8 Badass Venom Action Figures That Have Bite

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We recently covered Spiderman hoodies, and so now, it’s only fair we give a little time for one of his biggest and greatest adversaries, Venom, to shine.

The world of geeky action figures knows no bounds; something I didn’t realize until I actively started searching. There are action figures in every price range!

So, here are a few Venom action figures that will give your collection a little bite.

1. Venom is Looking a Little Red in the Face These Days

Red Variant Venom action figureSource: Amazon

Play Arts Kai's variant action figures always give us here at DGHQ a severe case of the FOMOs and this red version of Venom is no different. Do you think Spidey cares that he's effectively jacking his color to use in conjunction with evil over good? I want to think so, but at the same time, I have a feeling that Spider-Man doesn't let a whole lot get to him at all. No, for it to get to him, Venom would have to find a girlfriend (or boyfriend) to be his version of Mary Jane and way better. (Because evil).

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2. He’s Always Been Metal But Now He’s Made of It!

Metal Venom action figureSource: Entertainment Earth

Dude even looks like a member of KISS sometimes. (Gene Simmons, eat your heart out). This Venom action figure is a different kind of collectible for you, from its design down to the material it's made out of, which is die-cast metal. That means that your Spiderman action figures are gonna have a hell of a lot of difficulties beating him. Yep, this Venom is pure badassery at its 4-inch finest and it can be yours without a whole lot of work or effort. (A Millennial's kind of reward, tbh).

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3. And Now He’s Tongue-Tied Too (Which Kinda Works for Spidey)

Realistic Venom statueSource: Sideshow Toy

This Venom action figure is downright disgustingly hideous and we here at DGHQ are all about it. The level of detail on even the tongue takes lifelike to a whole new level where, if it wasn't a 50th the size of a human, one might fear for their lives by seeing it. It's creepy and beautiful and Spider-Man seriously has a hardcore nemesis on his webby little hands. Honestly, I just feel sorry for how feeble Spidey and the other Avengers would look in comparison. Feeble and admittedly more attractive, but feeble.

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4. This Venom Action Figure Has Been Discontinued, That Makes it Pretty Collectible

Marvel Venom action figureSource: Amazon

Some superhero action figures out there have different bits and pieces of other characters and if you collect them all, you can eventually put all of the extra pieces together to build something entirely new. Look at it like Transformers without the final 'stage' being a vehicle or Power Rangers with a hero instead of the Megazord. Sounds fun, doesn't it? ALSO let's also not forget how collectible discontinued toys are, particularly from the pre-Avengers Marvel franchise. (And have a look at these Power Rangers pops and Transformer toys for good measure).

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5. Venom Thinks You’re Tasty, But Then if He’s Licked You, You’re Probably Dead

Exclusive Venom PopSource: Amazon

Who doesn't love exclusive pops? The last time I was in Forbidden Planet in London (looking for the Dale Cooper pop, I might add), I overheard two kids discussing all of the different colored Deadpool pops there were and their rarity. At that moment in time, it seems like my Dale Cooper was way rarer than the vast array of rainbow Spideys considering they didn't have it, but maybe that's me trying to make myself feel better about a fool's errand. As far as collectible Venom action figures go, this rare pop of him is probably at the top of the inedible food chain.

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6. Since You’re the Puppet Master of Your Action Figures, Who’ll Win the Epic Battle?

Big Venom action figureSource: Amazon

Will it be the ginormous Hulk I'm sure exists out there somewhere or the Big Figs Harley or Batman or Iron Man; whoever you have. Companies and brands don't exist where Venom action figures (or, indeed, any action figures) go. You can invent new worlds where your Predator action figures can come to blows with your Green Arrow action figures. Maybe your Star Wars pops will want to take on your Game of Thrones pop vinyls all the while riding Transformers. The possibilities are endless and this big Venom figure can help create some of the wildest.

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7. Being a Hit With the Ladies is Easy With so Many Heads

Classic Venom action figureSource: Amazon.com

Meaning there are more to kiss, obviously. And Venom doesn't necessarily care about it, which makes him way cooler than somebody who does. (We're looking at you, Starlord). This Venom action figure is my favorite of the bunch. The design was created after being so highly sought after and in demand, depicting the original Venom from the comics, Eddie Brock. The multiple heads are just one of several included in the package. Or, uh, several of several, technically.

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8. Something Just Broke Out of the Tank (and it’s Definitely Not a Sea Monkey)

cool Venom statueSource: Entertainment Earth

Venom is a tad too big to be a sea monkey, though I often wonder what it's like in the sea people kingdom. He burst out of his tank after being kept in there, his mojo stolen by an overweight Scottish man a--- oh, crap. I'm talking about Austin Powers. This Venom statue is him bursting out of some sort of tank though, whatever tank it was that made him the man(?) he is today. It would look so freakin' good on a mantle.

Get this collectible Venom statue on entertainmentearth.com

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