I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghostbusters Mugs

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San Diego Comic Con revealed a lot of stuff about a LOT of stuff for us geeks. One of the snippets was that there’ll be another Ghostbusters movie.

Whatever Ghostbusters you like, the idea of teams that fight ghosts is so ingrained in our nostalgic minds that we can’t help but cheer whenever we see the logo.

As you can imagine, that logo is on a ton of Ghostbusters mugs. Obvi, we’re gonna share them!

1. Stay Puft with the Marshmallow Man

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Head Coffee MugSource: amazon.com
Talk about taking a seemingly chill and innocent part of your childhood and having it spun on its head. Ray’s accidental summoning of the Stay Puft marshmallow man was a result of a heroes greatest foe. Worse than Kryptonite, silver bullets, stakes. It’s — DUN DUN DUN — nostagia. Indeed, nostalgia is always screwing around with us, and this scene in the original Ghostbusters movie was an unintentional tale of growing up. At least defeating him will create s’mores for days…

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2. A Ghost Trap Mug, Complete with Slime!

Ghost Trap with Slime MugSource: thinkgeek.com
Capture all wayward spirits in a Ghostbusters mug created to do just that. Because we live in a technological world, a plain coffee mug or ghost trap are both boring. In the era of smartphones and selfies with demons, a piece of technology or indeed kitchenware has to allow for multitasking. Enter: a coffee mug that will also rid you of malevolent paranormal entities. Sometimes you just don’t have a proton pack, and who says we stop craving caffeine post mortem?

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3. Holtzmann. Virgo. Avid Skier. Gluten Full. Now a Mug.

Holtzmann Forgot About Her New Toys MugSource: teepublic.com
Tell me Holtzmann isn’t, in some way, related to Egon. Convince yourself that the new Ghostbusters had nothing to do with the old ones, despite all of the cast being open to appearing in it. To be fair, I could go on forever about how poorly last year’s Ghostbusters flick was, but because I like you, I won’t. I’ll sit here, sipping the tea from my Holtzmann mug, waiting for Halloween to come so I can get my DeBarge on. Problem?

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4. Mario Might Be More Intimidating Than the Stay Puft Man

Super Mario Boo Ghostbusters MugSource: teepublic.com
When I say “might be”, he’s not, but there are parallels between this Ghostbusters mug and the actual movie. I mentioned before how Ray summoned the Stay Puft man through him being the most innocent thing he could think of. Well, blue shells from these Mario Kart gifts and bobombs aside, Super Mario is one of our generations most innocent icons. And then Boo being Slimer, I mean. Are they not the same person?

What would your Stay Puft man be? Mine would be Trolls.

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5. This Ghostbusters Mug Contains No Signs of Dana

100% Pure Zuul (No Signs of Dana) MugSource: amazon.com
Not an inch. This Ghostbusters mug contains Zuul and only Zuul. As much as many of us would have liked to drink from Sigourney Weaver, it also doesn’t contain any signs of her. Zuul has that one on us as well. Most of us are grumpy animals before we get to have our morning coffee (if not, I kinda hate-envy you), and if I had to pick any kind of phrase to describe my pre-caffeine existence, it’d be Zuul every time.

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6. Don’t Be Afraid of No Demogorgon

I Ain't Afraid of No Demogorgon MugSource: teepublic.com
You don’t have to be when it’s the job of the Stranger Things boys (and girl) to do so. Or Barb. Sigh, Barb. [forced moment of silence, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen playing] Did you know you can even get a Barb Funko keychain now? You’re welcome. Time period wise, it’s completely plausible for Winona Ryder to call Bill Murray to ask if Venkman and the boys can come and sort everything out. She’s on the damn phone enough.

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7. Bless the Ugly Little Glow in the Dark Slimer

Slimer Glow in the Dark Ghostbusters MugSource: entertainmentearth.com
When you distance yourself from everything Ghostbusters and then the word is mentioned, what is it that you picture? I’d put money on Slimer being one of the three things that come to mind, and it makes a lot of sense. Slimer is a massive part of the Ghostbusters family. He was central to the cartoon and to the movies, so of course, there’s gonna be a Slimer Ghostbusters mug! The bonus is, the slime and text also glow in the dark.

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8. Kevin’s Pretty and a Good…ish Drawer

Kevin's Ghostbusters Logo MugSource: teepublic.com
Who cares if he’s dumb as a pile of bricks? “Not I,” Erin Gilbert would say, flicking her hair. “Not I.” Kevin drafted up a few different designs when the Conductors Of The Metaphysical Examination team were looking for one. There was a hotdog being held by a ghost. Fab! And then there was a ghost. With boobs. A ghost with really really big Pamela Anderson Baywatch boobs, actually. It’s funny because of the sexism and misogyny that was thrown at this movie like a mortar. Ghostbusters don’t have boobs, they cried! Leave your parents basement, I cried in return!

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9. This Slimy Ghostbusters Travel Mug Will Keep Your Caffeine Warm

Slimy Ghostbusters Travel MugSource: amazon.com
If you haven’t noticed yet, I am at the point where all mention of coffee becomes caffeine. Would I drink a cup of tea? Not if there’s a cup of coffee around, but sometimes, for the sake of being productive in ghost busting, you’ve got to take caffeine where you can get it. (That’s never at Starbucks. Ayyy!) That said, while you could put tea in these Ghostbusters mugs, I’ll be taking coffee if I’m traveling anywhere. Thank you. Bustin’ only makes you feel good when you’re awake to feel it.

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10. Eat, Sleep, ZUUL — Wait, What?

Eat Sleep Zuul MugSource: zazzle.com
Zuul, Destroyer of Shins doesn’t sleep. Who do you think he is, a peasant? Zuul is the Gatekeeper to an alternate dimension that anybody that gets sucked into it, probably isn’t going to come back from, no matter if the Ghostbusters are dudes or not. Like the Zuul mug before it, show your work colleagues, roomies, and family members that, before coffee, you do not mess around. I’m always a fan of mugs that preface the fact I’m dangerous before caffeine. It lessens the possibility of trouble.

Get this Eat Sleep Zuul Mug on zazzle.com

11. There’s a Goat Running Around…

Ain't Afraid of No Goat Ghostbusters MugSource: zazzle.com
Goat, ghost, who knows or cares anymore when the population is in trouble and only you and your colleagues in the Conductors of the Meta– SIGH. The other Ghostbusters are the only ones who can put a stop to it before anyone gets hurt. Now, granted, the goat or ghost could be at a death metal concert so you should also arm yourself with earplugs. Just in case.

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12. We’ve Got S’more Stay Puft Ghostbusters Mugs

Stay Puft Marshmallows Ghostbusters MugSource: thinkgeek.com
You are very welcome for me using that pun twice and no, I don’t regret it. If you like smaller mugs but are still a big fan of the marshmallow man, this mug serves as a great alternative to drinking from his giant head. Me, I could down three Stay Puft mug heads of coffee in an hour, but I realize we’re not all as skilled-slash-stupid as I am. I’d say sorry but it’s taken me years to get this stupid! (Bonus: pose for a selfie with your head on top of the mug for extra quality!)

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