17 Legend of Zelda Posters For Your Hyrulian Abode

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Whatever your abode is. Whether it be a rock den in Gorgon City, an abandoned Windmill in Kakariko Village, or tiny shack at the side of Lake Hyrule, every home needs art to spruce it up.

That’s where we come in! We’ve pulled together our resources (the happy mask man, skull kids) to bring you 17 of the most awesome Legend of Zelda posters the interweb has to offer.

1. Celebrate The Legend of Zelda’s 25th Birthday!

The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary posterSource: amazon.com
If that doesn’t make you feel old, we’re no longer friends. This small fabric poster has on it every Link there is to the past (heh). Everybody, I think, has a different Legend of Zelda game that made them fall in love with Link and Hyrule, and every one of those is depicted on this poster. If you look closely, you’ll see a lot of other characters hiding out in the ranks. Great for procrastination!

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2. Line Your Walls With A Classic Pixel Map Poster

The Legend of Zelda Pixel MapSource: bonanza.com
Designed to look as though it’s been taken from behind a glass case at the museum, this legend is perfect for your home office or games room. It’s perfect for a lot of things. This pixel map is a Legend of Zelda poster that will keep you and whoever sees it pulled in and interested the whole time.  If I’m not wrong, Link’s been seen carrying one around in one of his Zelda backpacks as of late.

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3. Have a WHALE of a Time With This Link’s Awakening Poster

Link's Awakening PosterSource: teepublic.com
If the Zelda games have brought anything to us (in a situation where we’d have to pick only one thing), it’d be upping the stakes for video games to make the most beautiful game, to Kanye, it, OF ALL TIME. This poster does the beauty of the games justice and I can’t stop looking. My only worry is the whale might land on Link’s head.  I don’t think there’s a suit for being squished.

Get the Link’s Awakening Poster on teepublic.com

4. What Do We Want? Legend of Zelda Posters That Pay Homage to the Ocarina of Time!

Ocarina of Time PosterSource: amazon.com
When I mentioned everyone having their own Zelda game that won them over, Ocarina of Time was mine. To this day, I tear up when I think of the pain the spider family must have been in after being cursed or the ring above death mountain when it turns back to clouds. Ocarina was my first foray into Zelda so this poster is basically it for me.

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5. Fairy Fairy Night, Paint Your Deku Blue and Gray

Gret Deku Tree PosterSource: teepublic.com
The spiritual marriage of the Kokiri to their guardian, the Great Deku Tree, successfully invokes a lot of fae and Wiccan lore. I don’t and can’t blame them for worshipping him. He’s a tree that not only speaks, he has an actual dungeon inside of him AND was a newly born baby tree before Baby Groot. This Van Gogh-style poster is as minimalistic as it is stylish and I love it.

Get the Gret Deku Tree Poster on teepublic.com

6. Sleep Well At Night As Link Takes On the Monster Under Your Bed

The Legend of Zelda Anniversary PosterSource: amazon.com
Out of all of the Legend of Zelda posters so far, this fabric 25th-anniversary one is the most terrifying. Obviously, as always for us, it’s a case of “the more terrifying the better.” I can’t figure out whether this Lynel is a distant, way more evil cousin of Ludo from Labyrinth or not. What do you think?

Get the Legend of Zelda Anniversary Poster on amazon.com

7. We Didn’t Forget You, Majora’s Mask Fans!

Majora's Mask PosterSource: amazon.com
We’ve got a couple Legend of Zelda posters that revolve around this game. Majora’s Mask is one I haven’t played but do have, waiting for me as a ROM on my laptop. This poster has pretty much the whole cast of your favorite characters on it. That, for a lunatic (get it?) geek like me, is the pinnacle of cool.

Get the Majora’s Mask Poster on amazon.com

8. There’s a Giant Thieving Skullkid Poster, As Well

Majora's Mask Skull Kid PosterSource: amazon.com
This. little. butthead. That said, if you can play sleight of hand with the Happy Mask Man and come out on top, provoking an entire game around said theft, you kind of deserve a huge poster. And I do mean HUGE. This massive poster looks more a painting that would fit perfectly into our video game wall art collection. So, if Majora’s Mask is to you what Ocarina of Time is to me, let me shake you excitedly as I gesture wildly for you to get it.

