37 Star Wars Pops You (Probably) Didn’t Know Existed!

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

After the success The Empire (that’s us in this metaphor) had with Fallout pops, we trawled the galaxy for the most exclusive, limited, unique Star Wars bobble-head collectibles out there…

Yep, that’s right! To celebrate last weekend’s release of The Last Jedi trailer, we’ve concocted a list of our fave Star Wars pops we think all superfans need to have.

1. He’s Not A Slave, This Funko Pop’s Name Is Anakin

Young Anakin Skywalker BobbleheadSource: amazon.com

Now we know what happens when you’ve got too many midi-chlorians in your system. Someone get him Ritalin before it’s too late. Or, like, therapy.

Get Young Anakin Skywalker Funko Pop! on amazon.com

2. Mace Windu Pop Figure On A Plane

Mace Windu Funko Pop!Source: ebay.com
The purple lightsaber’s only reason for being purple was that Samuel L Jackson wanted his kids to be able to spot him during the Clone Wars. Smart man.

Get the Mace Windu Funko Pop! on ebay.com

3. Mesa Pretty Sure There’s Gotta Be SOME Jar Jar Binks Bobblehead Fans Somewhere

Jar Jar Bing Funko Pop!Source: amazon.com
Jar Jar gets a pretty bad rep. Sure, he’s clumsy, dim-witted, and quite possibly should be in a 90s bobsled movie, but hesa not so that bad.

Get the Jar Jar Bings Bobble Head on amazon.com

4. This Darth Maul Funko Pop PROVES He Did It Before Insidious

Darth Maul Funko Pop!Source: amazon.com
Truly, if Darth Maul were able to listen to Tiny Tim on vinyl, he would as well. Lipstick demon really needs to get some original ideas.

Get the Darth Maul Funko Pop! on amazon.com

5. Qui-Gon Jinn Is Back In Force Ghost Form In This Convention-Exclusive Star Wars Pop!

Qui Gon Jinn Hologram Pop!Source: amazon.com
Don’t you love the internet when you can get your hands on convention stuff without leaving the comfort of your own home? That said, I’d leave my home for Qui-Gon and I’m a hobbit.

Get the Qui Gon Jinn Hologram Pop! on amazon.com

6. This Hooded Jyn Erso Pop Could So Easily Rob A Convenience Store

Jin Erso BobbleheadSource: popinabox.us
Or attend a rap concert, depending on the planet. She looks even cooler with the hood. And you didn’t think Jyn could be cooler – ha! Wrong.

Get the Jyn Erso Bobble Head on popinabox.us

7. Baze Malbus Funko Pop!? More Like Bae Malbus, Amirite?

Baze Malbus Funko Pop!Source: popinabox.us
They were the true love story of Rogue One (what is a Cassian?), and now you can get Baze’s Star Wars bobble-head and Chirrut’s bobblehead and make them kiss.

Get the Baze Malbus Funko Pop! on popinabox.us

8. True To Life, This Chirrut Imwe Vinyl Figure Can’t See

Chirrut Imwe Funko Pop!Source: popinabox.us
But you can. See, that is. See above. May the Force of love be with us always.

Get the Chirrut Imwe Funko Pop! on popinabox.us

9. Help Us, Obi-Wan Kenobi Pop, You’re Our Only Hope

Ben Kenobi BobbleheadSource: ebay.com
Ben Kenobi ran away to the desert of Tatooine because he felt guilty Anakin was seduced by the dark side. Can you imagine how he’d feel if he knew his namesake was trying really hard to be the next Darth?

Get the Ben Kenobi Bobble Head on ebay.com

10. This Nalan Cheel Bobble Head Would Look Great On Your Drum Kit

Nalan Cheel Pop!Source: popinabox.us
If you’re a drummer. If not, just stick him on your amp to bask in all of his Bith-y musician glory. Et voila. Just like that, you’re in a bar on Tatooine.

Get the Nalan Cheel Pop! on popinabox.us

11. They Scavenge Ships For Droids, Why Not Scavenge For A Jawa Pop?

Jawa BobbleheadSource: popinabox.us
I would say the place I grew up was like a rainy, one-mooned Tatooine, only in place of Jawas, we had pigeons. I know which I’d rather have as a vinyl figure.

