Superhero Socks You’re Gonna Desperately Want For Christmas

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You could be an Avenger or part of the Justice League, everyone wears socks.

They used to be a necessary evil, but these days there’s so much choice out there that no matter what you’re into, you can have a jazzy design on your socks to prove it.

The following superhero socks are the kind DGHQ likes to wear, so we thought, “Why not share ’em?”

1. Batman Socks With Their Own Little Capes

Grey Batman SocksSource:
That means you can fly. (But don’t try. Discover Geek will not take responsibility for accidents. We are mere geeks in our seats with big dreams.) Instead of risky behavior, just kick your feet up in them in front of your Batman wall art and have a tall drink of coffee from your favorite Batman coffee mug.

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2. These Batman Socks Are Classy (As The Kids Say) AF

Batman Comic Style SocksSource:
Grey socks always remind me of the socks I’ve worn when my own unicorn ones have been shot through by the toe-bullet. Until now, they’ve never really been cool. Trust comic books to change that. God bless them, every one.

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3. Me Thor, Me Own Thor Socks, Me Speak Like Tarzan Apparently

blue thor socksSource:
Our beautiful, simple Nordic God. What would we do without you? Besides have been completely taken over by Loki who seems to want to do to you what Nebula wants to do to Gamora in the Guardians movies but less heartfelt. Let’s gift these socks to Thor for his next birthday.

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4. Sibling Rivalry Comes In Superhero Socks Too

Thor and Loki Comic SocksSource:
What was it we were saying about Thor and Loki? We know their history in Marvel’s cinematic universe is so lengthy it covers three whole films (and then some), but what about in comic land? What about in comic sock land? Will you feel like an Asgardian when you were these?

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5. Patriotism Is A Lost Art? Not For These Captain America Socks

Captain America SocksSource:
A country is not its leader, and you can love your country in spite of its bad decisions. Steve Rogers has been fighting for it for nearly a hundred years — you know, if you subtract the time he spent as a popsicle — and he hasn’t stopped. He is Captain America, and he loves these socks that remind him it’s the land of the free.

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6. If You’d Prefer A More Minimalistic Cap, There’s A 2-Pack!

Hero Captain America SocksSource:
Let your feet protect the land you love by slipping them into two different pairs of Captain America socks — together or alone — and grabbing your shield. That’s the secret to Cap: the socks he wears under his boots. Any other socks would simply be too stifling to Avenge anything. Gotta let your feet breathe!

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7. Let These Superman Socks Take Off From The Crowd

Superman Cape SocksSource:
You can’t miss the distinctive colors of Superman that Wonderwoman wears that little bit better. Mostly because she’s an Amazon and if the 50ft Woman taught me anything, it’s that tall girls are not to be trifled with. The blue is pretty cool though. When you wear them, you can pick your favorite Superman and pretend you’re them.

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8. There Are No Superhero Socks Without Superman Socks, Come On

Superman Socks Comic StyleSource:
How not a single person in his office has ever clued into the fact Clark Kent and Superman have never been seen in the same room together is beyond me. But they haven’t, for the most part. From that, I figure if he was to wear either of these pairs of socks but also his glasses, they still wouldn’t have the faintest idea. That’s skill.

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9. Blind Daredevils In Red PVC Need Socks Too

Daredevil Socks in BlackSource:
Netflix’s Daredevil series is pretty damn cool. Maybe I’m in the minority on this, but I kind of enjoyed the Ben Affleck movie. By extension of that thought, what is it with these actors who’ve been multiple different superheroes during their lives? Do they just stick their superhero socks on and go? Well, probably.

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10. Just In Case You’d Forgotten He Existed, These Green Lantern Socks Are Here To Remind You

Green Lantern SocksSource:
I’m still waiting for a really good depiction of the Green Lantern, and so far I don’t think any of the actors (or wrestlers, hi Hurricane Helms) have got it as on point as these socks. Even if somebody isn’t a comic book fan, they know this symbol from somewhere, and they will ask you about it. Then you can impress them with your knowledge with that whole Hurricane Helms arc thing. Maybe.

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11. These Green Lantern Socks Are Pretty Cool Too, Though

Unique Green Lantern SocksSource:
Anyone else think green is a super(ha) underrated color? Lantern certainly cornered that market where other superheroes failed, at least. So there’s that. And these green-all-over Green Lantern socks will easily make you stand out from the crowd. Just don’t wear sandals to show them off. People will still see in sneakers.

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12. Wonder Woman Socks Are A Wonderous Addition To Any Wardrobe

Wonder Woman SocksSource:
When I say wardrobe, I mean sock drawer. Does said drawer constitute as part of a wardrobe though? Anyhow, these would match my Wonder Woman boy shorts perfectly. I could potentially get decked out in Wonder Woman gear and be energized enough to do my laundry.

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13. Or You Can Go Back To Wonder Woman’s Comic Roots With These Ones

Comic Book Style Wonder Woman SocksSource:
Quite a difference between this and Lynda Carter. Not to worry, they’re as good as each other and we guarantee Gal will be up there too. If you’re after unique superhero socks, this all over sketch-style design will tick all of your boxes and then you can show them off to anyone whose Harry Potter socks are a little too… hallowed now.

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14. Black Widow Could Sock Any Dude In The Jaw, She’s THAT Awesome

Black Widow SocksSource:
Where almost everyone that works on the Avengers films seems to think women are created as pivotal plot points to advance the sensitive nature of its male heroes, we don’t have to. These cool Black Widow socks show how badass she is, how she’s beyond onscreen relationships and could take your butt in a fight in seconds.

