Deadpool Phone Cases for the Merc with the Mouthpiece

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Unfortunately, we are again lacking the company of Mr. Pool himself to talk us through these product descriptions. As he’s on a working vacation, overseeing the second Deadpool movie (with Canadian superstar and guy at the pizza place, Ryan Reynolds) we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt this time. And he did do a great job on the feature about Deadpool shoes.

Everyone loves Deadpool. Loving to hate him also counts as loving, if you ask anyone with half a mind and the narcissistic desire to be known across the land. There are some mega cool Deadpool phone cases out there if you wanted to jazz up your phone some and so we’ve picked out a dozen of our faves.

1. Deadpool Rides in on his Magical Rainbow Steed

Deadpool Unicorn Phone CaseSource:
On a mission to possibly decapitate a couple of bad dudes on the way for tacos, Mr. Pool has been known to mount one of the My Little Ponies (not like that) to drive people out of the way. When you want a taco, okay, you really want a taco right that second, and lining up behind people is such a buzzkill when you can majestically shove them out of the way to be first in line. This phone case is for a Samsung Galaxy, so if you’re in the Android camp, it can give you another upper hand on all those “friends” who like being limited to 16GB.

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2. Incy Wincy Spider-Man (and Deadpool) Climbed Up the Water Spout

Marvel Deadpool and Spider Man Phone CaseSource:
Down came the rain of fire that made Deadpool laugh out loud. Peter Pa– er, Spider-Man was taking five minutes off from his swingin’ around the city when he was joined by one of his BFFLs for life (in Deadpool’s mind), the Merc with the mouth. The Supreme. The hero whose movie autobiography starred the dude who tried to be Green Lantern once, Ryan Reynolds and not Tobey “What Else Has He Been In?” Maguire, with a Nickelback soundtrack. Finally! The fun was on the verge of starting… but Spider-Man was having none of it because he hates joy. Clearly, (like the Deadpool phone case, which is clear. Get it?) because of that, the moment needs to be saved forever.

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3. Deadpool Meets Venom is one of the coolest Deadpool Phone Cases Ever

Deadpool Venom Phone CaseSource:
Comic fans went understandably crazy when the artwork for limited series Deadpool: Back in Black was released. It took our favorite fourth wall breaker and mixed him up with the same stuff that makes Venom VENOM. Yeah, Venom as in the Venom who hates Spidey and given the last phone case, it’s kind of fun to entertain the FACT that Deadpool knew Venom before Spidey did. The kid thinks he’s so cool with his webs and his upside down movie kisses but oh boy, is he all kinds of uncool. At least in comparison with Venompool (I made that up probably) whose symbiotic (see what I did there?) love goes back to the early 80’s.

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4. These Are the Rules of Poolclub… RULE NUMBER ONE:

Deadpool Rules Scratch Protection Phone CaseSource:
What the picture of the above Deadpool phone case says that I don’t want to repeat in case there are kids reading. That said, Deadpool’s entire existence is kind of R-rated and, if some of the parents got their way, the Deadpool movie just wouldn’t have been a Deadpool movie. It would’ve been Deadpool Lite. And honestly, I got in to see Jurassic Park (I’m not old, you’re old) when I was 8. I still have no idea how but I know I would have had the biggest tantrum in the world if they didn’t let me in to see it. Kids are gonna kid, and Pools are gonna Pool. You could always white it out…!

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5. A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far, FAR Away…

Star Wars Deadpool Phone CaseSource:
What would happen if you took the whole Star Wars trilogy and recast Deadpool as every single one of the characters? Why, you’d get a worldwide hit wherein Ryan Reynolds would win his first Razzie (that’s a good award, right?) I mean, he is Mr. Pool’s primary stand in. Once again, we’re blessed with a great fandom mash up that brings Deadpool and Star Wars together in a way that pleases me more than a bottle with a straw in it. If anyone could remake the original trilogy and play all the characters, you might think it would be Will Ferrell, but you’d be wrong: it’s gotta be Deadpool.