Get the Majora’s Mask Skull Kid Poster on amazon.com

9. This Giant Stained Glass Look Wind Waker Poster Would Look Neat in the Temple of Time

Zelda Wind Waker PosterSource: amazon.com
Personally speaking, I might go to church more (read: at all) if there were more video game scenes on their stained glass windows. I suppose it’d have to be a church dedicated exclusively to video gaming, and video gaming, on the whole, is kind of a secular activity. I mean, when we’re not yelling, “Ugh, GOD” every time we die.

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10. Art Meets the Legend of Zelda Once Again

Wind Waker PosterSource: amazon.com
This Wind Waker poster is based on the Great Wave by Katsushika Hokusai. Sail into the wave with Link on a longboat, something you’ll wind up wanting to do because the trip is longer than James’ over the lake to the hotel in Silent Hill 2 multiplied by Booker’s descent on the lighthouse to Columbia. It’s a pretty cute poster for art and nerd fans alike.

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11. Speaking of, This Twilight Princess Poster is Art with a Capital A

Twilight Princess PosterSource: designbyhumans.com
Link riding in on Epona in this gorgeous pencil drawing stopped me for a second. Of all the Legend of Zelda posters in all of the Hyrulian lands, the effort and love put into this one is by far the most intense and delightful. It captures the magic of the Legend of Zelda like that’s what it was meant for. Even Ganondorf will like it. Maybe.

Get the Twilight Princess Poster on designbyhumans.com

12. There’s Another Stained Glass Legend of Zelda Poster and it’s Just As Gorgeous

Legend of Zelda Stained Glass PosterSource: amazon.com
Seriously, though. Where do we go to make an appeal to the church’s version of the Godfather to make these things happen? It never will, I admit. However, that isn’t gonna stop us from hanging up these stained glass Legend of Zelda posters all around our room and making an alter out of Legend of Zelda merchandise now, is it?

Get the Legend of Zelda Stained Glass Poster on amazon.com

13. Fly High on Your Loftwing With This Skyward Sword Poster

Zelda Skyward SwordSource: amazon.com
In case you weren’t aware, Loftwings legitimately exist. No, really. They’re called shoebill storks and they’re one of my personal favorite animals and were before the game. When I saw their design being used in a Zelda game, that was just it for me. I’m a Loftwing fan. I like the Loftwing more than I like Epona and I like Epona a whole lot. Hey, they should release a game that’s exclusively riding things. It’d cut travel time by a BUNCH.

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14. Look Out Over Hyrule With Link in This Breath of the Wild Poster

The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild PosterSource: amazon.com
Can you imagine doing this in real life? If I was Link, I’d have spent less time rushing around trying to save Hyrule (I mean, it just keeps getting taken over all the time. A  guy needs a break.) and more time meditating on it as I look out into the horizon. What do you think he’s thinking of? Zelda? Saria? The fact he’s really damn hungry? Guess we’ll never know.

Get the Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild Poster on amazon.com

15. This Other Breath of the Wild Poster Shows He Ditched the Contemplation

Breath Of The Wild PosterSource: amazon.com
I get it, Hyrule does need saving, even if it is time and time again. Link is the hero we all need and we all deserve. He’s always ready to give up everything — including meditation time, don’t forget — to fight for the right to keep his homeland out of the paws of anybody that might want it.

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16. Keep the Map of Hyrule on Your Wall (Just in Case)

Legend of Zelda MapSource: amazon.com
This poster brings together a collection of the worlds from the different games, turning them into one extensive, Tolkien-ish map. It took me a while to try and figure out which game it was, so when I eventually settled on the idea of it being a mix of all of them, I got to sit back and admire. It’ll come in handy if you ever find yourself in Hyrule. You know, if Link finally gets a vacation.

Get the Legend of Zelda Map on amazon.com

17. This Poster Could Be A Movie! Being John Linkovich? Link/Off??

Legend of Zelda Links PosterSource: amazon.com

We had to leave this poster for last. It was too much of a good tribute to the Legend of Zelda world and games to do anything else. This is another poster that combines all of the Links from all of the different games, and its colors are the exact ones you think of when you think of Zelda. The green and gold combine to make for the perfect tribute to one of Nintendo’s finest creations.

We’re getting a little teary eyed over here…

Get the Legend of Zelda Links Poster on amazon.com