These Joker Shoes Are So Not Serious

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He’s one of Batman’s most famous adversaries and arguably the most psychopathic. He’s also been played in movies by a bunch of different people.

You might even know him from the animated cartoon series with Luke Skywalker himself — Mark Hamill — as his voice, or from the comics.

But you know the Joker and so we’ve found some cool products to go over your superhero socks. I present JOKER SHOES.

1. Chuck Taylor Has Been Overtaken by The Joker

Joker Chuck Taylor All StarsSource:
Which means that, in the altered words of an age old meme, all of your Converse belong to him. Just kidding. Not all of them, but there is a huge chunk of cool Joker-themed Converse as part of the line. These Joker shoes are prime for the pick and were my favorites of the whole bunch. Talk about sadistic, charming, and Fresh-from the-Ramblings-of a -Mad Man. Just the way we like our Joker merchandise!

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2. These Joker Shoes Are the Ace of Spades

Mister J Basketball SneakersSource:
What do Joker cards even do? I’ve forgotten. It’s been so long since I’ve played cards but maybe they’re just not part of the pack at all, or they stand in for something? Regardless, Joker has certainly made a name for himself and the cards that he also carries around or leaves as his calling. If you’re after Joker shoes that you can’t immediately tell are Joker shoes, these are the ones.

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3. Seriously! Joker x Chuck Taylor is a Thing

Joker Converse Hi TopsSource:
These Joker shoes are pretty amused. I wonder why? Is it because somebody has paired them with some Harley Quinn leggings and so Harley is now on top? Would The Joker be amused by that? I guess it all remains to be seen. You can’t get better sneakers or hi tops than Converse. They last for a long time and in the age of disposable fashion on a planet covered in ultimate chaos, that’s something to covet. Just go down with the ship and be chaotic too, which you can do in these sneaks!

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4. Harley Was WHAT?

Harley & Joker Suicide Squad ShoesSource:
On top, Joker. Because she is. And she’s on top with Poison Ivy now, so you can take your gun and shake it in the direction of someone who gives a damn. These Suicide Squad sneakers have the comic world’s favorite Sid and Nancy pair on them, and I know there’s a lot of fans of Harley being with Mister J. Even though I’m not one of them, I can tuck my tail between my legs to say that the comic design on these Joker shoes is pretty damn nice.

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5. Arkham’s Joker Deserves Some Shoes

White Joker SneakersSource:
Not praise, because he’s The Joker and while he’s less annoying than the Riddlers riddles I could never work out, he’s still pretty bad when you’re playing the Arkham games. Joker loves this pair. Sadistic with blood from his mouth that weirdly makes him look really happy. We don’t even know if it’s his own blood or somebody else’s. Any guesses?? These hi-top sneakers would also look really cool with a pair of Batman leggings.

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6. Every Psychopath Needs Comfy Slippers!

Suicide Squad Joker SlippersSource:

Remember as a kid when what you didn’t want for Christmas was things like socks, underwear, pajamas, and slippers? Oh, how that changes with age, and oh how not even The Joker is an exception to this. I’m actually wondering if he turned out the way he did because he never had a pair of comfy slippers like these ones when he was a baby Joker. If he knew comfort like slippers, he may have wound up the good guy as opposed to the bad.

That is the power of slippers, geeklets. (Remember that for Christmas).

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7. The Joker is Getting Even Crazier Here

Crazy Joker ShoesSource:
You’ve /got/ to love that. I’ll tell you what, if you saw someone wearing these Joker shoes on your morning commute or school run, it’d make the journey a heck of a lot more fun. Geeks come in all shapes and sizes, but almost every one of them loves some part of Batman, be it The Joker or not. Even non-Joker fans can appreciate these shoes, though. They are way too cool to ignore. They might not speed up your ability to flee the scene of a bank robbery the way they did Joker in The Dark Knight, but you’ll sure look cool when you go get groceries in ’em!

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8. The Joker Did Some Art Therapy

Laughing Joker ShoesSource:
Let’s just pretend he designed these eponymous Joker shoes himself with some fabric paint and some sports personality’s favorite pair of sneakers. This was a task given to him by Dr. Harleen Quinzel a while before she developed her obsession and became Harley Quinn, as means of art therapy, to try and purge him of his chaotically bad nature. Obviously, it didn’t work, but it does work out for us, cause we get to wear them!

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9. The Joke’s On Shoe

The Joker Comic Hi-TopsSource:
Someone had to make the pun and because I hadn’t yet, I’m glad it was me. These Joker shoes are badass and are in his signature colors of purple and green, so he can wear them himself during St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Gotham. Then he can, like the Grinch, disguise himself. You know, while also sporting his own name and face, just to play with people’s minds. Even psychos like a green beer or two. Joker is no exception.

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