53 Astronomy Gifts for Space Lovers

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The Best Astronomy Gifts

  1. Solar Orbit Necklace
  2. NASA Meatball Logo Gray Pullover
  3. Galaxy Space Lover Dress
  4. The Perfect Space Gift: Constellation Mug
  5. Glitter Planet Purse
  6. These Sock It To Me Men’s Astronaut Crew Socks
  7. Galaxy Print Crop Tank Top/Pleated Skater Skirt Set For Women
  8. Galaxy Sky Bedding
  9. NASA Astro Mitt
  10. USB Astronaut Lamp

In order to call yourself a true Space Explorer, you need the right gear. We found the best astronomy gifts for aspiring astronauts and space lovers.

These are our favorite space gifts:

1. A Solar Orbit Necklace

solar system necklace

Source: Amazon
An awesome reminder of how small your problems are when you think about the size of our Universe. It is humbling to think that everything is made up of the same stuff. This super cool solar system necklace is also available in sterling silver.
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2. A NASA Meatball Logo Gray Pullover

Nasa Meatball Sweater in GreySource: amazon
We know you would have been the right candidate for the astronaut position. However, if you couldn’t leave your cat behind and accept the job we still have the right grey vintage NASA sweater for you.

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3. A Galaxy Space Lover Dress

Space DressSource: amazon
Lost in space? The only dress worthy for a true space queen. This beautiful nebula print dress has a deep V-Neck and cross back.

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4. The Perfect Space Gift: The Constellation Mug

Heat Changing Constellation MugSource: amazon
Nothing makes mornings more exciting than heat changing mugs. The only thing that makes heat changing mugs cooler is if they’re space related.

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5. A Glitter Planet Purse

Space Planet PurseSource: amazon
Are you ready for takeoff? This cute cartoon glittery planet purse is the perfect handbag for every aspiring astronaut and space explorer.

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6. These Sock It To Me Men’s Astronaut Crew Socks

Astronaut and Space Ship SocksSource: Amazon
Exploring new worlds and planets require the right gear, including the right socks. Feel weightless with these comfortable astronaut socks.

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7. A Galaxy Print Crop Tank Top/Pleated Skater Skirt Set For Women

Galaxy Print Crop Tank TopSource: Amazon
Combining your love for space with the latest fashion trend has never been this easy. This cute space print is available on a crop top and skater skirt set in blue, as well as in red tones.

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8. This Galaxy Sky Bedding

Galaxy Aurora BeddingSource: Amazon
Fall into space every night with this amazing galaxy printed duvet. A bedding that finally matches our dreams of being an astronaut. It is available as a queen bed as well as single size.

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9. NASA Astro Mitt

NASA Astro MittSource: amazon
Our passion for space never ends. Not even when we’re getting delicious chocolate chip cookies out of the oven. The Nasa Astronaut Mitt is perfect to create some amazing mooncakes.

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10. This USB Astronaut Lamp

Astronaut USB LampSource: amazon
It’s hard not to get lost in the vastness of the internet after spending several hours admiring pictures taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. This astronaut USB lamp is one of the cutest gifts for engineers and will guide you through your adventure.

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11. A Sloth Astronaut All Over Print Sweatshirt

Astronaut Sloth SweatshirtSource: rageon
A sweater with a sloth astronaut print. He’s ready to fly into space. Not right now, but probably tomorrow or the day after. This is hands down the closest I’ve ever gotten to finding my spirit-animal.

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12. These Planetary String Lights

solar system string lightsSource: Amazon
These planetary space lights will transform your home to a space that is out of this world.  The ten glass bulbs are painted to look like Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

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13. A Celestial Fireworks LED Bracelet

LED Galaxy Blinking RingSource: ThinkGeek
This bracelet is a true conversation starter and a must have accessory for any space fan. The bracelet shows an image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope: The Westerlund 2, a cluster that can be found in constellation Carina. 15 small LED lights light up the foreground stars.

