33 Sick Unicorns Barfing Rainbows

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Unicorns are truly majestic. While studying these glorious creatures, we found that they never lose one bit of magic, even when they’re puking. Here is our list of Unicorn gifts, that prove exactly that.

1. The Majestic Puking Unicorn Shirt

Majestic Puking Unicorn Shirt Source: zazzle.com
When barfing rainbows is too generic. This majestic and strong looking Unicorn is so filled with love, that it’s not only puking rainbows, but also cute little hearts. This cool Unicorn print is available different T-Shirt, Hoodies and Sweatshirt styles.

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2. This Unicorn Responsible For An Amazing All-Over Print Hoodie

Unicorn All-Over Print Hoodie Source: iedm.com
This poor pink maned Unicorn can’t hold it in on any side. It’s a complete mess and now literally all over, which actually makes a pretty cool Unicorn Hoodie design

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3. This Cartoon Unicorn Spilling Its Creativity Over A Notebook

Cartoon Unicorn Notebook Source: zazzle.com
This cartoon Unicorn notebook is perfect for work notes, or occasional doodles. Open it up, follow the Unicorn and spill  your creativity all over it. Trust us, it will be wonderful.

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4. This Cute Unicorn Barfing Rainbows On A Backpack

Cute Unicorn Barfing Rainbows On A Backpack Source: amazon.com
This Unicorn print on a rucksack just had enough and can’t hold it in any longer. I seriously hope it’s from something it ate, and not from that weird smell that comes from your backpack.

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5. This Proud Unicorn On A Travel Mug That Doesn’t Try To Hide Anything

Unicorn On A Travel Mug Source: amazon.com
The one and only travel mug worthy for all the unicorns out there. Get your coffee (or tea) ready and let everyone know what’s up.

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6. This Unicorn Rainbow Popper

Unicorn Rainbow Popper Source: amazon.com
Get your Unicorn Popper ready, aim and fire at that annoying person that just doesn’t stop talking. Best part, he/she doesn’t need to know what these rainbow “soft foam” balls are really made out of.

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7. This Heartfelt Barfing Unicorn On A Tank Top

Heartfelt Barfing Unicorn On A Tank Top Source: spreadshirt.com
Love can be so sweet, that it will make you sick. Just like this poor little Unicorn. This adorable puking Unicorn design is not only available on a Tank Top, but also on shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts.

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8. This Joyful Looking Unicorn On A Tank Top

Blue Unicorn On A Tank Top Source: designbyhumans.com
When you are so full of joy and happiness, you have to let it go, don’t hold it back anymore. Spread the joy! This funny barfing Unicorn design is available on women’s and men’s Tank Tops.

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9. Pretty Puke Unicorn Barf Lotion

Unicorn Barf Lotion Source: etsy.com
We’ve talked to 10 supermodels about their favorite beauty products. Their number one secret for their daily beauty routine is: Pretty Puke Unicorn Barf Lotion.

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10. This Unicorn Caught In The Act And Immortalized As Crochet Taxidermy

Crochet Unicorn Decoration Source: etsy.com
This crochet Unicorn was captured at the most unfortunate (or most amazing) moment ever. This glorious piece is the ultimate find for any collector.

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11. The Unicorn That Doesn’t Know What It’s Doing Art Print

Barfing Unicorn Art Print Source: etsy.com
This hilarious cartoon Unicorn doesn’t know what’s going on or how to stop. This piece of art is even signed by the artist.

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12. This Fabulous Puking Unicorn On A Mug

Puking Unicorn On A Mug Source: zazzle.com
Under cotton candy colored clouds and standing on luscious green grass is where you can find the fabulous puking Unicorn. This one-of-a-kind image was captured and put on a mug to make you smile.

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13. This Sick Nerdy Unicorn Watch

Nerdy Unicorn Watch Source: zazzle.com
This nerdy Unicorn with hipster glasses on a watch was working in it’s lab when it finally found what Unicorns are really made out of: Uranium, Nickel, Cobalt and Radon. Who would have thought?

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14. The Unicorn That Received Another Message On Tinder Phone Case

Unicorn Barfing Phone Case Source: shop-milkyway.com
This Unicorn shows perfectly how we feel when we receive another ridiculous message on Tinder, or better yet, one of these nice little pictures we really didn’t want to see.

