DiscoverGeek is a Las Vegas based digital publication celebrating everything geek, tech and science. Founded in 2017, DiscoverGeek is dedicated to providing authentic product recommendations, research based entertainment and convention coverage.

What is DiscoverGeek?

Have you ever tried browsing giant online retailers for a geeky gift? The idea is about as good as asking Jabba The Hutt for nutritional advice… exactly terrible. Those platforms are filled with thousands of random products that often stick to the top of their search results for many years. Out of that frustration we started DiscoverGeek and ventured into creating a platform on which people could finally discover new products. The products that we feature are hand-picked and curated from several websites.

Meet our staff

Friederike Osterbuhr | Editor and Co-Founder

Friederike is in charge of managing the content on DiscoverGeek. She is an avid video gamer and Sailor Moon nerd. As a designer and user experience expert she brings a unique perspective to the Team. Friederike is currently writing for LaunchWithRika
Tim Osterbuhr | Engineer and Co-Founder

Tim makes sure that the website is up and running. He has probably watched every space sci-fi movie and never officially been rejected from the first manned mission to Mars. As a serial-entrepreneur, software developer and children’s book publisher there is not much he hasn’t done. He also writes for VentureLessons.
Emma Burfitt | Staff Writer

Emma writes most of the articles to which you have developed a terrible addiction. She specializes in music, nerdery, the supernatural, and queerness. Watch out Kylo Ren and the not so “super” mario or she will drown you in coffee. Besides creating awesomeness on DG, she also writes for Inspirer Magazine.

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