Get the Jawa Bobble Head on popinabox.us

12. This General Grievous Pop Would Like A Word With You

General Grievous Funko PopSource: amazon.com
As psychopathic as Ted Bundy with a permanent chest infection and twice as charming, this Grievous Funko is an exclusive collectors edition and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Get the General Grievous Funko Pop! on amazon.com

13. Threepio Might Get Jealous If You Get This K-3PO Pop

…but isn’t it always worth it to see a queen being dramatic? I hung out with him at the Star Wars Identities exhibition last week and I still do not know which of us was sassier.

Get the K-3PO Limited Edition Funko Pop! on popinabox.us

14. In The Swamps Of Dagobah, Legend Has It There’s A Special Yoda Pop

Dagobah Yoda BobbleheadSource: amazon.com
What would a Star Wars Pops list be without Yoda? There’s a difference in size between the Dagobah Yoda bobble-head figure and the regular Yoda one and just so much more Yoda, this one is. Want to see more if his wisest quotes? Check out these Yoda shirts.

Get the Dagobah Yoda Bobble Head on amazon.com

15. Cloud City Was Far Emptier Before Lando Calrissian Staked His Claim

Lando Calrissian Funko Pop!Source: popinabox.us
For the first movie-and-a-half, Han Solo was the coolest-of-the-cool. Then came Lando and nothing was the same. This Lando Star Wars bobble-head is perfect down to the blaster. No bobble-head works royal blue better.

Get the Lando Calrissian Funko Pop! on popinabox.us

16. But This Han Solo Funko Pop! Kept Luke… Warm (Groan) On Hoth

Han Solo Hoth Funko Pop!Source: amazon.com
Indeed, I’ve been waiting my entire life to slip that pun into a sentence and at last, I’ve managed it. May we all coat ourselves in tauntaun guts and applaud me.

Get the Han Solo Hoth Funko Pop! on amazon.com

17. And This Exclusive Chewie On Hoth Pop Is So Perfect You Won’t Want The Battle To End

Chewbacca Hoth BobbleheadSource: amazon.com
He looks like he’s frosted and ready for consumption, but that’s probably just my hunger talking and really he’d look wicked on your desk.

Get the Chewbacca Hoth Bobble Head on amazon.com

18. You Didn’t Know You Wanted A Palpatine Pop Until He Showed Up In Holographic Form, Did You?

Holographic Emperor Funko PopSource: popinabox.us
Stick him on your window and Yoda on your shelf and if Toy Story was based on factual events — and I’m pretty sure it was — you’ll get yourself your own private Force battle.

Get the Holographic Emperor Funko Pop! on popinabox.us

19. How To Make A C-3PO Vinyl Pop More Fabulous? Step 1: Make Him Shine

Chrome C-3PO BobbleheadSource: popinabox.us
Threepio’s default state is one of superiority. I feel like he’d approve of being made out of chrome when his buddy Artoo — to his knowledge… — isn’t.

Get the Gold Chrome C-3PO Bobble Head on popinabox.us

20. This Darth Vader Funko Currently Resides In Kylo Ren’s Bedroom

Darth Vader Funko Pop!Source: amazon.com
And like, you could have one too since he’s only bought up 2/3 of the production line. I’d beat him to it if I were you.

Get the Darth Vader Funko Pop! on amazon.com

21. This Luke Skywalker Pop Missing his Right is One Of Our Favorite Star Wars Pops

Luke Skywalker BobbleheadSource: amazon.com
What kind of jackass dad chops off his son’s hand? No offense, Vader, but that’s kinda not the way to sway him to the dark side.

Get the Luke Skywalker Bobble Head on amazon.com

22. I Lied. Palpatine Is Still Pretty Cool, Look At This Emperor Pop!

Emperor Funko Pop!Source: amazon.com
Is it any wonder Darth would have done anything for him? Brother is terrifying. More so when you realize how much he looks like Death.

Get the Emperor Funko Pop! for on amazon.com

23. Darth Vader Gets Unmasked In This Exclusive Figure

Vader Unmasked Funko Pop!Source: amazon.com
There’s that quote in Chasing Amy about Darth turning from a powerful man into a feeble, overweight one when he’s unmasked. But he looks pretty cute in this pop.

Get the Unmasked Vader Funko Pop! on amazon.com

24. Wicket The Ewok Has His Own Funko Pop Too

Wicket BobbleheadSource: amazon.com
Sadly, Warwick Davis is not inside of this bobble-head, but we can pretend he is if you’re an Endor-dweller like me.