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14. A Space Tie

Space TieSource: amazon
Just because you’re working an office job, doesn’t mean you have to hide your true calling of being a space explorer. This tie with a print of space will remind everyone how small work related problems really are in relation to the vastness of space.

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15. This Astronaut Helmet Mug

Astronaut Helmet MugSource: Amazon
Approach the mornings like a rocket man with this astronaut helmet mug. Sometimes it’s good to feel lost and to escape reality and its small problems.

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16. A Starry Star Automatic Folding Umbrella

Star Night Galaxy UmbrellaSource: Amazon
This umbrella with stars and space print is an easy way to make yourself smile on a rainy day. The umbrella can be folded to be only 9.4″ long and will comfortably fit in any tote or handbag. This way you’ll always be ready to open up the universe over your head, whenever you want to.

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17. These Night Sky Playing Cards

Night Sky Playing CardsSource: Amazon
These beautiful play cards are an easy way to emerge yourself in space and to learn everything about constellations. This deck includes 52 constellations and will teach you what to look for in the night sky.

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18. A Solar System Astronomy Gift Set

Solar System Marble CollectionSource: amazon
This gorgeous marble set will allow you to hold the universe inside of your hands. Well, at least a part of it. The set of 10 marbles represent the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and yes, even Pluto. The set also comes with a display to show off your new addition to your already impressive space collection.

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19. This Solar Systems Bath Bombs Set

Planets Bath BombsSource: uncommongoods
Touch the universe and add some awesomeness to your bathroom with this solar system bath bombs set. These handcrafted bath bombs are not only really beautiful, but are also made out of natural ingredients, like mica, orchids, sandalwood, saffron, and honey.

Get the Planets Bath Bombs on Uncommongoods

20. A Cartoon UFO Handbag

Cartoon UFO HandbagSource: amazon
Don’t be surprised when people turn their heads and look at you as if you’re from a different planet, when carrying this spectacular and fun U.F.O handbag. We once heard that the handbag was first found at Area 51, but we can’t confirm, yet.

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21. My Little Space Mission Astronomy Play Set

Space Mission Sandbox Play SetSource: Amazon
Are you absolutely jealous of the fact that Curiosity is currently exploring Mars? Don’t worry. This space mission sandbox now allows you to do some exploring yourself. A great way to relax and maybe also procrastinate a bit.

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22. A Constellation Astro Watch

Constellation Astro WatchSource: Amazon
Now you can carry the entire night sky on your wrist. This constellation watch has a manually rotating planisphere disc. Forget about regular watches that only show the time. The astro watch also shows current locations of the constellations, major stars, star clusters, nebulae and much more.

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23. A Solar System Galactic System Watch

Solar System Galactic System WatchSource: Amazon
This solar system watch is a minimalistic and subtle way to showcase your love for space. This watch displays our solar system and comes with a leather wristband.

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24. A Space Cosmos Bow Tie

Space Bow TieSource: amazon
This space printed bow tie is the perfect accessory for the more sophisticated space explorers out there. Wear this bow tie proudly to any occasion. From casual dinners to banquets on Jupiter, this bow tie will add some additional awesomeness to your already preppy outfit.

Get the Bow Tie on Amazon

25. A Blown Glass Solar System Ornament Gift Set

Blown Glass Solar System Ornament SetSource: Amazon
The right decoration for a Christmas that is out of this world. Boring and ordinary ornaments are so yesterday. Switch them out with this beautifully handmade glass solar system set. It includes 9 planets as well as the sun.

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26. A Space Capsule Tea Infuser

Space Capsule Tea InfuserSource: ThinkGeek
Let your mind get lost in space while having a tea brewed with this awesome astronaut capsule tea infuser. While these capsules are usually used for ocean landings, this capsule holds loose tealeaves to brew some delicious tea.

Get the Infuser on ThinkGeek

27. A Space Lover Constellations Draped Ladies’ Hooded Cardigan

Constellations Draped Ladies' Hooded CardiganSource: ThinkGeek
Wrap yourself in space and stars. This cozy hooded cardigan is covered in star constellations. The cardigan has also two large front pockets, to hold maps, the Stellarscope (see below), snacks and other things necessary to explore the night sky.

