9 Spider-Man Toys That Will Make Your Spidey Senses Tingle

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After the success that we had in finding the best Spiderman action figures for you (and, honestly, how much fun the team had in looking for them) we wanted to follow up with something eqwebly exciting. (Was that pun too much?)


Oh yes. Spider-Man toys that will either make you wish you were younger, have you buying them for your nieces, nephews, and kids, or saying the hell with it and getting them for yourself anyway.

After Black Panther and Wonder Woman, Spider-Man: Homecoming was one of the most hotly anticipated superhero flicks in a long time and Spidey has always been one of our faves.

Check out what we found and remember this is only a tiny fraction of what’s out there.

1. Spider-Man is Just Hangin’ Out, Takin’ Some Pictures

Spider-Man q-fig statueSource: Amazon

Peter Parker and his camera go together like bread and butter, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, and Black Panther and awesomeness. It only makes sense to see Spidey with one, too. I'm not sure what kind of low vantage point he's going for on this street light or what kind of photographs he can take from there, but who's gonna challenge one of the Daily Bugle's best contributors? Not me and certainly not you, not when cool Spiderman toys like this can exist in our lives.

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2. Peter Parker Should Consider Cycling to School

Spider-Man kids bikeSource: Amazon

He's got the lithe physique going for him and is already a connoisseur of lycra, it wouldn't take too much for him to switch to more covert means of transportation. If Peter doesn't want to bike to school, it's his loss and where he loses, your kids can win! So he can swing from high buildings with the webs that come from his wrists, so what? Are those webs as cool looking as this Spiderman bike is? I THINK NOT, and I don't think there's any arguing it either. Web schweb. Any spider can shoot those.

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3. If You Hit a Web Can You Stay in One Spot?

Marvel chutes and laddersSource: Amazon

"How can a board game get better?" I hear you ask? By putting superheroes on it, of course. A lot of people see stuff like branding classic games as a means of capitalism, but as a geek who loves things even MORE when they include things I love. (I told you about my Star Wars Monopoly from the 90's already. I don't remember when I mentioned it, but it might be in our article on Star Wars action figures. If not, enjoy anyway!) So, Chutes and Ladders with Spidey and Gwen? Sign me up. But if you beat me, I will flip the board...  

Sorry 'bout it.

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4. God the Infinity War Spiderman Toys Are Already the Coolest

Iron Spider action figureSource: Entertainment Earth

Excitement for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War has reached epic proportions thanks to Black Panther, and every company that has a license to sell Marvel is puking out the coolest of stuff. Spiderman toys included! In this little guy, Beast Kingdom offers a bobble-headed spin on our favorite web-slinger from their latest series of Marvel figures and legit, I could not love this more. Who else is psyched to see Iron Spider? I love seeing Tony Stark spend money on something besides himself.

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5. Spidey Sure is a Puzzling Character

Spider-Man Rubik's crew figure puzzleSource: Entertainment Earth

Rubik's Cubes and I don't get along. Rubik's Crew characters, I freakin' love. They look so much better than their muse when they're just set on a shelf, already put together. That said, personal preference aside, I do think it's rad when geeky toys offer just that little bit extra. I mean, we're geeks. We're a little extra, and we like a little extra, too. Who hasn't had a conversation at some point in their lives, one-upping a friend when it comes to which action figures you have? Exactly. You know Peter Parker has.

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6. Save a Spider, Take Up Sports!

Spider-Man footballSource: Amazon

The Jury is still out on whether or not playing sports will actually save that spider in your house from its fate, but by playing them, you can stay out of the house entirely. It was a spider, was it not, that made Spider-Man the hero he is today, what's to say it won't make you the Adam Rippon of Rocket League? Or of throwing a football back and forth until it gets cold, which is way more fun than you might think it is. Besides, then you can tell everyone you're a footballer. Because technically...

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7. Players Don’t Play, Haters Don’t Skate

Spider-Man skateboardSource: Amazon

Whether I have no idea if other geeks skated the way I did as a kid (lying on the board and letting myself roll down the street), skateboards have always been really cool to me. After my beginnings, I did actually start to learn properly but because I am a geek, it was because of the Tony Hawk video games. (I could do that inside). Skateboarding is so much fun though and this Spiderman skateboard is the perfect thing to turn your kids from me into a pro.

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8. The One Where Tony Stark Gives a Makeover

Spider-Man action figures Iron ManSource: Entertainment Earth

There he goes again, that Tony. Being something other than hella-rich and narcissistic by helping Peter Parker transform from looking like the Spider-Man costume I made when I was 8 to actually looking like a legit superhero. Well done, man. Well done. With this pack of Spiderman action figures released around the time of Homecoming, you get three for the price of one. Including Tony, which is obviously his prize for helping out without desperately seeking credit...  

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9. Hold on to Your Infinity War Tickets with a Sticky Web!

Spider-Man web slingerSource: Entertainment Earth

Did you get them yet? I didn't and I'm freaking out since the presales have already outsold Black Panther, Star Wars, and like all the other Avengers flicks. That's a lot to live up to, but I think the gang can do it and the fact that Black Widow actually has awesome action figures of her own now is just, what's the word? BELLISSIMO. Besides, if you guys didn't get chills the way I did when T'Challa showed up in the trailer, you're wrong, I will shoot you with my web-slinger, but I like you anyway.

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