Gremlin Toys You Can TRY to Feed After Midnight

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A few years ago, I was given the Gremlins DVD box set for Christmas. My love sure made up for the fact I never watched March of the Penguins (and still feel guilty about it).

I’m an 80’s baby. I’ve always loved 80’s movies. Gremlins (particularly Gremlins 2 — that Sinatra sequence!) was one of my absolute favorites, sandwiched between Labyrinth and The Goonies.

I love Gremlins so much, I have a Gizmo I take everywhere with me. Have a look at these Gremlin toys! If you want, you can have one too.

1. This Stripe Plush Has a Bark Worse Than His Bite

Gremlins Stripe PlushSource:
Who was your favorite Gremlin? BESIDES Gizmo, you can’t answer Gizmo. Stripe was mine, and the one with the googly eyes was my grandpa’s. And yes, we watched it enough together to know all of the funny bits before they happened. Stripe was the leader of the pack. He was punk-freakin-rock. What with his mohawk and his tendency to hit other Mogwais in the face when they were acting stupid. Stripe was to the Mogwai, what Magneto was to Professor Xavier: a royal pain in the butt.

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2. Play Poker with Gremlins

Gremlins Playing CardsSource:
There are a lot of strange tales from pilots that flew during the second world war about “gremlins”. These gremlins were tiny creatures they saw when their aircraft started failing, playing around with wires and buttons. That was even where the idea of Gremlins came from. All that taken into account, I imagine playing cards with Gremlins would be a more grueling task than any online Poker place. We’d come out better if we played Go Fish! Playing cards seem to be a lost art, but having these as part of your Gremlin toys collection, you will regret nothing.

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3. Handle Your Mogwai With Care

Gremlins Storage TinSource:
Don’t shake the box, don’t put it upside down. The last thing you want after stealing a strange, adorable creature from a blind man at a flea market is to accidentally give it brain damage by putting it the wrong way up. What was that? Did Billy’s dad feel so guilty he was consistently busy trying to sell bad inventions that he wanted to make it up to him by getting him a puppy that… walked… on… two legs…? I’m not gonna attempt to work that one out. This storage tin is ideal for keeping Gremlin toys in but can also be used for packed lunches. Just remember not to eat them after midnight.

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4. Gremlin Toys Make Excellent Bed Buddies

Adorable Gizmo Stuffed ToySource:

This stuffed toy Gizmo is so soft and fluffy– Agnes, do you wanna take this one?

I’m a huge fan of plushies in general. I believe there’s no age that’s “too old” for a cuddly toy. There’s a reason we give them to babies, and that reason is that cuddling something soft and warm can help us to feel less alone. (Maybe that’s why Mogwais cry at night? You know, when they haven’t turned into hell beasts). Gremlins has some really good ones out there, and if prompted, I’ll deliver all of them right to your Interweb door in the form of my Amazon wish list…!

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5. Billy had a Bad ReAction

Billy from Gremlins ReAction FigureSource:
It’s all his fault, considering he’s the one who let the Gremlins loose in the kitchen — albeit unintentionally — and then in the workplace. I don’t care that he did it because he loved Gizmo, missed him, and wanted to keep him safe. He heard what the old man (who is totally still alive and was NOT killed by gangsters) said: Never get them wet, and never feed them before midnight. You had one job, Billy. One job.

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6. NECA Do a Great Range of Gremlins Action Figures

NECA Mogwai Action FigureSource:
They do them in their gremlin forms, but also in their Mogwai ones. I’m not sure I remember this one from the films but there’s a high chance she’s in there, and she’s so cute that I had to put her in the Gremlin toys article. Her name is Zoe and she looks innocent but if you put her with the other Mogwai I think you’ll find that, not unlike my dog’s sister when they were puppies, she’s the one that’s in charge. NECA has a bunch of different series Gremlins figures. The Mogwai ones are definitely my favorites.

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7. A Tiny Gizmo Pop Funko

Gremlins Funko Pop Vinyl FigureSource:
By tiny, he really is. Like the Yoda ones from the Star Wars pops collection, Funko does some adorable, tiny vinyl figures. It just wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to have the Jedi Master or the Mogwai as full-size figures. If they were and you put one next to say, Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, it’d look weird if they were the same height. It’d look imbalanced and just wrong. You’d wonder why the Gremlins-slash-Mogwai hadn’t taken over the whole world by now if that was the case. Luckily it’s not, and these tiny pops are Gremlin toys that are totally worth your money.

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8. Gremlins: Lego Style!

Lego Dimensions GremlinsSource:
Obviously, Lego Dimensions means that you have to have a games console for this, but as video games still count as Gremlin toys, they had to be included. The Dimensions game system is kind of beyond my personal realm of gaming. Not because I don’t love gaming but because I haven’t had an actual console in years and I don’t like any game that 10-year-olds can beat me at. (No, I’m not smarter, and now I don’t even have my games!) Regardless, these figures that you plug in to play the game are such a cool invention I wish had been around when I was a kid.

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9. This Gizmo Dorbz is NOT Horrible

Gizmo Funko DorbzSource:
So why, then, you ask, is it part of the Horror pop collection? Good question, though also one I may have an explanation for. In the olden days of the 80s, video stores were getting more popular. In order to expand on the horror sections, things like Gremlins and Critters were put in there literally just to tease me over the fact I was too young to rent anything but Disney and wanted to see them so badly. The world is indeed about me, I’m glad we’re on the same page here. (Just kidding. It is about Gremlin toys, though).

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10. Scare Everyone With a Stripe Mask

Gremlins Stripe MaskSource:
While we’re discussing horror (in a manner of speaking), I will say that if you hunt for Gremlins Halloween costumes, they do exist and they are terrifying. This Stripe mask at least balances the realism of the Stripe from the films and how vaguely scary he is. That matters a lot. Coming from the company who makes prop replicas of our favorite Mogwai, it’s bound to be amazing quality and worth every penny/time you make people jump by photobombing their party pictures.

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11. Gizmo Scalers for Your Headphones!

Gremlins Wire ScalerSource:
Any wires that he’ll be able to climb up really. I really love these little scalers (there are some adorable ones in Discover Geek’s Baby Groot gifts article, as well) and headphone wires seem plain wrong these days. And wrongly plain, if you want some word play. These adorable little critters make for great playlist companions. Just look how excited Gizmo is that you’re listening to death metal!

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12. This Gizmo Plush Dances and Sings

Dancing Gizmo Gremlins ToySource:
That’s right, geeklets. This is one of the Gremlin toys out there that’s a sentient being. Just kidding. He does operate using batteries BUT he isn’t as demonic as Furbies used to be. He’s got one thing on his mind and one goal in his life, and that’s to make whoever has him, happy. He sings, dances, and moves just like he does in the movies. It doesn’t even matter that he’s not a real life Mogwai. It can’t! He can’t multiply, he can’t turn evil… granted, he also can’t turn into adorable Rambo Gizmo from the second movie, but you can make him Rambo yourself. Super precious.

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