47 Of The Best Star Wars Gifts – So Cute That It Hurts

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Ewoks, Wookies or Yoda are great examples of super cute Star Wars characters. But Star Wars can be even cuter with these items. Here is a list of the best Star Wars gifts that are so cute that it hurts.

1. A Yoda Pillowcase To Put The Force In Your Home

Yoda PillowcaseSource: amazon.com
This 18 inch Yoda pillowcase will ensure that your home is protected at all times. It also doubles as a delightful decoration.

Get the Yoda Pillow on amazon.com

2. Father’s Day Shirt For The Darkest Of Dads

Darth Vader and Luke ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Show some love for your “Father of the Year” with this t-shirt featuring the darkest father in the galaxy. Because your dad is definitely as cool as Vader, right?

Get the Darth Vader Shirt on teepublic.com

3. Cute Luke Skywalker And Yoda Star Wars Tank Top

Luke Skywalker and Yoda Star Wars Tank TopSource: fifthsun.com
Yoda shirts have to be the cutest Star Wars wearables. One of our most favorite couples from the movies just looks incredibly adorable on this Tank Top.

Get the Luke and Yoda Tank Top on fifthsun.com

4. Edible Star Wars Cupcake Toppers For An Out-of-This-World Occasion

Star Wars Cupcake ToppersSource: etsy.com
Bring the coolest characters in the galaxy to the party on these awesome fondant cupcake toppers! Let the Force be eaten!

Get the Star Wars Cupcake Toppers on etsy.com

5. A Sweatshirt To Show Your Love For Star Wars

Chewbacca and Rey SweaterSource: teepublic.com
This sweatshirt makes a perfect gift for any girl who would be happy to have a little cuddly wookie keep her warm.

Get the Star Wars Sweatshirt on teepublic.com

6. Han Solo And Chewbacca: Star Wars and Winnie The Pooh Mashup

Han Solo And Chewbacca Star Wars Winnie The Pooh Mashup T-shirtSource: teepublic.com
A cute Star Wars gift idea, this t-shirt will remind them why they started fighting the rebels in the first place. Many color and style options make it adaptable for anyone.

Get the Han Solo and Chewbacca Shirt on teepublic.com

7. This AT-AT Walker Unicorn T-Shirt Is The Last Shirt That You Will Ever Gift

AT-AT Walker Unicorn T-ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Okay, maybe not the last…but definitely right up there with the best. Any Star Wars fan would love to get this t-shirt!

Get the Star Wars AT-AT Unicorn Shirt on teepublic.com

8. A R2D2 and C-3PO T-Shirt To Show Android Pride

C3-PO and R2D2 ShirtSource: amazon.com
The cuteness in this t-shirt will tug on their heart wires. Buddies for life, little R2D2 and C-3PO make a great Star Wars gift.

Get this C-3PO and R2D2 Shirt on amazon.com

9. A Talking Chewbacca Toy for Kids…and Kid-Like Adults

Talking Chewbacca ToySource: amazon.com
You are never too old to love a gift like this 9 inch tall, stuffed, talking Chewbacca. This plushie is as cute as out Star Wars Bobble-Heads collection. It will make you think you are talking to a real Wookie.

Get the Chewbacca Talking Plush Toy on amazon.com

10. This Star Wars Bag To Keep Your Coins/Pencils Cute

Source: amazon.com
These Star Wars babies are on your side no matter what you want to put in this bag. Just be sure to put a snack in there for them every once in a while.

Get the Star Wars Pencil Case on amazon.com

11. A Perfectly Pixelated Star Wars Gift Idea

Star Wars Characters ShirtSource: amazon.com
Throw it back to the days when Saturday morning cartoons where the best thing of the whole week. The gift of the Force never gets old.

Get the Star Wars Characters Shirt on amazon.com

12. The Only Star Wars Book You Will Ever Need

Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Star WarsSource: amazon.com
This “Little Golden Book Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Star Wars” will educate the masses on the history of the galaxy. Why, again, is this not being taught in schools?

Get the Star Wars Book on amazon.com

13. A Wookie To Keep Your Coffee Warm

Source: amazon.com
Give them a gift that will always be by their side. This Chewbacca mug will be a loyal companion to their daily cup of joe.

Get the Chewbacca Mug on amazon.com

14. A Book To Show The Dad Side Of Darth Vader

Darth Vader And Son BookSource: amazon.com
You think it’s rough being a Dad? Try doing it as a Dark Lord. All his adventures as a dad are collected in the “Darth Vader and Son” book.

Get Darth Vader Dad Book on amazon.com

15. Ewok Crossbody Purse You’ll Want To Cuddle

Ewok PurseSource: amazon.com
This furry purse, made to look like an Ewok’s head, is so cute you might even want to pet it. Who could resist that cute face?

