These Geek Hoodies Will Make You The Envy Of Your Friends

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Hoodies have sure come a long way from basic sports brand creations from the 90s. They now come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. In one fell swoop of the hood, you can go from gamer to Wookiee.

There were so many cool ones, we actually got a little bit carried away when it came to finding the best. So here you are! 32 geek hoodies that’ll put you at the top of the geek hierarchy.

1. A Reversible Chewbacca Hoodie?? A Must Have

Chewbacca HoodieSource:
One side will have you looking like a pilot for the Alliance while feeling warm, the other will have you looking like a Wookiee while feeling too cool to function. Being cold is nearly impossible with this hoodie. Literally, the only thing that would be warmer is if it was lined with tauntaun guts.

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2. May The Force Be With You And Your Princess Leia Hoodie

Princess Leia HoodieSource:
A costume hoodie for all seasons, there’s no attention you won’t attract while wearing this. Be careful, though. Wear it the wrong way and you’ll end up getting married and having a son that turns to the dark side (because he’s so useless.) Warning: product might make you crave cinnamon buns.

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3. Speaking Of Useless Sons That Turn To The Dark Side, Here’s a Kylo Ren Hoodie

Kylo Ren HoodieSource:
I’m sure we’ll learn more about his origins in The Last Jedi. If we don’t, there’s always episode IX. He’s still got time to break out the ouija board to contact ghost-Anakin to get him to love him. “But Anakin, I am your grandson.” “Nooooo.”

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4. Hum The Imperial Death March As You March Around In This Darth Vader Hoodie

Darth Vader HoodieSource:
Optional activities in which one can also indulge: breathing into an oxygen mask and/or a Yoda mug (for the irony) to make sounds like Vader, eat popcorn (which is something HE CAN’T DO), and maybe have a chance at retribution more than two minutes before your ascent into the Force.

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5. Wearing This Hoodie Will Help You Channel Master Yoda

Master Yoda HoodieSource:
It’s much easier than taking the time to join a meditation group, takes way less out of a person to stay in the house with your hood up, and it looks pretty badass when it’s on. Grab a broom and practice your saber skills while you sweep up. Nothing like a ticket to the light side than chores.

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6. Big Brother Wants YOU To Be A Pilot For The Rebel Alliance

Star Wars Rebel Pilot HoodieSource:
Just wear this Star Wars hoodie and you’ll get as close as you can without having an X-Wing. Let’s play a game. Pick your favorite color and then give me the day of your birthday. What’s your Jedi Pilot name? Blue Twenty-Nine over and out.

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7. Gut Your Friends When You Wear Your Tauntaun Hoodie!

Star Wars Tauntaun HoodieSource:

Gut yourself every time you look in the mirror! If Empire Strikes Back is anything to go by, simply wearing a tauntaun will save your life.* Only problem being, there’s no Luke Skywalker inside. You’ll have to be Luke.

*opinions in this Discover Geek piece are the author’s own and not liable for lawsuits, kthx.

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8. Strutting Your Stuff Isn’t Hard In A Spider-Gwen Jacket

Spider-Gwen HoodieSource:
We’ve had our fill of Peter Parker and his Spider-Man this year, but not nearly enough of Gwen. The Gwen of Earth-65 is Spider-Man (uh woman, but who thinks about gender anymore). Bitten by the spider in place of Peter Parker, her adventures are in her brand new comic book that you can read while wearing this!

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9. This Hawkeye Age Of Ultron Hoodie Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

Hawkeye HoodieSource:
Based on Hawkeye’s jacket, this is one is the only geek hoodie with removable sleeves so you can flash your guns at any time and turn bad guys into stone. No, I know that’s not what Hawkeye’s skillset entails. Wouldn’t it be cool if it was though?

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10. Be The God Of Mischief Everyone Needs In This Loki Hoodie

Loki HoodieSource:
Geek hoodies from the Marvel Universe would be nothing if they didn’t have a Loki. He’s a fan fave, even if he’s kind of a failure when it comes to his life on Asgard. (Let’s be real, having an Instagram on Earth will get you way more attention in this day and age than being a God does.)