Get the Cardigan on ThinkGeek

28. A Stellarscope Star Locator

Stellarscope Star LocatorSource: amazon
It’s really easy to get lost in the night sky. The Stellarscope makes sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. You can adjust the time, date as well as your latitude and the Stellarscope aligns the correct star map with the actual night sky.

Get the Stellarscope on Amazon

29. A Retro Spaceship Mug

Retro Spaceship MugSource: eBay
When you have have to shoot some aliens, but your aiming is terrible, unless you had your 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning. This retro inspired spaceship mug makes your space exploring dreams come true.

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30. A Vintage Rocket Table Lamp

Vintage Rocket Table LampSource: Target
The perfect home decoration for any grown up that is a sci-fi and space fan at heart. This retro rocket ship lamp has such a sleek and sophisticated design, that you can add some of your space passion to your home, without being too in your face. It even works at the speed of light.

Get the Lamp on Target

31. This Cosmos Star Projector

Space ProjectorSource: amazon
Immerse yourself in space with this sun and stars universe projector lamp. It’s nice to unwind sometimes and what could be better than feeling like you’re floating in your own galaxy. The perfect gift for every space lover.

Get the Space Projector on Amazon

32. These Planet Lollipops

Planet LollipopsSource: uncommongoods
These planet lollipops are not only really pretty but you can eat them as well. How awesome is that? Each lollipop has its own flavor like cherry, cotton candy and key lime. The lollipops are handmade in Illinois.

Get the Lollipops on Uncommongoods

33. These Galaxy Super Skinny Jeans

Galaxy Super Skinny JeansSource: amazon
The skinny jeans with galaxy print are the perfect pants for all the running, jumping and climbing you’ll probably have to do during your next space mission. You can also wear it if you just want to have dinner with friends and want to look super awesome. Up to you.

Get the Jeans on Amazon

34. This Space Lover Astronomy Wall Clock

Space Galaxy Wall ClockSource: amazon
This clock is the absolute must-have for everyone that gets lost in space and has trouble to keep track of time. The galaxy design will also just look super awesome on your wall.

Get the Clock on Amazon

35. This Vintage Feel Rocket Ship Clock

Rocketship ClockSource: amazon
Expand your sense of time with this cool vintage inspired space rocket clock. This clock looks super stylish and is the perfect decoration for anyone that loves space.

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36. A Portable Moonlight Light

Moonlight Portable LightSource: Amazon
Never get lost again in the dark with this portable light that looks like a small moon. The moon even has realistic craters. The perfect companion for any night missions.

Get the Light on Amazon

37. The I Need My Space Funny Astronomy Shirt

I Need My Space Funny Astronomy ShirtSource: Amazon
Any true space explorer can agree that we just need our space. Honestly and literally. Point at this space Shirt whenever someone asks if you want to come to a party or when someone asks what you can’t live without.

Get the Shirt on Amazon

38. The Chart Of Cosmic Exploration

Chart Of Cosmic ExplorationSource: uncommongoods
A true space explorer should be well informed about the history of cosmic exploration. This handy (and visually stunning) chart is an extensive reminder of what we’ve accomplished so far. The color coded chart shows every trajectories of every rover, flyby, orbiter, impactor and lander.

Get the Chart on Uncommongoods

39. The Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream

Astronaut Neapolitan Ice CreamSource: Amazon
After years of space travel, what do astronauts miss the most? The Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream of course. Luckily, it’s now also available on Earth and it really tastes like it’s out of this world.

Get the Ice Cram on Amazon

40. A Planet Dinner Plates Set

Planet Dinner Plates SetSource: Amazon
Did you ever want to eat from Uranus? These Planet Plates is the perfect dining set for a dinner in space. The set includes 10″ watercolor portraits of our solar system.

