Wonder Woman Action Figures That Are So Much Cooler Than Any Barbie

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I mean, that is unless there’s a Wonder Woman Barbie out there (spoiler: there is and she’s awesome). Action figures don’t just have to be catered to little boys.

While the Wonder Woman movie is kicking butt and our hero herself is messing around in a photo booth (as evidenced in this superhero wall art), we decided we’d search the web for the coolest Wonder Woman Action Figures out there.

All set? Good!

1. This Wonder Woman Action Figure Is LUSTFUL

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Action FigureSource: sideshowtoys.com
Can a figure be lustful, you ask? Well, why don’t you take a look at this one and then give us your answer. If it’s no, it’s probably wrong, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be. The likeness it has to Gal Gadot (dreamy sigh) is, like, ness and if ness was going to stand for anything, it’d be fabulous.

Get the Wonder Woman Action Figure on sideshowtoys.com

2. The Flashpoint Series Wonder Woman Figure Gives Us Goosebumps

DC Direct Flashpoint Series Wonder Woman Action FigureSource: amazon.com
Flashpoint was one comic book alternate universe crossover that Hollywood could’ve cashed in on in a far more interesting way than Justice League. (I’m lying through my bias. Justice League is good too.) Not to spoil things completely — we’re not into that here — let’s just say the fact there’s a female Joker whose design mirrors the Black Dahlia that really appeals to me.

Get the DC Flashpoint Wonder Woman Action Figure on amazon.com

3. Quantum Mechanix’s Wonder Woman Q-Figure Is Super Cute

Quantum Mechanix Wonder Woman Q FigureSource: amazon.com

Let me ask you something — or ax, if you’re like I am and Left 4 Dead 2 is still your quotable bag — what would make any Wonder Woman action figures stand out for you? The Q-Figures come with their own whiteboard speech bubbles where you can write whatever you want. Gone are the days of corkboard notes. Methinks Pop!s have a worthy opponent in Quantum.

Get the Quantum Mechanix Wonder Woman Figure on amazon.com

4. This Wonder Woman Action Figure Is A BOMBSHELL

DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Action FigureSource: entertainmentearth.com
No, literally. This figure literally is based on the version of Diana from DC’s Bombshells comics; a pin-up, girl power inspired universe that mirrors the reality of the girls on the homefront during World War II. It makes sense to pay homage to the real superheroes with these superheroes. Well done, DC.

Get the DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Action Figure on entertainmentearth.com

5. She Also Comes In Anime Form — Yep, An Anime Wonder Woman

DC Direct AmeComi Heroine Wonder WomanSource: amazon.com
Based on the Ame-Comi Heroine statue line, this wee lassie definitely appeals to a specific Geek niche. She is mega-adorable though and she’d fit right into the Kingdom Hearts realm.

Get the AmeComi Heroine Wonder Woman Figurine on amazon.com

6. Exclusive Wonder Woman Action Figures Created Just For The Movie???

Wonder Woman Movie MAFEX Action FigureSource: entertainmentearth.com

MAFEX have a great reputation for figures, so I’d say this figure would be ideal for collectors out there. She also comes with two heads, so if you’re feeling annoyed, put her on your desk at work with her mad face. See if your boss’ll make you do the filing then.*

*they still will. Sorry.

Get the Wonder Woman Movie Action Figure on entertainmentearth.com

7. Or Maybe You’d Rather Have Wonder Woman Action Figures Based On Artist Frank Cho’s Design

DC Comics Wonder Woman by Frank Cho StatueSource: entertainmentearth.com
We like Frank Cho’s illustrative style as much as Frank Cho loves drawing women that are, how shall we say this, lofty. If you’re not familiar with Frank’s comics, I’ll just say we like his style a LOT and let you put two-and-two together.

Get the Wonder Woman by Frank Cho Statue on entertainmentearth.com

8. A White Lantern Corps Edition Wonder Woman Funko POP!

Funko White Lantern Wonder Woman Pop Vinyl FigureSource: amazon.com
I enjoy color synchronization. I love everything about colors, so the uniform for the White Lantern Corps appeals to my aesthetic sensibilities. I’m basically the momager of a 90s boyband: match match match, give me matching superhero outfits.

Get the White Lantern Wonder Woman Funko Pop on amazon.com

9. Cryptozoic’s Wonder Woman Vinyl Statue Is Da Bomb

Cryptozoic DC Bombshells Wonder WomanSource: amazon.com
Another figure that’s based on DC’s Bombshells and therefore another I want for my own personal stash. She’s less of a Wonder Woman action figure and more of a Wonder Woman static figure but she’s still awesome.

