10 Avengers Shirts to Wear for the Next Infinity War

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Okay, so maybe you’re not going to be up there fighting Thanos with awesome Iron Man Action Figures (though he’d let you join the Revengers), but you’re sure gonna be around for Avengers 4, due out next year. Lucky for us, there’s a bunch of badass Avengers shirts we can get our hands – er, bodies – on in anticipation.

Infinity War was, possibly, one of the best movies of the last decade, and what Marvel have done with the format of each movie interlinking is incredible. DC could only wish! (And us, too, since there is tons of DC merch we love just as much. Hello Batman wall art, Nightwing shirts, and Harley Quinn accessories).

I’m gonna have to admit that one of the first things I did before the movie came out was get an Avengers Infinity War t-shirt. By that I mean I got a Groot Shirt, but it still technically counts as being an Infinity War one…


Anyhoo, without any further ado, here are 10 of our favorite Avengers shirts on the web. (Not the Spidey web).

1. Why Pick a Favorite When You Can Wear All of the Avengers?

avengers shirtsSource: Amazon

We get it. For some of us, it's easier to pick a favorite Avenger. If Deadpool was one, all you'd need to do was tell me and it'd be done and get all the Deadpool Merchandise. For others, particularly considering Infinity War had so many awesome characters included in it, picking a favorite is especially complicated. I mean, do we judge them by their characterization in the movies? How faithful they are when it comes to the comics? How lame they look next to Thanos? It's a whole thing. However, not only is this Avengers Infinity War t-shirt one of our fave Avengers shirts, but it backs up the fact we don't have to pick a favorite. Unless it's Deadpool. Because he should be an Avenger.

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2. Mr. Stark Will See You Now, You Fancy

iron man shirts button down superheroSource: Superhero Stuff

Say you've been given the opportunity of a meeting with Tony Stark, you can't just turn up in any old Avengers shirt. It's gotta be a smart one. A formal one. Plus, t-shirts are his look and nobody can win a battle against Tony Stark with he, himself, as the judge. Finding a piece of clothing that can be worn in the office or to a formal gathering without sacrificing any of your geekiness can be hard. We know this for sure, there's a reason we scour the internet looking for the geekiest merchandise we can find for a living. We can do it wearing t-shirts. Seeing this, though, maybe we don't have to.

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3. Heroes Do a Lot of Things, But Thor isn’t Wrong

revengers thor ragnarok shirt t-shirtSource: Superhero Stuff

If you're a little turned off by being in the Avengers, the Revengers are for you. A team that's hellbent on getting revenge for, er, well, just in general, really. As well as this play on words, The Revengers is actually also an Easter Egg harking back to a D-list group of superheroes in the comics that went by the same name. They were the rival Avengers, kickstarted by Wonder Man, when the Avengers weren't, in his opinion, doing much good. I wonder what he'd have made of Thanos...

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4. Hulk-Smash Fashion Fads in This Bad-Ass Immortal Hulk Shirt

hulk shirtSource: Superhero Stuff

I have to say, Hulk appearing in Ragnarok when he did was one of those moments that made everyone in the theater excitedly whoop. Getting to see him and Thor interacting even before he remembered who Thor was, was almost as fabulous as Korg's entire Ragnarok-ish existence. Then again, just in general, Thor Ragnarok was awash with amazing characters like Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster and the incomparable Hela. Still, this Hulk t-shirt harks back to one of the best Hulk comics, reminding us just why he's one of the best Avengers.

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5. Thanos Can’t Touch This… At Least for Now

avengers infinity war t-shirtSource: Amazon

The Infinity Gauntlet can only improve with multicolored squares and a Marvel superhero taking up each section. Only clothing like these Avengers shirts can possibly bring to light the one thing that could beat the full collection of infinity stones. One that includes Gamora, Black Widow, Groot, and Hawkeye, leaving no one out, regardless of their screen time. Thanos had better watch out. If there's anything that can overrule him and his desire to destroy the universe, it's a shirt that will look this damn good on anybody who takes the time to wear it.

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6. Black Widow Might Be Secretly the Most Underrated Avenger

black widow shirtSource: Superhero Stuff

Before #WheresRey there was the lack of Black Widow action figures in Avengers sets. A lot of people didn't notice this. Nor did they notice that Black Widow's entire presence in the first Avengers movie hinged on a romance, as female superheroes are wont to do when men are behind the scripts. In fact, most of her screen time has hinged upon a relationship to another character, which kind of sucks if you know anything about the comics and her mystery. Petition for the Black Widow movie to actually happen, please. Check out our rad infographic on superheroes and their female counterparts.

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7. Can Captain America Save Us?

captain america logo shirtSource: TV Store Online

I feel like the answer here is, "No." Captain America would have a heart attack if he saw what was going on in the country he loves so much right now. While Thanos is busy trying to destroy the universe, there's an even worse guy in the White House who doesn't give a crap about any Infinity Stones or Avengers shirts. Maybe Steve not knowing the state of the world is a good thing for all of us. He seems like a sensitive soul underneath it all, and his shield won't be able to protect his heart. If you love Cap, you might love a Captain America watch or two.

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8. Of All the Avengers Shirts This One is Our Fave

avengers shirts logoSource: Superhero Stuff

I spy with my little eye, something Black Panther and Groot. Say no more, I'm sold. This is an Avengers Infinity War t-shirt that does justice to the movie and also makes me fear for more of the character's fates. Can you think of one Avenger you wouldn't care about not showing up in the next movie? Or one Guardian of the Galaxy? Maybe if the Fantastic Four were there, then we could sacrifice three of them for the greater good but alas, thanks to rights, that's not gonna happen outside of the Lego games. Oh well, let's just freeze time with this Avengers shirt instead.

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9. Thanos Ain’t Got No Time for No Avengers

thanos shirt thanos t-shirt infinity warSource: Amazon

If you only have the wardrobe space for one Avengers shirt, I take back my previous statement and instead say: Let it be this one. Thanos is the most popular character from the Infinity War era and it's understandable. He's badass, he's evil, he doesn't care about anything, not even himself. Just stones. It'd be all fair and good if he didn't want to eradicate the universe in order to have them all. Plus, he looks really funny and cool in this design and it makes me want to wear this and only this for the rest of my days.

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10. This One is for the Folks Who Remember the Old Avengers

marvel comics shirtSource: Amazon

There's always a divide in new vs old fans when it comes to geeky games, movies, and shows. The new Star Wars about Han Solo divided a lot of people and the same goes for some Marvel fanatics who just don't enjoy the MCU as much as they should. That's totally cool and we respect it, which is why we figured there can't be a selection of Avengers shirts without one that harks back to the original comic book characters. This one is amazing for that. It has all the classic superheroes in their classic garb and no sign of Chris Evans being both in the Fantastic Four and Captain America. It's brilliant and it's all yours, old-school geeks.

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