Get the Plates on Amazon

41. These Planet Ball Socks

Planet Ball SocksSource: Amazon
These comfortable and cozy planet socks will bring you back to Earth. Done wearing them? No problem. The real fun is just about to begin because the socks roll up into a little ball, that represents the Earth.

Get the Socks on Amazon

42. A Home Planetarium (Augmented Reality)

Home Planetarium GlassesSource: Amazon
Does it just take too long for you until SpaceX offers affordable private space travel? No worries. The perfect gift for any aspiring Astronomer. Now you can be close to your favorite planets and stars with the Omegon Universe2go Planetarium. It features images of 150 celestial objects taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, as well as 3 hours of audio explanations.

Get the Planetarium on Amazon

43. These Moon Phase Earrings

Moon Phase EarringsSource: UncommonGoods
The perfect earrings for the ones you love to the moon and back, throughout all phases. These pretty glass beads showcase the waxing and waning moon.

Get the Earrings on UncommonGoods

44. A Moldavite Astronaut Necklace

Astronaut NecklaceSource: Amazon
Show your pride for current and past space exploration with this Moldavite astronaut necklace. The astronaut’s helmet is gold-enamelled and it is embedded with a Moldavite tektite.

Check availability on Amazon

45. This Olympus Mons Space Travel Poster

Mars Moon PosterSource: icanvas
These beautiful Olympus Mons Poster is the perfect match to your space travel aspirations. The artwork imagines what traveling to Mars’ shield volcano could look like. This is what our dreams are made of.

Get the Poster on Icanvas

46. The Lo-Top Galaxy Print Casual Fashion Sneaker

Galaxy Print Casual Fashion SneakersSource: Amazon
A successful space explorer needs the right footwear to takeoff. These low top shoes with galaxy print will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Get the Sneakers on Amazon

47. A Fisher Space Pen Raw Brass Bullet Pen

Zero Gravity Space PenSource: Amazon
Being a famous space explorer means you’ll probably have to sign a bunch of autographs. Luckily, there’s a pen that allows you to write in zero gravity and at every angle: The Fisher Space Pen. It’s the most versatile pen ever created and even writes at extreme temperatures and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Get the Pen on Amazon

48. A Jupiter Rotating Globe

Jupiter Rotating GlobeSource: Amazon
For true space explorers, owning an Earth globe is just too generic. A better choice for space lovers would be the rotating Jupiter globe. This globe uses indoor or indirect sunlight, so no ugly cords are necessary.

Get the Glove on Amazon

49. A Galaxy Pocket Hooded Sweatshirt

Galaxy Pocket Hooded SweatshirtSource: Amazon
Put on this colorful and vibrant Hoodie and get lost in space. It’s the perfect combination of your love for space and your amazing sense for style.

Get the Sweatshirt on Amazon

50. A Dreaming Of Space Pillow Case

Dreaming Of Space Pillow CaseSource: Amazon
While flying into space sounds amazing, sleeping just 5 more minutes longer in the morning sounds even better. This astronaut pillow case perfectly represents our dreams of space exploration.

Get the Pillow on Amazon

51. The Italia Space Adventures Pasta

Italia Space Adventures PastaSource: Amazon
Have a part of the universe for dinner and eat some stardust with this fun space adventures pasta. These astronaut, planet and space ship shaped pasta isn’t only fun but also GMO free. I hope the astronauts are ready for takeoff to a journey into our belly.

Get the Pasta on Amazon

52. A Galaxy Universe Infinity Scarf

Galaxy Universe Infinity ScarfSource: Amazon
To infinity and beyond: This infinity scarf with galaxy print is the most fashionable accessory for any space explorer. The scarf comes in blue and red tones.

Get the Scarf on Amazon

53. A Stardust All Over Galaxy Print Shirt

Stardust All Over Galaxy Print ShirtSource: Amazon
We’re made out of stardust, and so is this shirt. This cool shirt with galaxy all over print shows where our heart really lies. The vibrant shirt will definitely elevate your wardrobe.

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