Get the Cryptozoic DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Statue on amazon.com

10. One Justice League Gods And Monsters Wonder Woman To Rule Them All

Lord of the Rings references will never lose their edge, not even after Peter Jackson wrongfully made The Hobbit into the trilogy. Wonder Woman’s Gods and Monsters Chronicles outfit is one of her finest and with this figure, you sorta get to have it.

Get the Justice League Wonder Woman Action Figure on popinabox.us

11. A Wonder Woman POP! Vinyl To Bring Us Closer To Diana Of Themyscira

Funko Pop Wonder WomanSource: amazon.com
An exclusive you can get on Amazon! Win/win if you ask me and the other UK-based patrons that can’t score Hot Topic exclusives direct from the site without paying a buttload for shipping, that’s a combo Wonder Woman would approve of. Or will, when she understands commerce.

Get the Funko Pop Wonder Woman on amazon.com

12. Let’s Go Noir With This Amazing Blueline Wonder Woman Figure

DC Comics Blueline Wonder Woman by Jim Lee Action FigureSource: entertainmentearth.com
Inspired by the art of Jim Lee, I can’t remember having seen action figures that were made to look like they were in black and white so this one from DC’s Blueline collection is captivating to me. She looks 2D but isn’t 2D?? This is like the time somebody tried to explain long division to me.

Get the Blueline Wonder Woman by Jim Lee Action Figure on entertainmentearth.com

13. This Funko Vinyl Vixens Wonder Woman Kinda Looks Like Zooey Deschanel

Funko Viynl Vixens Wonder WomanSource: amazon.com
But there’s no way Themyscira could produce somebody so twee she would willingly star in New Girl. The vinyl vixens collection play up the cute angle, kind of like Bratz dolls for superhero fans.

Get the Funko Vinyl Vixens Wonder Woman on amazon.com

14. OG (Or OWW?) Lynda Carter Has Her Own Collectible Wonder Woman Figurine Too (And It’s Awesome)

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Maquette StatueSource: entertainmentearth.com
And why wouldn’t she? Lynda was the antithesis to the Adam West joker Batmans my grandad used to watch with me, she was badass and so sickeningly 70s I’m surprised they didn’t give her bell-bottoms and a fro.

Get the Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Maquette Statue on entertainmentearth.com

15. DC’s Bombshells Wonder Woman Funko POP! Figure

Funko POP Heroes DC Bombshell Wonder WomanSource: amazon.com
Can she do it? Yes, she can! Wonder Woman can do anything she wants to in any universe. If she wants to run a burlesque club with Ivy and Batwoman, I’m just saying, I wouldn’t mind it.

Get the DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Funko Pop on amazon.com

16. This Diana Prince Wonder POP! Vinyl Is, At Least, Better At Stealth Than Clark Kent

Wonder Woman Movie Diana Prince Pop! Vinyl FigureSource: entertainmentearth.com
Yeah, and that’s when she’s carrying the big sword and shield. This Entertainment Exclusive has the outfit from the part in the trailer that got the most laughs at the cinema: us having to pretend Wonder Woman is smarter than Captain Kirk.

Get the Diana Prince Funko Pop on entertainmentearth.com

17. There Are Also Wonder Woman Action Figures That Have Their Own Sword

Wonder Woman with Sword Action FigureSource: amazon.com
Sharp enough to cut through sugar paper if you rip it with your fingers too. The sword and the parallel earth universe look Wonder Woman has got going on here. Her design is hella-cool and her eyebrows are on fleek. (I’ve always wanted to say that.)

Get the Wonder Woman with Sword Action Figure on amazon.com

18. Square Enix’s Play Arts KAI Action Figures Give Wonder Woman A Whole New Vibe

Square Enix DC Comics Wonder Woman Action FigureSource: amazon.com

One in which you could channel to find her in one of the Tekken games. The attention to detail on this figure is amazing and while I’m no connoisseur, I’m into how badass she looks. What do you think her Special would be?

Get the Square Enix Wonder Woman Action Figure on amazon.com

19. And Square Enix Does It Again With The Dawn Of Justice Wonder Woman Figure

Play Arts Kai DC Comics Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Wonder Woman FigureSource: ebay.com
Almost as if it was painted by Aquaman — I mean the Gods themselves, I had to save what I think is the best ’til last. (Various songs have instructed us to do it over the years and now, looking at this Wondy, it checks out.) There’s no Emma-Watson-in-Beauty-and-the-Beast here either. This figure looks like Gal.

Get the Wonder Woman Dawn of Justice Action Figure on ebay.com