14 Princess Leia Gifts That Are Your Only Hope

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Last year’s tumultuous Winter period was made worse when, in the wake of Rogue One‘s CGI cameo of a young Leia Organa, we lost the General herself: Carrie Fisher.

Leia was my favorite character when I was little — Return of the Jedi is still my favorite film — and when Carrie died, it was, as I imagine for most like I’d lost a part of not only my childhood but my adulthood too.

It didn’t make sense. What does is her mark on history; Leia wasn’t able to save her people on Alderaan, but she sure as heck saved a lot of us.

We’ve tracked down 14 of the coolest Princess Leia gifts for all you Nerf Herders out there, and your secret twins.

1. That’s General Ziggy Skywalker To You T-Shirt

Princess Leia Rebel ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Leia and Bowie sitting in a tree, R-E-B-E-L–that’s gonna be too long, but you get the picture. I love Star Wars and I love David Bowie so you can say that this is one of the best Star Wars Gifts I’ve found so far. It’s my interests’ lovechild.

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2. Star Wars: Princess Leia Comic Book

Princess Leia Comic BookSource: amazon.com
You know Kylo Ren was given this for Christmas and traded it for a Darth Vader calendar but everything about Kylo is wrong, soo…

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3. ATTEN-SHUN JEDIS! Forget Jet Girl… Art Print

Falcon Girl PosterSource: teepublic.com

In the days following the first nuclear explosion on Endor, the Sand People were scavenging the craft that had crashed. From out of the rubble came Princess Leia.

Throwing down her cigarette, she tilted her blaster at her hip, “They call me Falcon Girl. And you must be Dead.”

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4. Princess Leia Enamel Pin For Your Jedi Robe

Princess Leia PinSource: etsy.com
Why even bother with medals and fabric paint when you can get Leia and her cinnamon buns to help you defend the galaxy?

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5. Turn Your Dog Into Princess Leia For Halloween!!

Princess Leia Dog CostumeSource: amazon.com
Or because every day is Halloween, EVERY DAY. (My dog gave me stank eye when I said that, I want it on the record that that’s not gonna stop me.)

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6. Don’t Call Me Princess Leia T-Shirt

Don't call me princess shirtSource: tvstoreonline.com
Leia wasn’t your typical, 70s sci-fi flick damsel in distress. Luke gets into the Star Destroyer to rescue her, but she ends up rescuing him.

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7. This Leia Night Light Should Keep Jabba At Bay

Princess Leia Night LightSource: target.com
Jabba so fat he can’t leave the palace anymore and so he can’t stand sunlight. Shine Leia in his eyes while you pour salt on him.

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8. I Am A Princess Little Golden Book

Leia Golden BookSource: amazon.com
Did you know this is what Han read to Kylo every night? There was a reason he did what he did. (And it’s still a stupid reason for something that SHOUlDn’T HaVe HapPened!!!)

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9. Princess Leia Organa T-Shirt: Hope

Leia Hope SweaterSource: teepublic.com
Obi-Wan was hope for her, and she is hope for us. Kylo never deserved her. I realize at this point my vitriol for Ben Jr is apparent, but we are all still grieving.

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10. Star Wars: A New Hope: Funko POP! Princess Leia With Blaster

Princess Leia Bobble HeadSource: amazon.com
We love Star Wars Pops. Use this one to shoot at miniature Stormtrooper POPs from one side of your desk to the other. She’s fine. They never hit, remember?

Get the Princess Leia Bobble Head on amazon.com

11. Time To Take Leia To The Beach With This Towel

Princess Leia TowelSource: amazon.com
Global warming is here, which means every day is summer! Yaaay! Ensure you don’t get sand in your bits with The Last Daughter Of Alderaan. Leia is truly the People’s Princess.

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12. Christopher Organa and Winnie the R2D2 T-Shirt

Cute Princess Leia ShirtSource: teepublic.com

Little known fact: A. A. Milne was a Sith Lord. Don’t research that, just take my word that The Hundred Acre Wood is Endor and I am always right.*

*I’m not

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13. Star Wars T-Shirt: Princess General Of The Resistance

Princess Leia ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Get a girl who can do both. Be a girl who can do both.

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14. The Princess Diarist Book by Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher BookSource: amazon.com

I can’t think of anything witty that’ll compare with Carrie’s narrative voice. A great humorist who was boldly honest about her struggles, she was an incredible writer.

If you haven’t read her previous books and you’re a fan of Star Wars, this book is the place to start. It includes a bunch of hilarious anecdotes about her time on set.

She is dearly missed, and I am gonna cry my stinkin’ eyes out when I see The Last Jedi. How about you?

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“I liked being Princess Leia. Or Princess Leia’s being me. Over time I thought that we’d melded into one. I don’t think you could think of Leia without my lurking in that thought somewhere.”
Carrie Fisher, 1956-2016