12 Batman Action Figures Every Batfan Should Own

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If Bruce Wayne—that’s the guy who lives in Batman’s attic—were to collect Batman action figures, you can be assured he’d be collecting the best of the best.

That said, much like our fondness here at DGHQ for Lego Batman, there are a few figures Bruce Wayne wouldn’t be interested in but you might be. To that, I say, “His loss.”

There are some killer Batman action figures out there, so natch our place in this life is to share the wisdom we’ve culminated. So stick around and check these out…

1. We All Need a Little Poison Running Through Our Veins

Poison Ivy action figureSource: Sideshow

I've waited far too long for a piece of Batman merchandise that belonged exclusively to the glorious, lawfully evil botanist for what feels like forever. (Props to be delivered, however, to the Ivy, Catwoman and Harley shower curtain here in our Baby Groot gifts article). It's out there, but not as much as it should be! That was why, when seeing this amazing Poison Ivy action figure on Sideshow, I knew she was going to be at the top of the list. She had to be. Look at how beautiful she is. Just uh, maybe keep her around plants. Or in a glass case.

Get this Poison Ivy figure on sideshowtoy.com

2. This Noir Batman Action Figure is Basically Everything

black and white comic book Batman action figureSource: Amazon

Everything that this noir Batman action figure is not, will for sure be covered later on in the article. Batman has gone through so many stylistic changes since his creation. Not only has he varied from illustrator's vision to director's vision and, cyclically, so-on; he's even varied within single visions like Keaton becoming Kilmer becoming Clooney as Clooney with plastic nipples. The thing too is, we all have a different favorite Batman, so we should use that to get along. (I'm team Keaton, obviously).

Get the black and white Batman figure on amazon.com

3. What’s Wrong, Grumpy Batpants? Why So Serious?

cute Batman action figureSource: Amazon

Batman doesn't talk much, and even if he were happy and expressed it, his gruff (when Bale) voice might gloss over the optimism with the hefty amount of sullen pessimism we've learned to know and love since the TV show in the '60's. He may be mute and he may, in this incarnation, be hella grumpy, but we have to love him for those things instead of in spite of. The last thing that and geek in Gotham needs is Batman to be sad. I mean, look at this sad sack.  

Get this adorable Batman action figure on amazon.com

4. Keep Calm and Keaton On, That’s What Tim Burton and I Say

Bruce Wayne and Batman action figuresSource: Sideshow

On most lists of actors that gave the best performances of Batman, Michael Keaton is up near the top of the list. He was a lot of the 80s and 90s kids' first Batman, and for a lot of us geeks, Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman was, like, our future wife. With Tim Burton at the helm and actors like Danny DeVito and Jack Nicholson, there wasn't much there not to love. Keaton also benefitted from getting out before the bat-nipples: A decision of which nobody still has an explanation for.

Get these Bruce Wayne and Batman action figures on sideshowtoy.com

5. Faster, Pussycat! Kill, Kill!

Catwoman action figureSource: Amazon

Speaking of Catwoman—aka my wife, aka therefore not yours, aka sorry 'bout it—and the movie with Halle Berry that totally didn't happen, asking where all the female action figures are when it comes to the Batman universe is probably not gonna happen. There are so many variations of so many cool characters and this dastardly Catwoman is no exception. Looking perfect enough with her whip to join her Bombshell friends, she's so beautiful, I might just cry (for milk).

Get the Batman animated series Catwoman figure on amazon.com

6. Want One of the Buffest Batman Action Figures? Look No Further

Arkham Knight Batman action figureSource: Amazon

My theory here is unsubstantiated, but when we saw the first set pictures of Ben Affleck as Batman, I wondered if they were going for the buff Arkham Knight look. It had to be either that or the name tabloids (probably literally just Superman spreading lies) were calling him—Fatman—was just an unfortunate side effect of The Town having been a super underrated flick. (DGHQ recommended). I like the first better, and if it's true, this awesome Batman action figure can represent Arkham Knight and Batfleck.

Get this Arkham Knight Batman action figure on amazon.com

7. What’s Rarer than Being Rare? Being Discontinued!

Batman and Robin action figuresSource: Amazon

The Internet saves us collectors again when collectibles like this Robin and Batman action figures double pack shows itself when there's nowhere else you can get it online or off. Not unless you're luckier than lucky or raid the Joker's shrine...  

We have a few Adam West-era Batman stuff on this list because even though it was produced in the 60s and it shows, there's a huge chunk of people that may never have heard of Batman at all. Without it, we'd also never have gotten to see Eartha Kitt's glorious Catwoman.

Get these classic Batman and Robin action figures on amazon.com

8. This Joker Action Figure Probably Asks Why So Cereal

Joker statueSource: Entertainment Earth

Because, Joker, cereal is awesome and you and your fellow figures look like you could've come from a crazy upmarket box of it. You can get this figure in two different styles, one black and white and then this one that gets the edge because when you think of The Joker? You think of color. I know this because I'm psychic. Or logical. Either or. Styled after Heath Ledger's classic take on the character, this figure was made exclusively for Christopher Nolan's Batman aficionados and wrongly said the guy from Brokeback Mountain couldn't bring the best Joker OF ALL TIME to the screen.

Get this Joker action figure on entertainmentearth.com

9. Sure, Nightwing is Cool, but He’s No BATMAN 🦇

Nightwing action figureSource: Entertainment Earth

If he was as cool as Batman, wouldn't the comic book series-slash-TV series-slash-movie franchise be called /Nightwing/? Yeah, I thought so, and yeah, this is also copyright Batman🦇. The little birdy grew up into a costume that looks a little less like a Christmas decoration and more like the superhero he was destined to become. Nightwing is so cool he was even afforded his own DLC for Arkham Knight (the game this action figure is based on). Can we say the same for Superman?

Get the Arkham Knight Nightwing action figure on entertainmentearth.com

10. Holy Batgirl, I Am So Glad These Figures Exist

Oracle action figure and Batgirl action figureSource: Amazon

Oracle is one of the most underrated characters in not only the Batman universe but the extended ones too. To have a character whose literal body is taken away from her and she still manages to not only help Batman but without her he and Robin would have been in way too many scrapes? Sign me up. And give her a movie of her own because the origin story of Barbara Gordon could fill in its own trilogy and then some. These Babs actions figures are a two-for-one bargain and they are freakin' rad.

Get this Oracle and Batgirl action figure set on amazon.com

11. Classic Batman is Simply the West (Better than all the Rest!)

Adam West batman action figureSource: Amazon

Maybe even better than anyone you've ever met. You don't know. I told you there'd be more Adam West, and despite the classic TV series Batman often landing at the bottom end of Batman portrayals rankings, I'd like to, once again, remind you that without the series, there'd be no future bat nipples. ...bad example. This Batman action figure is awesome. The end. Finito. Amen. (All that's missing from this description is a few POW!s and SLAM!s)

Get this classic Batman figure on amazon.com

12. If This Batman Action Figure Could Talk, He’d Have the Gruffest Voice

Dark Knight Batman action figureSource: Sideshow

He's either going through puberty late, or he needs some cough candy. Everyone's resounding favorite Batman, Christian Bale, comes to life in this premium, super lifelike Batman action figure. From arguably the best Batman movie in the history of Batman movies, The Dark Knight, if you're to let yourself have only one killer action figure this year, let it be this one. Life is too short to not let yourself have cool things that you want, and if you have this, you'll never need anything cool again. Or for like a month...

Get this premium format Dark Knight action figure on sideshowtoy.com

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