Get the Ewok Purse on amazon.com

16. Star Wars Cookie Cutters To Fight For

Star Wars Cookie CuttersSource: amazon.com
You couldn’t find a better team of cookie cutters if you tried! They will make your cookies taste out of this world.

Get the Star Wars Cookie Cutters on amazon.com

17. These Star Wars Plush Characters Are Here To Protect You

Star Wars Plush ToysSource: thinkgeek.com
Be sure to keep this 4″ Star Wars plush character hanging on your keys. The sound it makes will remind the enemy to keep their distance.

Get the Star Wars Plush Toys on thinkgeek.com

18. Wicket The Ewok Star Wars Backpack To Carry The Cuteness

Wicket The Ewok Star Wars BackpackSource: thinkgeek.com
This Wicket backpack is adjustable so it can be used by kids or adults. This cuddly creature will follow you everywhere.

Get the Ewok Backpack on thinkgeek.com

19. Star Wars Ewok Nub Nub T-shirt To Seriously Bring The Cute

Star Wars Ewok Nub Nub T-shirtSource: teeturtle.com
You just thought he was cute as an adult! This t-shirt features an even cuter, young Wicket W. Warrick.

Get the Ewok Nub Nub Shirt on teeturtle.com

20. Star Wars Baby Character Laptop BackPack To Handle Grown-Up Business

Star Wars Character BackpackSource: amazon.com
Carry your laptop in style with this backpack showcasing Star Wars characters as babies. They make working in the adult world a little more fun.

Get the Star Wars Baby Backpack on amazon.com

21. Star Wars Coin Bag For The Ultimate Chewy Fan

Chewbacca Coin PurseSource: amazon.com
Let Chewy hold your coins in the golden brown fur on this coin bag. No one will ever find it in there.

Get the Chewbacca Coin Purse on amazon.com

22. Plush Princess Leia Doll Too Cute For Words

Star Wars Princess Leia Plush ToySource: target.com
This plush Princess Leia doll is softer than she looks. She is a sweet companion for when you need a galactic hug.

Get the Princess Leia Plush Toy on target.com

23. Star Wars Furbacca Toy That Happily Plays With Humans

FurbaccaSource: target.com
This Furbacca toy reacts to motion and sound in his own wookiee way. Take good care of him and he could grow to be over 200 years old!

Get Furbacca on target.com

24. Star Wars Bubble Art Socks To Knock Your Normal Socks Off

Star Wars SocksSource: amazon.com
These Star Wars No Show Bubble Art socks come in a pack of 5 with a variety of characters in each pack. Guaranteed to “Force” the funk off your feet.

Get Star Wars Bubble Art Socks on amazon.com

25. Star Wars Erasers To Put An End To Mistakes…Written In Pencil

Star Wars EraserSource: ebay.com
Erase all your fear with these Star Wars mini erasers. Or, display them because they make your desk look cool and never use them. They are awesome either way.

Get the Star Wars Erasers on ebay.com

26. Chewbacca Baseball Cap that Hits A Home Run

Chewbacca Baseball HatSource: Amazon.com
Show your allegiance to the Alliance by wearing this Chewbacca baseball cap. The faux leather and plush fur will make it obvious.

Get the Chewbacca Baseball Cap on Amazon.com

27. Cups To Spread Star Wars Love To The Little Ones

Star Wars CupsSource: Amazon.com
Young warriors-in-training will love taking their water breaks with these Star Wars cups. They will keep them hydrated while having fun.

Get the Star Wars Cups on Amazon.com

28. Star Wars Bag For The Person Who Has Everything

Star Wars BagSource: Amazon.com
They probably don’t have this Multi-Use Star Wars Bag. It is waterproof on the inside and can be used for whatever they can fit in it.

Get the Star Wars Bag on Amazon.com

29. Star Wars Magnets To Attract Their Attention

Star Wars MagnetsSource: Amazon.com
These Star Wars characters are cute and clingy. Well to metal anyway, which is a good thing since they’re magnets.

Get the Star Wars Magnets on Amazon.com

30. Limited Edition Plush Ewoks Straight from Endor

Ewok Plush ToysSource: Amazon.com
This limited edition plush Ewok set is ready to be adopted. One look at those cute little faces and you’ll be tucking them in at night.

Get the Ewok Plush Toys on Amazon.com

31. Yoda One For Me Mug Filled With The Force

Yoda one for me mugSource: amazon.com
This mug will put that extra pep in your step in the mornings. Hopefully it will also give you Yoda’s patience to make it through your day.

Get the Yoda Mug on amazon.com

32. Star Wars Socks For The One Who Loves Wicket

Wicket The Ewock SocksSource: amazon.com
What’s cuter than Wicket? Wearing him on your leg in these knee-high socks.

