20 Damn Fine Pi Gifts Not Just For Math Teachers

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I have a confession: I’m not a mathematical sort of a person. My experience with the subject involved falling asleep and drawing, respectively, during my math classes in high school. I was the drama and music nerd that begrudged the fact that maths was a necessary part of the curriculum. That is, with one exception: Pi.

To this day, I couldn’t tell you why it is what it is*, but I can rattle off the numbers to 12+ digits, and I can tell you I feel connected to it. Yes indeed, Pi is the 3.1 4 me.

We have pooled together our resources to bring you 20 hella-awesome Pi Gifts that are not just cool on Pi Day!

*(this is a lie.)

1. Impress Your Colleagues with this Neck Pi Tie

Pi Number TieSource: www.thinkgeek.com
You may or may not work in accounting, but you know your connection to Pi is just as valid as those that do. Sling your IQ on and someone is bound to ask you where you got it. The tie, not your IQ. That’s all you, baby.

Get the Pi Tie on thinkgeek.com

2. “Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi” Math Adventure Book

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi BookSource: www.amazon.com
Welp, I need this for my birthday too.  Lady Di of Ameter, Radius, I also need to team up with the author for puns because these are golden. I shall get this for my mathlete friend’s first baby. Will you?

Get the Pi Adventure Book on amazon.com

3. Be the Apple Pie of All Eyes in this Tee

Apple Pi ShirtSource: www.teepublic.com
Make your friends hungry and envious. You’re smart, but you’re also touting food on your chest. It’s reverse psychology! They’ll buy you dinner!

Get the Apple Pi Shirt on teepublic.com

4. I’ve Got my Pi on You x Infinity Scarf

Pi Infinity ScarfSource: www.thinkgeek.com
We’ve all got a scarf for all seasons if we know how to wear them, math class err-body up when you wear yours. Give ’em a pi-ece of your smart.

Get the Pi Infinity Scarf on thinkgeek.com

5. Retro Buddy Holly Pi-rty Shades

Pi SunglassesSource: www.zazzle.com
The shade of it all! ‘Scuse me, Sir/Madame. You’ve got a PI in your eye. And it looks couture as f*ck!

Get the Pi Sunglasses on zazzle.com

6. Pi Pie Pan — No, Really

Pi Pie PanSource: www.amazon.com
I love pie, pie loves me, we’re a happy family. I mean, I love it almost as much as I love Pi. I just really love pie.

Get the Pi Pie Pan on amazon.com

7. Conspiracy Theories 101: 3:14=PIE Tee

Pi is Pie ShirtSource: www.amazon.com
They’re onto something. Spice up this year’s Pi day by proving to the Illuminati that they did not, in fact, invent conspiracies.

Get the Pi is Pie Shirt on amazon.com

8. Ready for Pie Day? Whiskey in the Pi… in a Glass Tumbler

Pi GlassSource: www.etsy.com
Be Don Draper and Einstein in one swig of the Scotch, on the rocks or neat. It’ll give you something to ponder when you’re pretending it doesn’t taste like socks.

Get the Pi Glass on etsy.com

9. Come to the Dork Side, Luke. We Have Pi Shirt

Star Wars Darth Vader Pi ShirtSource: www.teepublic.com
Baked exclusively (in a Pi pie pan) by a freelancing Boba Fett who’s actually a weirdly good pâtissier.

Get the Darth Vader Pi Shirt on teepublic.com

10. Pi-jove! This Exploration into Mathematics Book is a Crazy Food Idea

How To Bake Pi BookSource: www.amazon.com
You can’t think properly unless you have a full stomach. Food is a necessary aspect of life, right? Yeah well, maths is too!

Get the How to Bake Pi Book on amazon.com

11. A Pi Gifts Plush and Accessories Box

Pi Gifts BoxSource: www.amazon.com
Learn or teach in style, give Pi the voice it’s never had and let that one kid in class know — the one sleeping (hint: c’est moi) — that maths can be FUN.

Get the Pi Kit on amazon.com

12. Pi Fragrance for Men by Givenchy

Pi Fragrance

Source: www.amazon.com
But remember: because it’s marketed to men, ladies can wear it too because fragrances are gender-nonspecific, as is Pi. Everybody smells good!

Get the Pi Fragrance on amazon.com

13. Van Gogh Inspired Pi in the Sky T-Shirt

Van Gogh Pi ShirtSource: www.teepublic.com
I could’ve told you, Vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as Pi. I actually saw a documentary once that linked different mathematical formulae to different pieces of art. They have a lot more in common than I thought.

Get the Van Gogh Pi Shirt on teepublic.com

14. Piception… IncePion? Pi-within-a-Pi Tee

Pi Number ShirtSource: www.thinkgeek.com
If I remember rightly, there’s no end to Pi, so if you think about it, this design continues and continues on in every way.

Get the Pi Shirt on thinkgeek.com

15. Bless His Cotton Pi Socks

Pi SocksSource: www.amazon.com
Did you used to hate getting socks as a gift and now can’t get enough? Saaaaame. I think it’s universal, but socks can never be wrong.

Get the Pi Socks on amazon.com

16. Pi to Six Million Poster Print

Pi PosterSource: www.amazon.com
You can’t make this stuff up. Pi literally just exists the way it is. And I thought I was badass for being able to remember 12 digits. Time to practice!!

Get the Pi Poster on amazon.com

17. Yarrrrr, Mateys. What’s a Lonely Pi-rate to Do?

Pi-rate ShirtSource: www.teepublic.com
Besides wearing this shirt on the open seas, that is. I’m just elated somebody came up with this design at all. Let’s all take a moment and a bottle of rum for the genius of it.

Get the Pirate Pi Shirt on teepublic.com

18. Damn Fine Ceramic Pi Dish!

Pi PlateSource: www.amazon.com
The whole Greek alphabet collection is pretty ‘amaze’ if I’m honest. Put your cereal in it or just display it. Do both! The world is your oyster (and also your Pi.)

Get the Ceramic Pi Dish on amazon.com

19. Pi-Pi-Pi-Pi-tuh-Tie-Tie-Tie-Tie

Pi TieSource: www.amazon.com
I was going for a kind of jive-y kind of thing there, could you tell? No, same, but don’t hang me with this. It’s too pretty.

Get the Pi Tie on amazon.com

20. Pi Coloring Book: Fun for All Ages

Pi Coloring BookSource: www.amazon.com
Especially mine. Coloring has become a huge deal in the last few years due to us adults reliving our youth and finding that the reason kids are so chill is because coloring is essential meditation. Ask David Lynch.

Get the Pi Coloring Book on amazon.com