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6. This Arty Deadpool Case for your Galaxy Could be in the Louvre

Arty Deadpool Phone CaseSource:
Sadly it’s not, as it was rejected so they could keep reeling the tourists in with the Mona Lisa. Has the Merc ever thought to recreate that? Mona Lisa’s only pull is that she’s got no eyebrows and the urban legend that she’s da Vinci in drag. If she was the Deadpool-a Lisa, they’d reel in a whole bunch of new tourists. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, artistic Deadpool phone cases are guaranteed to get you a few smiles. (If not a few perplexed looks.)

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7. Woo Everyone Sitting Opposite You on Public Transport!

Deadpool Kisses Phone CaseSource:
This Deadpool phone case might actually be one of the best romantic Deadpool gifts out there for significant others, crushes, the girl behind the counter at the comic book shop. He’s suave, sophisticated, dare-I-say a little cute. Deadpool has a lot of hangups, but he’s a decent albeit scarred guy on the inside, capable of all kinds of love. The bravado works to cover up what he might feel bad or nervous about. So, if you’ve got a crush and you’re that way inclined (but without having been burned to shreds and now have to wear a red onesie) there’s no harm in just being yourself. Deadcool.

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8. Deadpool Meets Andy Warhol, and the Results Are Brilliant

Deadpool Soup Phone CaseSource:
Also quite tasty, but the survey has yet to reveal whether or not that’s me being hungry after Doritos for breakfast, or just the fact tomato soup is kind of delicious. Deadpool’s advertisement skills put Don Draper to shame. He can be anything. He can sell you meatballs, pool balls, basketballs, naughty beads for naughty places. He’s got no shame and isn’t about to stop his world domination just because he’d rather not be on the front of a soup can. We could all learn a shameless thing or two (or three) from Deadpool, one of those being that every one of us is valuable. Another, that every product needs a spokesperson and a lifetime’s supply of soup isn’t the worst thing you could get…

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9. Have a Very Merry Deadpool X-Mas

A Very Deadpool X-Mas iPhone CaseSource:
It’s the best time of the year! Even if it tends to go by really quickly, and even quicker still the older you get. I never understood why people put their decorations up as soon as Halloween had ended, but you get to a point where having your tree up for a couple of weeks feels pointless. NOW, I get it. This Deadpool phone case doesn’t have to just be for Christmas though, so he’s got a Santa hat on and is sitting on top of a present. I’ve been wearing my Halloween bat sweater since last September! Live a little. There’s no reason Christmas can’t be all year round, right folks? (Alternatively, you could just buy a couple different ones and swap when Christmas comes around. I think that’s what adults do).

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10. Oscar-Winning Movie Dead Beauty is Nearly Two Decades Old

Dead Beauty Deadpool Phone CaseSource:
Let that wash over you for a second. By Dead Beauty, of course, we mean American Beauty which is the movie this Deadpool phone case is a mash up of. Even if you haven’t seen the film (and it is a great film, though could also benefit from Deadpool being in it), you’re sure to have seen the posters of the girl lying in the rose petals. Ask yourself, “How can I make that beautiful poster better?” and then look no further than this case. It’s my favorite and so clever, I have secondary brain ache over not coming up with it myself. Deadpool in a bathtub of tacos feels like it was a dream waiting to happen. And now it has. Dreams can come true.

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11. Deadpool Loves You, This I Know

Deadpool Heart iPhone CaseSource:
For the Bible tells me so. By Bible, I’m obviously referring to the last Deadpool comic book I read, because if a dude can turn water into wine and be Jesus, Deadpool can come back from the dead, smash the fourth wall, and be Hesus. This is a pretty awesome case for your iPhone that you can get for a few of the Galaxy phones too, so it doesn’t matter what sort of phone you’ve got, you can dress it up dandily in this! Seeing it and how awesome it is, why wouldn’t ya?

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12. An Abstract Case for an Abstract Mind

Abstract Deadpool Phone CaseSource:
If you’re the kind of person who likes to be less obvious when dressing up their phones, cases like this are perfect. What looks like it could be a red splodge is actually Deadpool at his most masochistic, to nab a line from Kill Bill. This might be what’s inside his head, it might be what’s inside your head, but either way, both of those roads lead to TACOS. And I kinda think Deadpool wouldn’t have it any other way.

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