Fallout bobbleheads, but you’ve still been left with a gaping hole inside of you.

What could it be? Have you eaten today? Are you making sure you get all of your vitamins? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because the penultimate season of Game of Thrones is on its way and you’re already in denial about it.

We get it. Believe me, we get it. GRRM’s creations have been your friends and adversaries for years. But there are so many awesome Game of Thrones pop vinyls out there. You can keep a piece of your favorite character with you forever.

1. Tyrion Lannister: The God of  Wine

Tyrion Lannister PopSource:
Tyrion is the youngest of the Lannister siblings and, inarguably, the most chill. Tyrion is usually found indulging in orgies or with a chalice in his hand, full of any liquor he can get his hands on. Shakespeare said it best of Hermia: though she may be but little, she is fierce. Same goes for Tyrion. What he lacks in height, he makes up for in wit, intelligence, and kindness.

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2. You Know Nothing, Game of Thrones Pop Vinyl Jon Snow

Jon Snow PopSource:
But you do always have impeccably groomed facial hair a girl like me could only wish to have if she was, well, not a girl. This is an exclusive Game of Thrones pop vinyl figure that has the King of the North in his Castle Black training outfit, now he’s finally part of the Night’s Watch. What he was born to be. A fun activity to indulge in is speaking in a dodgy Yorkshire accent and filming Instagram videos of Jon Snow in various, modern day places.

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3. Jon Snow’s Trustworthy Companion, Ghost: the Direwolf

Game of Thrones Ghost PopSource:
Would it not be awesome to collect all the famous canine-and-otherwise pop vinyls from various shows and fandoms? Close your eyes for a second and picture Ghost next to Dogmeat from Fallout. Awesome right? Like an all-male remake of Lady and the Tramp. I usually hate promising anything, but having Ghost in your collection to protect you, certainly won’t be damaging.

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4. Daenerys Targaryen: the Mother of Dragons

Daenerys Targaryen PopSource:
A lot of people would say that Game of Thrones is really the story of Jon Snow and of Daenerys. When we first see her in the show, she’s nothing more than a slave being handed off by her nazi-a** brother, to the Dothraki, for nothing more than to benefit himself. Over the series, she comes into her own, using the pain she’s endured in the past to be one of the strongest characters in the seven kingdoms.

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5. Pop Rides’ Daenerys and Drogon is One of the Best Game of Thrones Pops Out There

Dragon and Daenerys PopSource:
Unlike a lot of the Pop Rides figures, Dany actually comes off of Drogon to stand on her own, and there’s no unpainted place for her to sit, meaning that Drogon is detailed from snout(?) to tail. Pretty cool, and even cooler if you’ve got the other dragons in your collection to stand by them. Hereby ward off all incestuous, slave-driving brothers with your collection of dragons, raised and cared for by the Khaleesi of all of our hearts.

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6. Khal Drogo: Dothraki Leader (and All Around Guy-linered Babe)

Khal Drogo PopSource:
GRRM based the Dothraki on tribes from real life that lived of and for themselves, fought for their right to live, and did most of it on horseback. We started off wary of him and his tribe but as time went on and as Daenerys grew, we found out that the Dothraki aren’t bad guys at all. They’re not scary. It’s the people more like us that are. This POP! figure will make an amazing addition to your Game of Thrones collection.

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7. Ned Stark: Lord of Winterfell, Father of the North

Ned Stark PopSource:
When it was announced that Sean Bean was going to be in the series, the thing everybody knew for sure was that the character was going to die. Oh but wait, he’s a central one? Hmm, said and thought those who’d never read the books, maybe it’ll be different this time. Not where  Joffrey is concerned. No matter how long he lasted or how quickly he went, Eddard Stark is such a valuable piece of GoT lore. It’s only right there’s a Funko POP! to commemorate him.

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8. The Lady of Winterfell: Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark PopSource:
If you’re going to be a truly intensive collector of the Game of Thrones pop vinyls, I’d say it’s a given you ought to have all of the Starks. Sansa is the eldest daughter of Eddard and Catelyn and she’s had one of the most twisted and crazy journeys. After becoming happily betrothed to The Worst Child in the Whole World, Joffrey, she moves to the capital. Because she’s going through her rebellious phase. Which sure enough, teenagers can be awful, but no need for them to see their father beheaded…

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9. Arya Stark: Princess of Winterfell

Arya Stark PopSource:
Arya was the bravest of them all. She was only a child when she realized how unfair it was that she couldn’t fight the way her brothers and father could. She wanted to be a warrior, to defend the Kingdom, and she knew she was going to have to disguise herself as a boy to do it. In a world as male-heavy as all of the seven kingdoms combined, Arya contributes to the imbalance with courage and badassery.

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10. For Your Merry Band of Misfit Dragons, Drogon Has His Own Pop Too

Game of Thrones Drogon popSource:
Separate to the Pop Rider where he shares the stage (okay, box) with Daenerys, Drogon also stands alone in his own. I’ve always been obsessed with dragons so I’d have collected all the dragons before any of the actual human pops back in the day. He looks so cool though, a great addition to ANY collection.

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11. Prince Oberyn Martell: the Red Viper

Oberyn PopSource:
All these years later and I can’t talk about what happened to him. Pedro Pascal was the perfect, charismatic, handsome man to slip into the shoes of the tragic prince. Anyone that had lost off on the show was pulled back in at the climax of his far-too-short appearance, and the majority of us are still mourning. This Oberyn POP! might just settle your broken heart. At least for now.

