20 Gifts For Engineers (The Guy/Gurl Who Fixes Your PC)

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Everyone has THAT guy or girl in their life. The one you call when you’re monitor is frozen, PC has viruses, or App notifications are invading your phone. After their impressive troubleshooting and repair work is complete, you can easily thank them with a special gift that caters to their interests. Browse through 20 gifts for engineers that can become your next form of computer repair compensation.

1. A Waffle Iron Formed in QWERTY

Computer Keyboard Waffle IronSource: amazon.com
Get the day started on the right track with a waffle iron that makes breakfast in the shape of a standard keyboard. A non-stick aluminum design works on all types of stove tops — no USB required. The key holes are perfect for syrup, butter, or even chocolate syrup for the sweet tooth.

Get this Computer Keyboard Shaped Waffle Iron on amazon.com

2. Computer Patent Prints Are Like a Screensaver for Your Wall

Computer Patent PrintsSource: etsy.com
Celebrate the origins of computer technology you CAN’T live without. Highly detailed duplicate patents feature the original hard drive, motherboard, CPU, and other computer components. The matte prints look great whether framed or tacked on a cork board.

Get these Computer Patent Prints on etsy.com

3. Obsolete Technology like Floppy Discs Make a Great Living Room Coaster

Floppy Disk CoasterSource: amazon.com
Instead of holding one or two files, a floppy disc can now hold your beverage and help protect the furniture in the home. Small rubber grips on the bottom help keep your data — I mean drink — fully intact when placed on the coaster. Sold in sets of six, each pack of this engineer gift includes different colors and custom labels.

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4. Stop Being Called a Nerd with This Corrective T-Shirt

Nerd Intellectual Badass ShirtSource: amazon.com
The term “nerd” is so last decade. Showcase a new preferred title with a 100% cotton t-shirt that proudly states “Nerd? I prefer Intellectual Badass”. Multiple sizes ensures that nerds of all body types can proudly wear this confident design.

Get this Nerd Intellectual Badass Shirt on amazon.com

5. Cozy Up With a Keyboard Pillow That Will Change the Way You Nap

Computer Keyboard PillowSource: amazon.com
Working on computers can be exhausting. Power naps are the way to go. This desk pillow features a screen-printed keyboard design and is stuffed with soft polyester. Much more comfortable than a standard plastic keyboard.

Get the Computer Keyboard Pillow on amazon.com

6. Embrace the Geek In You with This Stereotypical Geeky Costume

Nerd Halloween CostumeSource: amazon.com
Go full nerd, with this engineer gift that features plaid pants, a white dress shirt, and a matching bow tie. Great for a themed party…or just any plain old Tuesday. More a math geek kind of guy/gal? Check out these pi gifts.

Get the Nerd Halloween Costume on amazon.com

7. Circuit Board Cufflinks Mix Style with Nerdiness

circuitboard cufflinks  Source: amazon.com
These computer geek gifts are an excellent way to add a little tech love to any type of formal wear. Whether you’re speaking at a convention, getting married to your nerd love, or wear a suit to the office, the USB board cufflinks are the way to go.

Get the Circuit Board Cufflinks on amazon.com

8. Celebrate The Special Nerd Bond with Your Child in a Matching Outfit Set

CTRL+C and CTRL+V Outfit SetSource: amazon.com
You’re never too young to go full geek. While the parent wears a gray “CRTL C” shirt, the child can wear a matching “CTRL V” bodysuit truly showcasing the bond and genes passed down from each other.

Get the Control and Paste Outfit Set on amazon.com

9. A Re-purposed Hard Drive Turns into an Inventive Desk Clock

Hard Drive Desk ClockSource: amazon.com
Hard drives may not last forever, but time does go on and that makes these gifts for engineers the perfect combination. The exposed hard drive disc turns into the face of a clock and has a small plastic stand that makes it easy to display.