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15. Stark Industries Have Opened A Clothing Line…

Iron Man SocksSource:
…and naturally, the first product they were gonna produce was Iron Man socks. Because he’s smart, attractive, strong, cool, and really freakin’ rich. Show your love of the man of iron who is not in a children’s book like I always thought he was and wear your brand new Iron Man socks. All proceeds do, indeed, go to Iron Man.

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16. Stark Industries Have Also Released Socks With Their Company Name On Them

Stark Industries SocksSource:
…because it’s also got Tony Stark’s surname on them, and as well as being smart, attractive, strong, cool and rich, he’s the biggest narcissist since Narcissus himself. (Do you think he had super powers?) These Stark Industry socks were bound to happen. Better to deal with it, wear them and move along than to argue.

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17. Hulk Couldn’t Wear Socks With His Face On Them, But You Can

Green Hulk SocksSource:
Maybe not around the big green guy because you never know when he’s going to get pissed off and Hulk smash you into oblivion. Until there’s no you left besides the feet on which the Hulk socks remain. Hey, on the plus side, you could’ve been defeated by Ant-Man instead.

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18. The Last Time Bruce Wore Socks, He Wasn’t Scientifically Screwed

Black Grey Hulk SocksSource:
In the days before he turned into a way stronger, Donkey-less Shrek, little Bruce Banner enjoyed his socks. There was no way he could work in the lab all day without them.  Then came the accident. And then came too many ruined shoes. And now he’s stuck barefoot. But hey, you can wear them in his honor!

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19. Get Flashy With Some Reversible Flash Socks

The Flash Socks ReversibleSource:
I can’t guarantee you’ll move faster with them on, but I can guarantee that there’s no harm in trying (unless you’re not careful and stub your toe.) Best part about this pair is that they’re reversible, so you can decide which color you want to wear that day or if you’re too lazy to do your laundry a lot, just turn them inside out and pretend the smell’s coming from someone else.

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20. Or If You’d Rather Suit Up, Try The Flash On Some Crew Socks

Cool Flash SocksSource:
There’s one thing I can tell for sure: superhero socks are the most colorful socks in the world. All the comics are missing is a rainbow superhero so I can replace my unicorn socks. (Not because I want to, because I have no other choice but to, I’ve worn them so much they’re holy enough to ascend with Jesus.)

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21. Two Pairs Of Aquaman Socks For The Price Of One

Orange Aquaman SocksSource:
And if Jason Momoa isn’t the babeliest Aquaman they ever could have thought to get, I don’t know who — other than young George Clooney — would be? I love the color orange so these socks were basically made especially for me AND for you. Be careful, they might get you wet.

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22. Vintage-Style Aquaman Socks Because There’s Not Enough Neon Orange In Life

Comic Aquaman SocksSource:
Not since the 90s. One wonders if Aquaman didn’t indeed inspire the trends of the latter years of that decade, my wardrobe would certainly believe it with its fluorescent mini skirts I never wore. Whoever inspired whatever, we really love this two pack and can’t WAIT for the movie. Just feel a bit sorry for Batman and Superman having to compete…

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23. Marvel’s Iron Fist Is Already Shaping Up To Be The Next Big Thing

Iron Fist SocksSource:
And it’s a thing we can be part of it by getting ahead of the curve and adding these Iron Fist socks to our sock collection. (See also: Iron Fist merchandise for more cool stuff you really don’t wanna miss.) The Defenders team has been doing some epic viral promo with their twitters (Jessica Jones’s smart quips are our faves) and if the show is anything like those, it’s going to be AMAZING.

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24. Stuff’s About To Get Photoreal With This Epic Spider-Man Sock Pack

Realistic Spider-Man SocksSource:
The tale is old as time, its song is old as rhyme, and its plotline is far less weird than Beauty and the Beast. It starts with a boy and his camera. The boy and his camera are at a science exhibit when he’s bitten by a spider. Next thing he knows, he’s shooting webs from his hands and isn’t freaked out at all. This is the mark of a true hero, and these socks can do the same to you without the unsightly silk stains.

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25. Swing Into Action With Spidey In These Spider-Man Socks

Comic Spiderman SocksSource:
Don’t you just want to shoot your web and swing from building to building like in the early-2000’s “nu metal” video and the film in which it appeared on the soundtrack of? Spider… something? Sure you do. Instead, why not do the next best thing and get these cool comic spidey socks? They’re 100% NOT made from synthetic web.

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26. Earn A Spot At The X-Men Acadamy By Wearing Wolverine Socks

X-Men Wolverine SocksSource:
We’re not joking, this is all you need to get into it as wearing any item of clothing with Wolverine on it is a super power in itself. And that’s really all that ‘mutations’ are. Super powers. These Wolverine superhero socks have the Wolverine on them that we remember from the comics and the tv show. Sorry, Hugh. We’re into that.

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27. When The Robin Flies Away, There’s Always A Nightwing At Hand

Nightwing SocksSource:
Real talk: can we get a Nightwing movie? Preferably one that isn’t revealed at the end of a film where Bruce Wayne finds his “happily ever after” at a romantic cafe in Italy somewhere? No worries, we’ll stick with these sweet Nightwing socks instead.

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28. Our Favorite Super Troll, Deadpool, Has Some Socks Too

Marvel Deadpool SocksSource:
I mean, obvs. We couldn’t track down Mr. Pool for another exclusive piece because he, quote, “Worked [my] ass off on those Deadpool shoes and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” Be that as it may, Pool. We’ve got some socks that literally have your name all over them.

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29. Photorealistic Deadpool Socks, Saving The Best For Last?

Deadpool Photo SocksSource:
Mr. Pool could, once again, not be reached for comment because he was picking the dirt out of his toenails, but I think I can speak in his favor when I say these socks will prevent you from ever having to do that yourself. But remember kids, always cut your toenails. You don’t want to get blood all over this face.

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