26 Video Game Wall Art Parody Prints That Will Blow Your Mind

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Video games are your life… But how do you find the perfect way to display your passion for your favorite pastime? Here are 26 video game wall art parodies that prove beauty is in the eye of the video gamer.

1. A Super Mario Kart Parody Painting to Keep You ‘Ridin Dirty’

Super Mario Kart Parody PaintingSource: etsy.com
You’ll want to speed over and get this art print of Mario and the Gang to hang on your wall. Hurry before Koopa sabotages the race and your decor!

Get this Mario Kart Parody Art on etsy.com

2. A Bioshock Wall Art Print to Bring You ‘Up for Air’

Bioshock Art PrintSource: etsy.com
This poster of a Big Daddy and little sister is one of the coolest pieces of BioShock merchandise you can find online. Make sure to put it where you can keep an eye out for those nasty splicers.

Get this Bioshock Parody Wall Art Print on etsy.com

3. A Pac-Man Art Print Parody You Can Sing About

Pac-Man Art Print ParodySource: amazon.com
‘Come Together’ and get this Pac-Man video game wall art print parody set on the Beatles Abbey Road album cover. It’ll put a song in your heart and a ghost in Pac-Man’s belly.

Get it on amazon.com

4. A Super Mario Painting Parody that Will Make You Salute

Super Mario Painting ParodySource: etsy.com
Let Mario be Captain of your domain in this poster parody of the feisty Italian. Just don’t let him order too much pizza while you’re away.

Get the Mario Poster on etsy.com

5. A Pac-Man Wall Art Painting to Keep Those Ghosts Running

Pac-Man PaintingSource: etsy.com
In this art print, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde are hiding from the giant Pac-Man coming down from the mountain. Hang this in your home to show those ghosts who’s the boss.

Get the Pac Man Art Print on etsy.com

6. A Mortal Kombat Painting to Fight Off Boring Walls

Mortal Kombat PaintingSource: etsy.com
Raiden and Sub Zero battle it out in this Mortal Kombat poster. Other than that it’s just a peaceful day by the water.

Get the Mortal Combat Parody Art on etsy.com

7. A Shy Guy Art Print to Make You Scream

Shy Guy Art PrintSource: amazon.com
Shy Guy from Super Mario is looking more than a little disturbed in this video game wall art print parody of ‘The Scream.’ Guess he just saw Mario down the hall.

Get the Shy Guy Art Print for 17.00 on amazon.com

8. Legend of Zelda Painting to Save Your Blank Wall

Legend of Zelda PaintingSource: etsy.com
Help Link save Princess Zelda by adding this the poster from our Legend of Zelda merchandise finds to your collection. It will make you feel like you found the Triforce of Power.

Get The Legend Of Zelda Painting on etsy.com

9. A Painting For the Mario at Heart

Mario ArtSource: etsy.com
Let’s face it…from beginner to advanced, most video game players have a soft spot for Super Mario Gifts. Bring that tunnel-traveling little guy home in this lovable poster.

Get the Mario Parody Painting on etsy.com

10. Halo Spartan Supersoilder Art Painting to Eradicate the Flood

Halo Spartan Supersoilder PaintingSource: etsy.com
Join the battle with this wall art print of a Halo Spartan Supersoldier ‘Storming the Beach’ against the Covenant. Or maybe just enjoy the view from your recliner.

Get the Halo Supersoldier Painting on etsy.com

11. A Super Mario Painting to Keep Your Guard Up

Super Mario PaintingSource: etsy.com
Poor Mario can’t even enjoy his vacation without Bowser getting in the way. This poster will remind you that evil never takes the day off.

Get the Super Mario Painting on etsy.com

12. A Super Smash Bros Painting to End All Others

Super Smash Bros PaintingSource: etsy.com
Who could lose with this team of heroes? Featuring Mario, Luigi, Mega Man, Link, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Fox, and Pikachu, this art print has the Smash Bros gang in full effect. This Mega Man Merchandise is a great choice for any art loving superfan.

Get the Super Smah Bros Art on etsy.com

13. Mario Brothers Painting That Bites

Mario Brothers Piranha PaintingSource: etsy.com
This re-purposed art print may look pretty, but don’t get too close to this ‘Piranha Bouquet.’ These flowers are wild…just ask Mario!