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11. This Venom Hoodie Does Not Spew Venom, But It Is Majorly Awesome

Spiderman Venom HoodieSource:
If you’re not into the idea of Gwen being Spider-Man but are still tired of Peter Parker, look no further than this hoodie. It’ll help you truly embody Spidey’s sicker, eviller not-so-friend. It’s about time somebody did!

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12. Get This Flash Hoodie As Soon As You Can, It’ll Be Gone In A Fill-In-The-Blank

Flash HoodieSource:
This hoodie, with all of its pockets, is the perfect addition to any flashy (ha) wardrobe. Even if the last time you ran was when you were five, playing Power Rangers (I’m not talking about myself at all…..) and prefer to wear your geek hoodies for playing Playstation on the couch.

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13. Become Everybody’s Second Favorite Anti-Hero With This Deadpool Hoodie

Deadpool HoodieSource:
I mean, I say second favorite when Wolverine is still out there. (DEADPOOL WOZ ERE) At DGHQ, we’ve heard these costume hoodies have been selling out fast to one unknown donor who goes by the name Bryan Breynolds. I’ve sure as heck never heard anyone called that, have you?

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14. Harley Quinn’s Jester Hoodie Can Be Yours For The Takin’, Puddin’

Harley Quinn HoodieSource:
Additional psychosis may be initiated upon wearing it. Pff, I’m saying that like it’s a bad thing. You can’t go wrong with red and you can’t go wrong with black. That’s what’s always made Harley’s outfits (we don’t talk about Suicide Squad other than to say we don’t talk about it) stand out from the crowd. Kid’s classy.

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15. Soldier Through The Winter In A Captain America Hoodie

Captain America HoodieSource:
It’s warm enough. Just go out hunting tauntauns and when you don’t have to dive into the cavernous pit they call a stomach, you’ll see you could’ve avoided the scent of decaying flesh for a rose-scented hoodie based on Cap’s Winter Soldier outfit, (Does anybody have any cologne?)

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16. This Faux Leather Arkham Knight Vest And Jacket Combo Will Make You Scream

Batman Red Hood HoodieSource:
With glee or whatever noun you want to use to describe your feels. This combo looks so cool you could arguably wear it to dinner with the folks. You can wear the vest or the jacket alone or both together, You technically could say no, but why would you want to?

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17. Be A Guardian Of The Galaxy With This Rocket Hoodie

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket HoodieSource:

The hood and tail (yep, there’s a tail) are faux fur, which makes the hoodie feel like more than a hoodie. Stand back as you become the not-a-raccoon. Master of arms, science, and witty comebacks. Literally just by slipping this on.*

*Baby Groot not included. All good. We’ve got just the Groot Gifts for you to pretend.


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18. Travel Through Time In This 10th Doctor Whoodie

Dr. Who HoodieSource:
See what we did there? This is one of those geek hoodies that’s going to go the extra mile for you. It’s warm but it also looks as though it’s 10’s double-breasted coat, shirt and tie combo, without the stiffness of it actually being a shirt and tie combo. Commandeer one of the only phone boxes left in your country and stand there for a while in this.

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19. It’s Adventure Time, Grab Your Finn The Human Costume Hoodie

Finn Adventure Time HoodieSource:
Don’t act like you don’t want to go on an adventure or have the opportunity to call a Lumpy Space Princess lumpy without getting punched in the face. We all do! Adventure Time is a modern day classic, and hoodies aren’t much different to that. It’s a marriage needed to amplify our lives.

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20. This Daryl Dixon Hoodie Is Perfect For Fighting Off Walkers In Style

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon HoodieSource:
It has the wings that are as linked to his aesthetic now as his crossbow (RIP) is to his personality. This hoodie is the classic black which will make it chill enough to wear when you’re on patrol during the night, trying to keep Carol from walking off AGAIN.

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21. Rock The Kame House Symbol On Your New Dragonball Z Hoodie

Dragon Ball Z HoodieSource:
Your friends are Gryffindors and Ravenclaws, making you a Hufflepuff, which kind of sucks in the scheme of things. The best thing to do is ditch Hogwarts altogether and journey to a land far east of rural Scotland, where a group of badasses led by Goku, are keeping the world safe from intergalactic beasts of every kind. Dementors have nothing on them.

