9 Killer Iron Man Action Figures Tony Stark Would Totally Approve Of

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What would be better than having all of the money in the world at your disposal and a helpful AI named Jarvis to tackle the harder things so you don’t have to? Nothing.

Tony Stark is the OG of the Avengers. He’s cocky, he’s full of himself, and it’s all for a reason: He can be. Whatever your feelings about him, Iron Man is one of the most integral parts of the MCU. I mean, without Iron Man, there wouldn’t even be Iron Spider.

Picking out a selection of Iron Man action figures for Discover Geek is long, long overdue, but after the success that was Infinity War–that we’re still trying to process–, it’s only necessary that we cover them later rather than sooner.

Because Iron Man is awesome, and until we get to see Deadpool 2, Tony might just be our favorite action hero.

1. Let Tony Stark Light Up Your Life

Hot Toys Iron Man Infinity War action figureSource: Sideshow

To be honest, Tony Stark's entire existence has the ability to light up one's life. Not because of his extremely good looks or his sparkling personality, but because of a lot of his suits actually lighting up. Like this one! Thanos has no chance of getting his way, not when the Avengers and co look so fabulous. Sometimes it matters what you look like, and when you're saving the world from somebody like Thanos, it totally matters. Because if there's any way of beating the greatest threat to the universe, it's looking damn good.

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2. It Goes Without Saying That the Iron Man Action Figures Would Be Fancy

electronic iron man action figureSource: Entertainment Earth

We would feel robbed to have it any other way. The last thing we need is an annoyed Tony Stark showing up at the door, having taken time out of the most important battle in MCU history to tell us off about making his Iron Man action figure not quite fancy enough. Being annoyed gives you wrinkles and he simply cannot have that. Neither can we geeks, though, which I suppose is why we have to keep our superhero action figures in our lives. It keeps us young and happy.

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3. This Was Before Iron Man Learned to Contour his Suit

retro Iron Man action figureSource: Amazon

Tony Stark has never had to worry about whether or not he looked good, but his old suits were kind of, how can I say this? Blocky. In this garb, it was totally understandable for anyone to get him mixed up with the Iron Giant from the book of the same name. Luckily, someone taught him the magic of contouring and ever since, his suit has had cheekbones for days and... some excellent weaponry that can beat a fight against everyone but Thanos. But does Thanos even count? He shouldn't. Same with Superman!

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4. Mark IV is the Best Iron Man Suit, You’re Wrong if You Think Otherwise

Iron Man Mark IV action figureSource: Sideshow

Think for a while before you disturb one of the most crazy-realistic Iron Man action figures out there on the market. Was I not the one in the market for said Iron Man action figure, I would've taken this one for a still from one of the Iron Man movies. It's almost so real-looking that it's got a little uncanny valley to it. Who's to bet Tony Stark made this one himself? I can't see the guy trusting anyone else with his appearance, especially after this one. Oh. And also, he's an extreme narcissist.

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5. Who Needs Adonis When You’ve Got Iron Man?

Iron Man statueSource: Amazon

All of us at Discover Geek fell in love with this statue when I found it (actually, to be fair, we fell in love with this entire series of statues). It was hard not to. Blockhead is back sans contouring, sure, but as far as collectibles go, if you're looking for an Iron Man action figure that blends the old and retro with the new, this right here is the one. Plus it's great for all ages because if you're like me, you won't feel like you have to play with them like I do all my Star Wars pops. He's just there being cool.

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6. Plucked Straight Out of the Iron Army for Your Collection

Iron Man Mark 42 action figureSource: Amazon

One of the most unique designs we've seen so far. This is a must-have in your collection.

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7. The Only Time Tony Stark Will Ever be a Mug

Marvel Mighty Muggs Iron ManSource: Amazon

That is, to say, when he's not an officially licensed Marvel mug. We know how many of those there are around and am pretty sure we have almost ten between the three of us. If not more. This "mug" is a little different in that it's a special kind of Iron Man action figure that you probably shouldn't drink out of him if you value your geeky collectibles. You can change his face but you can never drink his freedom! (I swear that made sense in my head, but Mel Gibson didn't use to be crazy either).

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8. Re-imagined Iron Man is STILL One of the Best Looking Superheroes

Iron Man variant action figureSource: Amazon

If I were him (which I'm not because Gwyneth Paltrow would go nowhere near my social class), I would wear this suit all of the time. His colors may be red and black but when it comes to variant Iron Man figures, you've got no chance of beating this one. It's too beautiful. The colors, the construction, and obviously, the man who's hiding underneath it. Yes, he did pay me to write that, and no, it didn't come with Stark employee benefits because... well, he's his only employee.

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9. The Infinity War Action Figures Range from Bandai is UNREAL

Bandai Iron Man Infinity War action figureSource: Amazon

I don't know about you but I'm still not over how good Infinity War was. I could watch it again and again until the follow-up comes out and I still wouldn't be able to have enough. The line of Infinity War action figures by Bandai has everything great about the movies combined with amazing designs (as always) and a range so beautiful it's hard to decide which you want. This Iron Man figure is transcendent and regal; to look upon it is to know there's a gorgeous, rich man inside with all of the buzzwords he requires to be introduced.

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