Get the Super Mario Brothers Piranha Painting on etsy.com

14. Shy Guy Painting to Show Your Art Appreciation

Shy Guy PaintingSource: amazon.com
Just because you love video games doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate the fine arts. Prove that with this poster that combines ‘American Gothic’ with the Shy Guys from Mario Bros.

Get the Shy Guy Mario Gothic Poster on amazon.com

15. Super Mario Painting to Make You ‘Pause’

Super Mario PaintingSource: etsy.com
What do you do when you’re surrounded by man-eating piranha plants? Hit the pause button and take a nap, just like Mario in this relaxing poster.

Get the Super Mario Poster on etsy.com

16. Fallout Painting Parody You Will Fall Into

Fallout Painting ParodySource: etsy.com
This art print is one of the coolest Fallout merchandise, besides our awesome collection of Fallout Pops of course. In this Fallout art print, the Sole Survivor of Vault 111 and his Dogmeat come across a cozy cottage. It seems like a nice place to contemplate the fate of all humanity.

Get the Fallout Parody Painting on etsy.com

17. Super Mario Painting of Boos to Scare Up Some Excitement

Super Mario Painting of BoosSource: etsy.com
Don’t be afraid of hanging these ghosts on your wall. This art print of the Boos from Super Mario will make your friends scream with jealousy.

Get the Super Mario Boos Painting on etsy.com

18. Nintendo Video Game Wall Art that Won’t Wilt

Super Maio Plants PaintingSource: amazon.com
This poster showcasing a bouquet of flowers and plants from various Mario and Yoshi games will stay fresh all year long. Just try to remember NOT to water it.

Get the Super Mario Flowers Painting on amazon.com

19. A Bioshock Infinite Painting to Give You Wings

Bioshock Infinite PaintingSource: etsy.com
This art print parody of the floating city of Columbia and statue of Zachary Hale Comstock will make you want to fly. But try to stay in this dimension, okay?

Get the Bioshock Infinite Parody Art on etsy.com

20. The Bowser Painting that Will Get You Hooked

Bowser PaintingSource: etsy.com
Bowser makes a great fishing buddy in this Super Mario re-purposed poster. Remember to share your day’s catch with him so you don’t start looking like lunch.

Get Super Mario Bowser Painting on etsy.com

21. Shy Guy Painting that Keeps It Classy

Shy Guy PaintingSource: amazon.com
Shy Guy is stylish in this Super Mario parody wall art print of that bashful character. The turnip earring really gives it a hint of tasteful sophistication.

Get the Shy Guy Classic Art on amazon.com

22. Sonic the Hedgehog Painting to Cool Your Heels

Sonic the Hedgehog Painting Source: etsy.com
This poster parody shows speedy Sonic gathering rings in the cold winter snow. Even unsavory weather conditions can’t stop him from defeating Dr. Robotnik.

Get the Sonic The Hedgehog Parody Painting on etsy.com

23. A Luigi Painting for the ‘Player Two’ in You

Luigi PaintingSource: etsy.com
Mario isn’t the only one with the skills to rescue Princess Peach. In this art print, the second player is her plumber in shining overalls.

Get the Luigi Painting on etsy.com

24. Ludwig von Koopa Painting To Strike a Chord with You

Koopa PaintingSource: amazon.com
Don’t look now, but Koopa is a composer! Let this poster inspire your inner musician to make beautiful music by which to play video games.

Get the Koopa Parody Art on amazon.com

25. Yoshi Painting to Sink Your Teeth Into

Yoshi PaintingSource: etsy.com
Yoshi is usually pretty happy-go-lucky. But don’t make him mad or you’ll see that lovable lizard bare some fangs like he seems ready to do in this art print.

Get the Yoshi Painting on etsy.com

26. Space Invaders Painting that Comes in Peace

Space Invaders PaintingSource: etsy.com
This poster of Space Invaders seems friendly enough. Although, we do suggest getting your laser cannon ready…just in case they aren’t.

Get the Space Invaders Parody Painting on etsy.com

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