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22. Geek Hoodies from Space: Live Long And Prosper In A Star Trek Hoodie

Star Trek HoodieSource:
Based on the Enterprise uniform from the original series! Boldly go where no geek has gone before and deck yourself out in one of the three different costume hoodies available. Be you an engineer, a scientist, or a Leader, you can express yourself the best way a crew member would know how. \\//,

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23. Pikachu Hoodie, I Pikachu-se You!

Pokemon Pikachu HoodieSource:
It’s been a year since Pokémon GO! burst onto our smartphones. It feels like only yesterday. If you’re not fond of showing which team you’re a part of and if it doesn’t matter because all you want to play Pokémon for is to collect adorable pocket monsters, this Pikachu hoodie is the best way to show your love.

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24. Are You A Big Damn Hero? Say So With A Firefly Hoodie

Firefly HoodieSource:
Captain Tightpants, I presume. Firefly is at the center of gone-too-soon geek culture. Almost everybody thinks it was taken from us too soon and I’m not going to be the one to argue it because they’re right. Extended use might definitely contribute to you meeting Saffron. Which of us is going to be the one to try it out?

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25. An Assassin’s Creed Coat That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re On Top Of The World

Assassins Creed Connor HoodieSource:
Am I wrong? I never played the Assassin’s Creed games and I’d wear this. I suffer every day for it. Not knowing what it is I’ve missed out on while also knowing that whatever it was, it’s so good.

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26. …That Also Comes As A Monochromatic Assassin’s Creed Hoodie

Assassins Creed Inspired HoodieSource:
There’s a lot of black-and-white people out there: Wednesday Addams, Lydia Deetz, Queen Victoria (who would make the best comic book superhero with her special power being ultra-grief, I just haven’t figured anything else out yet.) This hoodie is more casual and indoorsy than the Assassin’s Creed coat, but both are amazing. It also comes in other colors, by the way.

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27. Be Dragonborn, Wear A Statement Skyrim Hoodie

Skyrim HoodieSource:
This is one of those geek hoodies that shine a light on the world that sums up our combined lifestyle: /geek/. More than it appears, this costume hoodie delivers Tamriel chic while also including a speaker that contains the dragon shout. You can blend in. Even if you’re on fandom-hopping vacation in Westeros.

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28. We Are In Total Love With This Warcraft Lothar Armor Hoodie

Warcraft Lothar Armor HoodieSource:
Do away with faction and clans completely! Honor what came before you in the world of Warcraft with this stylish armor-appearing navy hoodie that looks as cool with the hood down as it does up.  It’s almost identical to the one Lothar wears in the movie.

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29. Be Mega In This Mega Man Hoodie

Mega Man HoodieSource:
Vintage fans rejoice! You can be the only video game hero that could beat Bomberman in a fight: one of Discover Geek’s favorites: Mega Man. Its royal blue color really pays tribute to the series and is usually the first thing you see when you think Mega Man. Why can’t it be the other way around??

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30. This Inconspicuous Fallout Hoodie Might Just Help You Break Out Of Vault 111

Fallout HoodieSource:
If you didn’t find it before you left, you’ll find it around the world at some point. Maybe you’ll find it in a drawer, maybe you’ll have to slay a scavenger to find it, or you could just cut out all the unnecessary Pip-travel by straight up buying it…

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31. Zip-Up And Go In Your Spankin’ New Witcher Hoodie

The Witcher HoodieSource:
Inspired by the Feline armor set in the Witcher video games series, this is a costume hoodie that is modeled /exactly/ on the actual outfit from Witcher 3. (The best one too if you ask us.) Slay monsters or your own personal demons and look like a God at the same time.

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32.  Find A Link To The Past When You Wear This AMAZING Link Costume Hoodie

The Legend of Zelda Link HoodieSource:

There mightn’t be an Epona to go with it, but once you get over that, you’ll remember that better than one of the best video games of all time, our world really is almost infinite. There are so many places for a young Kokiri to explore, and no better way to do it than in this perfect specimen. Truly the geek hoodie to end all geek hoodies.

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