Get the Hard Drive Clock on amazon.com

10. Here Comes the Nerd with a Perfect Wedding Topper

Computer Geek Wedding TopperSource: amazon.com
If there’s one day to drag a groom away from his computer — it’s his wedding day. This whimsical and highly detailed resin cake topper accurately portrays that as a bride drags the groom away while he gets one more use on the laptop.

Get the Computer Geek Wedding Cake Topper on amazon.com

11. Showcase a Nerdy Work of Art in a Circuit Board Picture Frame

Circuit Board Picture FrameSource: amazon.com
Computer circuit boards have been re-purposed into a small picture frame featuring a 3 inch by 3 inch opening. These engineer gifts are ideal for special moments in life — like the time you built your first computer or just a portrait of Bill Gates.

Get the Circuit Board Picture Frame on amazon.com

12. The Evolution of a Computer Engineer Captured on a T-Shirt

Evolution of a Computer Geek ShirtSource: amazon.com
The evolution of man is thrown for a loop as the proud hunter transforms into a computer engineer diligently typing away.

Get the Evolution of a Computer Geek Shirt on amazon.com

13. Hold Back Nothing With a Big Hard Drive Buckle

Hard Drive Belt BuckleSource: amazon.com
Don’t be modest as you strap on a giant zinc alloy buckle crafted in the style of a hard drive. The design proudly states that “Nerd = Big Hard Drive”.

Get the Hard Drive Belt Buckle on amazon.com

14. Type On Any Surface With a Virtual Laser Keyboard

Virtual Laser KeyboardSource: amazon.com
Become a geek of the future with a laser keyboard that emits a keyboard onto flat surfaces like desks and counters. The keyboard sensors automatically detect when keys are pressed and the futuristic device works with most computers.

Get the Virtual Laser Keyboard on amazon.com

15. Convert an Apple Watch Into a Vintage Desk Stand

Vintage Apple Monitor NightstandSource: amazon.com
Showcase your nerd roots with an Apple Watch stand that converts the look of the watch into an original Mac computer. Compatible with charging cables, you can use the screen visuals as a personal alarm clock.

Get the Vintage Apple Monitor Nightstand on amazon.com

16. Keyboard Keys Transform Into the Perfect Mug for a Caffeine Fix

Keyboard Keys CupsSource: amazon.com
Nerds know the “Crtl, Alt, Delete” command all too well and can honor it with an elegant set of coffee mugs shaped like the iconic computer keys. Each mug is made with heavy-duty plastic and stands at 2 3/4 inches tall.

Get the Computer Keyboard Keys Coffee Mugs on amazon.com

17. Go Old School Geek with a Typewriter-Inspired Mechanical Keyboard

Typewriter-Inspired Mechanical KeyboardSource: amazon.com
Nostalgic engineers will love using a full-sized QWERTY keyboard that has replaced standard square keys with metal mechanical ones that duplicate the typewriter experience.

Get the Typewriter Inspired Computer Keyboard on amazon.com

18. Iris Virus Turns Recycled Computer Parts Into a Work of Art

Recycled Computer Parts StatueSource: uncommongoods.com
This is the only virus that any computer geek would want to deal with. Iris Virus is a beautifully design display piece that uses computer parts in the shape of a flying bug.

Get the Recycled Computer Parts Statue on uncommongoods.com

19. Geek Up Formal Wear With a Circuit Board Necktie

Circuit Board NecktieSource: amazon.com
Your business attire can scream “NERD!” when you strap on a green circuit board neck tie. Unlike the metal and plastic of a real board, the tie has 100% microfiber for ultimate comfort.

Get the Circuit Board Necktie on amazon.com

20. Go Fancy with a Computer Ports Bowtie You Can Connect to Your Neck

Computer Ports BowtieSource: etsy.com
Computer geeks can showcase their love for ports like USB power cables, and serial connections by wearing a screen-printed bowtie. The bowtie features a collage of port designs on a black background that really makes them pop.

Get the Computer Ports Bowtie on etsy.com

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