Legend Of Zelda Merchandise For Wading Through The Water Temple

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Rainbow Road may be the boggart of a lot of Nintendo gamers’ lives, but Ocarina Of Time’s Water Temple is every single one of our fears come to life: a gaggle of boggarts if you will. In fact, uttering those words at an opportune moment, you could easily be the cause of another human being’s mental anguish.


Playing the game as a kid, not having a forum wherein I could vent my woes, I never actually knew it wasn’t just me that wanted to cry in the weeks I was stuck there. We were one in our collective frustrations, disconnected from each other in a world before a web that was truly worldwide.

They say that to combat your fears, you ought to take them head on, which is why we’ve gone out of our way to find a bunch of amazing Water Temple-related Legend Of Zelda merchandise you can mount on your fireplace like a trophy.

Or you know, just wear to the gym.

1. King Zora T-Shirt In Which He Continues To Be a *Mweep*

King Zora ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Has any character in the history of video games, since Pong, been as obnoxiously slow to shift? I get it, it takes longer the bigger a mass is, but he had ages! What gives?! Unfreezing King Zora later in the game was thankfully much quicker.

Get the King Zora Shirt on teepublic.com

2. This Water Temple Poster Is A Surefire Pick-Me-Up

Water Temple PosterSource: lookhuman.com
There’s something to be said about blatancy, and it’s that it’s mostly wrong when aimed my way… unless it comes with a Legend of Zelda reference. Check out this Video Game Wall Art article for more inspiration.

Get the Water Temple Poster on lookhuman.com

3. Breathe Underwater* In This Blue Tunic Hoodie

Zora Tunic JackerSource: etsy.com

Was one of the best parts of the game not getting different color suits to fit your environment? The bonuses were cool and all, but maybe Link is a fashionista too. YOU DON’T KNOW.

*don’t try this at home.

Get the Zora Tunic Jacker on etsy.com

4. This Gorgeous Light And Dark Link T-Shirt

Dark Link ShirtSource: teepublic.com
I didn’t take Dark Link to be a villain — he was part of us, after all! — and it made the Water Temple way more bearable than being stuck with *gulp* Navi.

Get the Dark Link Shirt on teepublic.com

5. Get Relaxation Time With A Zora’s Domain Candle

Zora's Domain CandleSource: etsy.com
The calm before the storm, let the serenity of pre-Ganon Zora’s Domain wash over you with the scent of crisply clear water, hope, and definitely not fish. King Zora ate ’em all.

Get the Zora’s Domain Candle on etsy.com

6. Defeat The Water Temple With Dark Link’s Shield and Sword

Dark Link Shield and SwordSource: amazon.com
Think about it this way: if you’ve got them, he doesn’t. Easy victory! I mean, once you get past the butt-load of puzzles.

Get the Dark Link Shield and Sword on amazon.com

7. Princess Ruto’s Branded Cereal T-Shirt

Princess Ruto ShirtSource: teepublic.com
After awaking a bizarre wtf-sexuality in many, Princess Ruto was scouted to be a model. For cereal.

Get the Princess Ruto Shirt on teepublic.com

8. Cosplay Away With A Replica Of Link’s Longshot

Ocarina of Time LongshotSource: etsy.com
Don’t try and use it the way Link does, though. I’ll do it for you and let you know how it worked from my hospital bed. #YOLO

Get Link’s Longshot on etsy.com

9. Wear Your Water Medallion Necklace With Pride

Water Medallion NecklaceSource: amazon.com
Play hard to get (Water Temple, guys, come on!) with this wicked cool piece of jewelry. Not only does it call back to the game, it looks great as a stand alone too.

Get the Water Medallion Necklace on amazon.com

10. Link Approaches The Water Temple In This Tee

Water Temple ShirtSource: rageon.com
And we all experience hardcore PTSD each time we wear it. But it’s coo’ and gorgeous and I would plaster it all over my bathroom if I could.

Get the Water Temple Shirt on rageon.com

11. Engraved Zelda’s Lullaby Necklace That Opens Doors

Zelda's Lullaby NecklaceSource: etsy.com
Once upon a time, I had a recorder. I used to play this all the time, to the detriment of my mother and neighbors. Now I have guitars and I still play it.   ◄▲►◄▲►

Get the Zelda’s Lullaby Necklace on etsy.com

12. And This Legit Ocarina Will Let You Play It Too!

Ocarina of Time OcarinaSource: amazon.com
It’s a blue ceramic replica of the Ocarina of Time. What more can I do besides ask, “What song do you use to teleport again?”

Get the Legend of Zelda Ocarina on amazon.com

13. Water Medallion Earrings To Add A Splash Of Color

Water Medallion EarringsSource: etsy.com
It took you that long to beat the level, the least you can do is dress head-to-toe in Water Medallion regalia. Not everyone beat it. Rub it in!

Get the Water Medallion Earrings on etsy.com

14. Pocket Dark Link Tee, As Cute As Can Be

Dark Link SweatshirtSource: teepublic.com
Much cuter than stowing away a cat in your t-shirt pocket, take Dark Link everywhere you go to smite your enemies.

Get the Dark Link Pocket Sweatshirt on teepublic.com

15. Spend Time At Hyrule’s Fishing Pond In This T-Shirt

Zelda Fishing ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Save Zelda and Hyrule or catch the Hylian Loach… Stop Ganondorf’s rule or catch the Hylian Loach… Hmmm.

Get the Link Fishing Shirt on teepublic.com

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