Get the Wicket the Ewok Funko Pop! on amazon.com

25. Princess Leia Impersonates Boushh In This Pop!

Princess Leia Boushh Funko Pop!Source: popinabox.us
Knock knock. Who’s there? Oh, just me, a friendly neighborhood bounty hunter who’s trapped a Wookiee I’ve never seen before. I can has money pls?

Get the Princess Leia Boushh Bobble Head on popinabox.us

26. May The Force And This Yoda’s Spirit Bobble-Head Be With You Always

Funko Pop! Yoda SpiritSource: amazon.com
Star Wars Pops that glow in the dark and when you stand him next to Anakin, it’s only right all eyes land on him.

Get the Funko Pop! Yoda Spirit for on amazon.com

27. Jabba The Hutt Pop Or Overweight Neckbeard Pop?

Jabba the Hutt Funko Pop!Source: amazon.com
Spot the difference. Hey, at least Jabba has his own palace rather than dwell in a basement.

Get the Jabba the Hutt Funko Pop! on amazon.com

28. FN-2187 Vinyl Figure? Let’s Call It A Finn Vinyl Figure

FN-2187 Finn Funko Pop!Source: amazon.com
This might be my favorite non-Rey Force Awakens Funko, and the bloody handprint is basically the essential visual from The Force Awakens. This Funko Pop is a great example that Bobbl-heads make some of the best Star Wars gifts.

Get the FN-2187 Finn Funko Pop! on amazon.com

29. Stormtrooper Finn Loses His Helmet In This Pop

Finn Stormtrooper BobbleheadSource: amazon.com
Don’t let Captain Phasma see, though. I’ve heard she’s kinda vicious with that gun.

Get the Finn Stormtrooper Bobble Head on amazon.com

30. Princess? Who You Calling Princess? Certainly Not You, General Leia Bobblehead

General Leia Funko Pop!Source: amazon.com
Nobody in the galaxy has their sh!t more pulled together than Leia. So much more than a princess, this Pop is perfect for the little girl (or boy!) who knows they can do anything in life.

Get the General Leia Funko Pop! on amazon.com

31. So Whose Jacket Is This Rey Pop Wearing?

Rey Finn's Jacket Funko Pop!Source: amazon.com

It’s Finn’s, but it was Poe’s. Whoever it actually belongs to now, Rey kinda looks way better than the both of them, don’t you think?

Get the Rey Finn’s Jacket Funko Pop! on amazon.com

32. The First Order Are Upping Their Stormtrooper Pop Vinyl Game

First Order Stormtrooper Funko Pop!Source: amazon.com
Seems they’ve finally learned that Stormtrooper blasters never hit anyone and have given them these cool batons to swing around and hope they hit somebody.

Get the First Order Stormtrooper Funko Pop! on amazon.com

33. This Chewbacca Pop Has No Time For First Order Nonsense

Funko Pop! ChewbaccaSource: amazon.com
He and Han are literally growing old and gray together. And let me tell you, Chewie is a silver fox. Be ageist no longer.

Get the Funko Pop! Chewbacca on amazon.com

34. Rey’s X-Wing Helmet Bobble-head Sure Brings Out The Hearts In My Eyes

Rey X-Wing BobbleheadSource: amazon.com
And when we’re talking Star Wars merchandise for the new era, it’s kinda nice to see Rey’s pop carrying a Resistance pilot plushie around her AT-AT, no? Le swoon.

Get the Rey X-Wing Bobble Head on amazon.com

35. The Force Awakens Pops Are Amazing – General Leia Is No Exception

Funko Pop! Princess Leia Episode 7Source: amazon.com
If I could have a Star Wars pop collection that was literally just made up of different Leias, I would in a heartbeat. Are we really surprised? My love can be found shamelessly spread all over our Princess Leia Gifts article.

Get the Pop! Princess Leia Episode 7 on amazon.com

36. Get The Kylo Ren Unmasked Pop If You Really Have To Get A Kylo Ren Pop

Kylo Ren Funko PopSource: amazon.com
I DON’T HATE KYLO. I just haven’t forgiven him yet and he needs to sit in the corner and think about what he’s done…

Get the Kylo Ren Pop on amazon.com

37. The Legend Of The Last Jedi Is Still Alive In This Luke Skywalker Pop

Luke Skywalker Funko Pop!Source: amazon.com
Luke has never looked babelier than he did at the end of The Force Awakens and I truly identify with a man whose number one joy in life comes from living on his own on an island somewhere. Long Live Luke.

Get the Luke Skywalker Pop! on amazon.com