Get the Wicket The Ewock Socks on amazon.com

33. Star Wars Tank To Help You Power Through Your Gym Time

Ewock Tank TopSource: amazon.com
Get some strength from Wicket the Ewok when wearing this racer-back tank top. He is cute and strong, two things I always want to be when working out.

Get the Ewok Tank Top on amazon.com

34. Star Wars Baby Characters Duffel Bag For A Trip Around The Galaxy

Star Wars Duffel BagSource: amazon.com
These Star Wars babies are ready to help carry your things in this super cute duffel bag. Just make sure they’ve been fed, changed, and had their naps first.

Get the Star Wars Duffel Bag on amazon.com

35. Wookiee T-Shirt For When You Need A Hug

Chewbacca Free Hugs ShirtSource: teeturtle.com
Offer “Free Hugs” from Chewbacca all day long with this t-shirt. If someone turns that down, they are clearly working with the enemy.

Get the Chewbacca Shirt on teeturtle.com

36. Star Wars Wookiee T-Shirt to Sing You To Sleep

Soft Wookie Chewbacca ShirtSource: snorgtees.com
Sing “Soft Wookiee, Warm Wookiee” to Chewbacca to put him to sleep just like on this t-shirt. He’s not as scary when he’s sleeping.

Get the Soft Wookie Shirt on snorgtees.com

37. Stand United In This Star Wars Character Group T-Shirt

Star Wars Group ShirtSource: fifthsun.com
Rebel fighters come together with the Dark Side just long enough to be featured on this black t-shirt. Floating space, this shirt is a great choice if you’re looking for some cool astronomy gifts. Wear this before the Sith attack.

Get the Star Wars Group Shirt on fifthsun.com

38. Darth Vader Build-A-Bear with Options Out Of This Galaxy

Darth Vader Build A BearSource: amazon.com
Upgrade options for this Build-A-Bear of the Dark Lord include his infamous breathing sound, Imperial March Song, and red light-saber. Prepare him well.

Get The Darth Vader Plush Bear on amazon.com

39. A 3D Star Wars iPhone Case that Makes A Stellar Statement

Star Wars 3D Phone CaseSource: ebay.com
Choose what side you are on by choosing one of these Star Wars Phone Cases. Let your voice be heard.

Get the Star Wars Phone Case on ebay.com

40. A Cute Star Wars Gift To Lighten Your Dark Heart

Star Wars Chewbacca and Darth Maul ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Join the adorable side with this t-shirt. Who ever said the enemy couldn’t be cute?

Get the Star Wars Shirt on teepublic.com

41. Star Wars Fluffballs To Guard Your Living Quarters

Star Wars FluffballsSource: thinkgeek.com
This pack of 8 different Star Wars fluffballs can be used as decoration, ornaments, or toys. They are ready to face any battle.

Get the Star Wars Fluffballs on thinkgeek.com

42. A Sweet Shirt for A Star Wars Sweetheart: Star Wars And Winnie The Pooh Mix

Star Wars Princess Leia R2D2 Winnie The Pooh MixSource: teepublic.com
This t-shirt featuring young Princess Leia and R2D2 really is one of the cutest Princess Leia gifts out there. The force of love is strong with it.

Get the Star Wars Shirt on teepublic.com

43. Star Wars Ewok Notebook To Ride Into Battle With

Ewok Riding an AT ATSource: teepublic.com
Featuring an Ewok riding and AT-AT, this notebook will help you to take notes during all those important meetings and will of course save your doodles, too.

Get the Ewok And AT-AT Notebook on teepublic.com

44. Ewok Funko Pop for A Cute Star Wars Party

Ewok Funko PopSource: amazon.com
This Ewok Funko Pop could very well be the cutest addition to your collection. But be careful, just because they’re cute, doesn’t mean they aren’t wicket.

Get the Ewok Funko Pop on amazon.com

45. A Star Wars Wallet To Shield Your Money

Star Wars Baby Characters WalletSource: amazon.com
A wallet should keep your money safe, especially a Star Wars wallet. These babies may be young, but they are fierce protectors…well fiercely cute anyway.

Get the Star Wars Wallet on amazon.com

46. “It’s A Trap” Star Wars T-Shirt For The Real Deal Fan

Admiral Ackbar Its A Trap ShirtSource: teeturtle.com
Admiral Ackbar tries to warn you of the enemy on this gray t-shirt. He may be little, but he knows a bad situation when he sees it.

Get Admiral Ackbar Shirt on teeturtle.com

47. A Backpack To Show Your Ewok Love

Ewok BackpackSource: amazon.com
Your laptop will never be more adorable than when you carry it in this backpack. Let this cute Ewok help lighten your load.

Get the Ewok Backpack on amazon.com