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12. Ygritte: the Free

Ygritte PopSource:
Ygritte and the free folk are what everybody should aspire to be. When the rest of the world is obsessed with being in power, having power, and killing for it, the freedom of having the choice to be who she was was far more important to her. They don’t believe in any of the reasons there is wars and hatred, and I like to call them hippies because, well, while they’re not pot-wielders, they certainly have the right, albeit democratically implausible idea about everything.

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13. Lord of Dragonstone: Stannis Baratheon

Stannis Baratheon PopSource:
The Baratheons remind me of the sort of people I grew up around to the extent that I’m not sure who would win in either a drinking competition or a fight. Stannis Game of Thrones pop vinyl is tired of your sh*t and he has the face of a dad that’s done too much for an ungrateful family to boot. In some lights or through a chalice, he might look like he’s smiling?

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14. Ramsay Bolton: The Son

Ramsay Bolton PopSource:
Much as I may have enjoyed the comedic story I made up where he’s a predecessor to Michael Bolton and all of his songs I don’t know, that’s not remotely possible. Ramsay Bolton is the kind of psychopath that almost puts King Joffrey to shame. This Funko POP! was a Gamestop exclusive… and now we can get it on Amazon.

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15. Cersei Lannister: The Lioness

Cersei Lannister PopSource:
There are so many jokes about the Lannisters that get thrown around and while a lot of them are deserving, we wouldn’t have a decent kingdom of capitalists if it wasn’t for them. Cersei is a sneaky, strong woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. Who cares if her BROTHER is the father of her kids if nobody knows about it? Not I. This Pop! was the first in my GoT pop collection.

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16. Jaime Lannister: The Kingslayer

Jaime Lannister PopSource:
Jaime is one of those characters you can try your hardest to hate, and then he’ll do something to make it impossible to. Kind of the opposite of his son, basically. Jaime’s gone to hell and back for his family and to escape the bounds of it. When the info got out that he and Cersei had been playing Flowers in the Attic since they were teenagers, he spun it so everything worked out. The mark of a TRUE King.

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17. Jaime Lannister and His Golden Hand

Golden Hand Jaime Lannister PopSource:
When I said to hell and back, I wasn’t really lying. The once beautiful, glorious, near-golden son of Tywin is now battle worn, his hair shorn, and a missing limb that eventually got replaced with a golden one Iron Fist would feel true envy of him for. Every dog has his day, and every gold hand a silver, er, gold lining. Jaime’s scars and grittiness in this Game of Thrones pop vinyl literally only makes him more desirable.

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18. Brienne of Tarth: The Warrior

Brienne of Tarth PopSource:
In the books, her looks are described as grotesque and in the show, they do their best to make the gorgeous Captain Phasma herself, Gwendoline Christie, look anything other than amazing. They try, and they try hard, and maybe it’s the perseverance and the joy of Brienne as a character but I find everything about her appealing and this is another one of the Game of Thrones pop vinyls that I want as part of my collection. She’ll fit in perfectly with my barrage of blondes.

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19. Night King: The First Man

Glow in the Dark Night King PopSource:
The leader of the White Walkers, the Night King is truly terrifying. He can turn you into a zombie just by touching you, which means if you were to have to step by him on the metro, you wouldn’t be coming out at the other side still being human. This pop of him glows in the dark, which is as awesome as it is continuing the tradition of him being terrifying. How much do you need him in your collection? A lot, I’d say. If he’s there, you know he’s not off causing trouble.

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20. Melisandre: The Red Woman

Melisandre PopSource:
If you like witches that speak in riddles, can conjure with the best of them (David Blaine), and fancy yourself something of a Wiccan yourself, then this Melisandre Funko Pop is the one for you. Her flowing robes are perfectly captivating, and she comes with a torch, just in case you want her to set everything on fire and watch it burn. She WILL. It’s a Valar Morghulis kind of a thing.

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21. HODOR!!!

Hodor PopSource:
Hodor — or Wylis to those who care — might have been a bit slow and simple, but his heart made up for all of that. The gentle half-giant become a meme and his catchphrase has become one of those things that Game of Thrones fans and those who aren’t actually fans of it alike, use as a beacon to incite chuckles. Which is fair, but let’s not forget he died nobly to save Bran Stark, and not in a battle for a dumb throne.

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22. Joffrey Baratheon: The First of His Name

Joffrey Baratheon PopSource:
Also known as The Most Hated Character in History and other such accuracies. Joffrey is the brat prince, son of Cersei and Jaime (shh, don’t tell even though I’ve told a few times in this article), and he’s the biggest little sh!t you will ever see on television. Coming above Mad Men’s Pete Cambell by an absolute landslide, which every one of us kind of wished he’d get carried away in. As much as he’s hated, he’s hated in such a way that you really want to pay homage to it. With this Funko POP!, you can.

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23. Yep, Even the Iron Throne ITSELF Has A POP

Iron Throne PopSource:
Let the Iron Throne pop be your figurehead for your collection. Position all of the Pops you have around it, even if they’re not from the show itself and let them battle to the death to see who is the rightful owner. (Hint: HODOR). This POP! is the essential key to completing your collection. Sit your favorite POP on it and smile in admiration of your own mad skills.

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