17 Aww-some Baby Groot Gifts To Ease Your Anticipation

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The Best Baby Groot Gifts

  • Limited Baby Groot Gift Set
  • Feeling GROOT Shirt
  • Grow Your Own Groot
  • Darwin’s Evolution of Groot
  • Ooga Chaka Dancing Baby Groot
  • Baby Groot Ring
  • Exclusive Funko POP!: Baby Groot
  • Baby Groot Appreciation Society Shirt
  • Baby Groot Playing Cards
  • Baby Groot Phone Case

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer with the Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’ in the background looks pretty damn amazing from start to finish. Are we not psyched as heck for the next installment? I sure am.

More than that, it isn’t because I’m desperate to find out why Kurt Russell is in the teaser trailer or to see if Nebula might actually get her chance to shine; I’m psyched as heck for Baby Groot.

(And in that moment, I swear our awws were infinite.)

Climb into my branches, children, and grab these cute-as-sin Baby Groot gifts in the run up to Guardians of the Galaxy 2‘s release and proclaim, as one: We Are Groot.

1. This Limited Baby Groot Gift Set Has Everything A Sapling Needs!

Groot Gift KitSource: entertainmentearth.com
Earphones? Check. Miniature wire scalers so Baby Groot can come with you everywhere you go?? Got you. An actual dancing Groot that brought his boombox along for the ride??? You got it made, kid.

Get the Groot Gift Set on entertainmentearth.com

2. Show People You’re Feeling GROOT In This T-Shirt

Groot Mood ShirtSource: amazon.com
I don’t know about you, but I’m often Groot. I’m Groot right now. (Also hungry.) And I tell you something else, his language would be an easy one to learn. What’re you waiting for, Duolingo?

Get the Groot Shirt on amazon.com

3. Grow Your Own Groot!

Grow and Glow GrootSource: amazon.com
I might actually be able to keep my cacti alive if they came with their own Baby Groot. This plant does (or does Baby Groot come with the plant?) Either way: he glows.

Get the Grow and Glow Groot on amazon.com

4. Darwin’s Evolution Of The Kitchen Table Right On Your Shirt

Pinochhio Heritage ShirtSource: bustedtees.com
Seeing the finished product really makes a girl feel less guilty for turning sticks into stakes at 13, huh?

Get the Groot Pinocchio Shirt on bustedtees.com

5. Ooga Chaka Ooga Chaka Dancing Baby Groot

Dancing GrootSource: target.com
I can’t stop this feeling deep inside of me, girl you just don’t realize what Baby Groot does to me with the fact that he legit dances.

Get the Dancing Groot on target.com

6. Put A Baby Groot Ring On It

Baby Groot RingSource: amazon.com

FYI: I will /definitely/* accept any proposals thrown my way if they come with this. I Am Gro… yours.

*probably not, I just want it

Get the Groot Ring on amazon.com

7. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Exclusive Funko POP!: Baby Groot

Groot Funko PopSource: amazon.com
Let him be your knight in wooden armor with his fancy lil shield. No man, woman, nor Kree will ever harm you.

Get the Groot Figure on amazon.com

8. The Baby Groot Appreciation Society Shirt

Baby Groot ShirtSource: teepublic.com
If it weren’t for him, there’d /be/ no Guardians of the Galaxy left to save the galaxy a second time. There’d just be pieces of Star-Lord flying around in space.

Get the Baby Groot Shirt on teepublic.com

9. Beat Yondu With Baby Groot Playing Cards

Groot Playing CardsSource: entertainmentearth.com
Yondu’s more of a poker dude, I’ll give him that, but in the interest of Baby Groot staying on the path of the straight and narrow, it’s best we stick to Go Fish.

Get the Baby Groot Playing Cards on entertainmentearth.com

10. Phone Cases Have Never Been Cuter Than This

Groot and Rocket Phone CaseSource: teepublic.com
Let’s put aside the guilt we’d feel dropping down the moving steps at the train thingy on a night out to marvel (ha!) at this Baby Groot case for any kind of smartphone.

Get the Baby Groot Phone Case on teepublic.com

11. Vincent Van Groot T-Shirt

Groot Van Gough ShirtSource: rageon.com
Groot isn’t about to cut one of his ears off, don’t you worry. It’s a downside to having inverted canals and no lobes.

Get the Groot Starry Night Shirt on rageon.com

12. These Baby Groot Tiki Mugs Remain Cute With Juice In Them

Groot TIkki MugSource: entertainmentearth.com
He’s not old enough to drink, kids. Let’s not get him started down the wrong path when he’s pure enough to love the Jacksons and his best friend is a racoon.

Get the Groot Tikki Mug on entertainmentearth.com

13. Paint Your Own Groot With The Powers of 3D Printing

3D printed grootSource: ebay.com
What colors will you make yours? Mine is going to be neon orange, turquoise, and be covered in glitter from bark to root.

Get the 3D Printed Groot on ebay.com

14. I Am Groot, And I Can Charge Two Things At Once

Groot ChargerSource: thinkgeek.com
Droid what, Robot who. This USB charger looks amazing enough to take on board the Milano even after Glenn Close and John C Reilly fixed it up.

Get the Groot Charger on thinkgeek.com

15. Oh You Know, Just A Chibi-Style Tank Top With Baby Groot On It

Baby Groot Tank TopSource: rageon.com
Which is also so adorable, I’m shaking as I write and have had to ask Alexa to do it for me, to which she replied, “I’m sorry. I don’t understand the question you’re asking.”

Get the Baby Groot Tank Top on rageon.com

16. Baby Groot Earrings To Compliment Any Spacesuit

Baby Groot EarringsSource: amazon.com
That includes vintage-wear from the 90s (that shouldn’t be called vintage-wear because the 90s were only 5 years ago. …right?)

Get the Groot Earrings on amazon.com

17. Shower With The Ladies Of DC (And Groot)

Groot Shower CurtainSource: rageon.com

Poison Ivy appealing to the masses, who’da thunk it? Personally, I relate to Ivy on this shower curtain so much that I don’t understand where Catwoman and Harley are coming from. Be gaga over Bruce Wayne or Joker all you want, ladies. You’re the ones missing out. This design would make some pretty cool Superhero Wall Art.

(To be honest, though, Harley’s just jealous…)

Get Groot and Poison Ivy Shower Curtain on rageon.com