Unicorn Stuff That Summons Rainbows To Shine Down Upon You

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You know how we all want people to remark on us in the best way they know how? “You’re a unicorn!” would be mine.

Unicorns are unique and they are majestic. They also do not have wings. Those are Pegasus. (Duh.)

There’s a lot of joy in life we sometimes forget that unicorns help us to remember. Because whether they’re unicorns barfing rainbows or, like me, angry unicorns, there’s a bunch of unicorn stuff to brighten your days!

1. Drink From Elwood’s Unicorn Mug, Have No Regrets

Unicorn MugSource: uncommongoods.com
The mugs are handmade using stoneware clay and fairy dust, one of which is pretty hard to find. With coffee as our human battery of choice these days, the bigger the coffee mug the better. (She says, delving into her third of the day.) Elwood checks every box.

Get the Unicorn Mug on uncommongoods.com

2. Unicorn Slippers Literally Light Up Your Life

Unicorn SlippersSource: thinkgeek.com
What’s better than having unicorn slippers that light up every time you take a step? I mean, it’s a kids dream and the hangover person’s dream which in retrospect, are kind of the same thing with more of a headache. Everyone should have unicorn slippers. EVERYONE.

Get the Unicorn Slippers on thinkgeek.com

3. Keep Your Smaller Unicorn Stuff In A Unicorn Tears Purse

Unicorn Tears PurseSource: amazon.com
It also doubles as a flask that contains unicorn tears. Though please don’t actually put anything liquid in there without a bottle. It won’t end pretty. In essence, it’s a flask that’s not a flask. It’s a purse. I’d hate to see your essential unicorn stuff go the way of my digital camera in 2007.

Get the Unicorn Tears Purse on amazon.com

4. An Inflatable Unicorn Horn For Cats!

Cat's Unicorn HornSource: amazon.com
Make your cat hate you by making them the life of every party. Watch as they struggle to get it off with their paw, express their contempt with their eyes, but ultimately give up and go to sleep. Put them on Instagram! On Facebook! Invent hashtags especially for the occasion: #unicat #felicorn #catwithahornonitsheadlol! They’ll also make a great meme opponent for dogs in superhero costumes.

Get the Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cars on amazon.com

5. You’ll Find All Kinds Of Ways To Use A Unicorn In This Book

101 Ways to Use a UnicornSource: target.com
Sure, they look good as accessories when you’re walking around town with them, but unicorns have many uses. This book serves as a manual all the things your unicorn can do. A life hack for all unicorn owners. Use them as a light saber or a fishing spear. I hear they’re even good as, uh, for barbecues.

Get the 101 Ways to use a Unicorn Book on target.com

6. When You’re Not In Your Slippers, Slip On Some Unicorn Flats!

Unicorn ShoesSource: amazon.com
I’m a motorcycle boot wearing unicorn, but if I wore ballet flats, I’d wear ballet flats with a unicorn on them. They even have a rainbow lining that makes me pine for smaller feet and a wardrobe that contained any dresses. Order a size up, as they run quite small.

Get the Unicorn Ballet Flats Shoes on amazon.com

7. Mismatched Unicorn Earrings You’ll LOBE

Unicorn EarringsSource: uncommongoods.com
Mismatched earrings make wearing them so much easier than when you have a pair and can’t find one. This rainbow and unicorn still go together and are cloisonné studs which make them kind to your ears.

Get the Unicorn Mismatched Earrings on uncommongoods.com

8. A Unicorn Wine Holder That Would Make Bacchus Gag

Unicorn Wine Bottle HolderSource: amazon.com
Not all unicorns are perfect. Some are alcoholics. But we’re not to hold that against them, we’re to take them into our homes. We can trust them with our wine if we keep the corks in and who wouldn’t give the unicorns the chance at rehabilitation they’ve given us?

Get the Unicorn Wine Holder on amazon.com

9. Is It A Unicorn? Is It A Mermaid? No, It’s Both!

Unicorn Mermaid ShirtSource: teepublic.com
Like, just in case you weren’t sure whether or not there was a being more magical than either. Unicorns usually have the edge, but seeing one with a tail has me truly reconsidering my options. And look! Its modesty is still intact.

Get the Unicorn Mermaid Mernicorn Shirt on teepublic.com

10. Hungry? Why Not Try Some Unicorn Meat In A Can?

Unicorn Meat in a CanSource: amazon.com
I’m a vegetarian but it would annoy PETA so much and I’m all for that. I hear it tastes of venison– wait, it’s not a real dead unicorn? It’s a plushie that’s dismembered, and the only thing better than eating something is saying you have unicorn bits??

Get the canned Unicorn Meat on amazon.com

11. Get Your Crossbreed Horse And Unicorn Wedding Cake Topper

Unicorn Cake TopperSource: amazon.com
Hey, now we know what we can put on Bojack’s cake to really freak him out! (Like he needs to be any more on edge, right?) If you’re looking for unique stuff for your wedding, what’s more unique than unicorn stuff? Puh. “Fiji-mermaid stuff”, whatever Mulder.

Get the Unicorn and Horse Wedding Cake Topper on amazon.com

12. Life Can Be Magical When You Wear This Gold Unicorn NecklaceUnicorn Necklace

Source: amazon.com
Make a wish. I make them. Why I can’t tell you, but it might have a lot to do with the fact I have this unicorn necklace in my jewelry box as I’m telling you this. It’s a delicate adornment that will work on your daywear or your nightwear.

Get the Unicorn Necklace on amazon.com

13. Unicorn Bandaids For Your Boo-Boos

Unicorn BandagesSource: amazon.com
I can’t remember if we ever had them in cool shapes when I was a kid but why would I let not being a kid stop me now? There’s a drunken night out around the corner and damn it, I’m going to trip over for a unicorn.

Get the Unicorn Bandaids on amazon.com

14. You’ll Never Lose Power Again When You Have A Portable Unicorn Charger

Unicorn ChargerSource: amazon.com
I started looking into portable battery chargers last year. How else was I going to walk my feet off until my Dragonair turned into a Dragonite? And you mean to say I could’ve had one in the shape of a unicorn and didn’t know about it??

Get the Unicorn Portable Charger on amazon.com

15. I’m A Unicorn… Hoodie

Unicorn SweaterSource: amazon.com
I’m a unicorn, you’re a unicorn, WE’RE ALL UNICORNS, it says so on the tin. Or you know, in this case on the hoodie. I kind of love it even more because it doesn’t tiptoe the line of furry like a lot of onesies do. It’s just a REALLY cool hoodie with a horn.

Get the Unicorn Hoodie on amazon.com

16. You Won’t Be Scared Of The Dark With A Unicorn Night Light

Unicorn LampSource: thinkgeek.com
Scare the monsters away in one fell swoop too. (They’re dumb and don’t like pink.) Uni the unicorn makes night terrors safe with a chicness usually only found beside Tom Cruise in Legend (or anything else with a unicorn in it.)

Get the Unicorn Nightlight on thinkgeek.com

17. A Unicorn Toilet Spray A Day Keeps The Demogorgon Away

Unicorn Bathroom SpraySource: amazon.com
Toilet habits are one of those things people just don’t talk about. That’s fair. Everyone might poop butt everyone probably also wouldn’t go into a bathroom stall that smelled bad. Keep some unicorn gold in your pocket or bag just in case?

Get the Squattypotty Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray on amazon.com

18. A Unicorn Throw Pillow To Man Your Fort

Unicorn Plush DollSource: target.com
She’s majestic to look at but even more majestic when you see her on top of your pillows at the end of the day, just waiting to be shoved off in the middle of the night when you’re dreaming about that one crush you had (or will have) in high school singing with the Blues Brothers.

Get the Unicorn Throw Pillow on target.com

19. Scientists, Doctors, I Present To You The Anatomy Of A Unicorn Canvas Print

Unicorn Canvas ArtSource: icanvas.com
When the internet tells you unicorns are made of rainbows and glitter, they’re not making it up. This totally true and very scientifically real-as-unicorns anatomy diagram proves them right.

Get the Unicorn Anatomy Canvas Art on icanvas.com

20. An Astronaut Riding A Unicorn T-Shirt??

Unicorn Astronaut ShirtSource: designbyhumans.com
First, they walk on the moon, then they drill into an asteroid with Bruce Willis to prevent the world from coming to a hard and explosive end, now they get to ride on a unicorn? What the frick gives!

Get the Astronaut Riding a Unicorn Shirt on designbyhumans.com

21. The Last Unicorn Book By Peter Beagle

The Last Unicorn BookSource: amazon.com
If you like things like The Neverending Story or The Princess Bride, I’d put good money on Peter Beagle’s classic book being a fab read if you haven’t read it. Heck, even if you have read it, it never loses its charm.

Get the Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle Book on amazon.com

22. Glittery Rainbow Astronaut Unicorn Pins Are The Pinnacle Of Cool Unicorn Stuff

Unicorn Astronaut PinSource: amazon.com
Truly, every little thing about these words together should bring you joy. Well? Feel it yet? Close your eyes and give it a second. It’s one level up from the Mericorn in the skyscraper of cool.

Get the Unicorn Astronaut Pin on amazon.com

23. This Unicorn Head Squirrel Feeder Is A Barrell Of Laughs

Unicorn Head Squirrel FeaderSource: amazon.com
Find yourself in stitches by attracting adorable squirrels to your yard or your garden as you would anyway. With nuts in a feeder! …a feeder that when they stick their heads into to feed, will turn them into a unicorn. First came cats, then came squirrels.

Get the Unicorn Head Squirrel Feeder on amazon.com

24. These Unicorn Salt And Pepper Shakers Will Kawaii You Right In The Heart

Unicorn Salt and Pepper ShakerSource: amazon.com
It’s okay though. After reading this article, you’re going to be so magical, you’ll be bleeding rainbow blood like the unicorns do. And you’ll be immortal so you won’t die. Because they are — SHUT UP — they are. They never die.

Get the Unicorn Salt and Pepper Shaker on amazon.com