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15. This Shocked Little Unicorn Shirt

Shocked Little Unicorn Shirt Source: spreadshirt.com
This shocked Unicorn didn’t know what hit him. It was then that he realised, that he should’ve skipped the Sushi at the airport. This Rainbow Puking Unicorn T-shirt is available in multiple colors.

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 16. These Brutal War Unicorn Socks

Brutal War Unicorn Socks Source: amazon.com
Rainbo is ready again to fight and this time brings along his mean cloud friend. He’s totally pumped up and his energy literally seems to shoot our of every corner. This rainbow puking Unicorn design make for some serious dangerous looking Crew Socks.

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17. This Simplistic Puking Unicorn Snapback

Simplistic Puking Unicorn Snapback Source: amazon.com
Sometimes, less is more. This Unicorn gets it and just lets out a bit at a time. Luckily for us, this makes a great design for a Baseball Cap. The Trucker Hat is available in 5 different colors.

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18. This Unicorn Filled With Love Shirt

Unicorn Filled With Love Shirt Source: amazon.com
This Unicorn simply loves everything and everyone. It’s not selfish and shares it’s positivity with us in form of hearty rainbow puke. The rainbow vomiting Unicorn T-Shirt is available in 5 different colors.

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19. This Hipster Unicorn Tie Making It Easy To Look Preppy

Hipster Unicorn Tie Source: zazzle.com
This glorious rainbow puking hipster Unicorn in space Tie is this years absolute must have accessory for every sophisticated gentleman.

Get the Tie on zazzle.com

20. This Cute Barfing Unicorn Shirt

Cute Barfing Unicorn ShirtSource: spreadshirt.com

There’s no doubt about it, Unicorns are beautiful and mystical creatures. Even when they’re sick and have to puke, they look absolutely adorable and make a great print for a Shirt.

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21. This Unicorn Having A Really Bad Day Shirt

Unicorn Having A Really Bad Day Shirt Source: cafepress.com
This Unicorn seems to have the worst day of his life. Based on the color of the rainbow, it must have eaten something really bad. We recommend to see a doctor asap.

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22. This Unicorn Sweatshirt Brightening Up Our Day

Unicorn Rainbow Sweatshirt Source: cafepress.com
Turns out, the myth of a gold bucket waiting at the end of a rainbow is completely wrong. Rainbows are created by sick Unicorns that are so selfless, that they still want to make sure that we’re having an amazing day, even though they might not feel that great. This rainbow puking unicorn design also comes on different styles of shirts and hoodies.

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23. This Unicorn Hiding In The Dark Shirt

Unicorn Hiding In The Dark Shirt Source: teerich.com
We totally understand this Unicorn hiding in the dark. Vomiting rainbows can be pretty embarrassing. We just want it to know, that it’s okay and that it probably will be over soon. The dark Unicorn print comes on a women’s and men’s T-shirt and also on a Hoodie.

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24. This Hardcore Unicorn Puking Stars, Hearts and Cupcakes Pillow

Unicorn Puking Stars, Hearts and Cupcakes Pillow Source: redbubble.com
This Unicorn doesn’t only puke rainbows. It also doesn’t stop at adding some hearts. No, it also pukes stars and some cupcakes for us to enjoy. A Metal Pillow!

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25. This Infinite Puking Unicorn Hoodie

Infinite Puking Unicorn Hoodie Source: shirtcity.us
This Unicorn is a resemblance of or love for Unicorns: It’s infinite. This long line of rainbow puke creates a wonderful ribbon of love and joy that looks absolutely beautiful on a Hoodie, Shirt or Tank Top.

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26. This Unicorn Showing Us How It’s Done Phone Cases

Unicorn Showing Us How It's Done Phone Cases Source: bonanza.com
This innocent looking Unicorn doesn’t lack any creativity when it comes to ideas on how to let the rainbow out. All these different ways make pretty weird and hilarious Unicorn Phone Case designs. Our take, slow down on those rainbow colored drinks.

Get the Phone Case on bonanza.com

27. This Unicorn Proving That It’s Made Out Of Love Sweatshirt

Unicorn Proving That It's Made Out Of Love Sweatshirt Source: teeviper.com
This Unicorn isn’t only lovely on the outside. No, it’s made out of love, and completely filled with love. In conclusion, it’s no surprise what comes out of it when it feels a little sick. For those that are a bit slow, it’s love.

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28. This Unicorn Puke In Soy Candle Form

Unicorn Puke Soy Candle Source: amazon.com
Make your room smell like love, sunshine, sugar, happiness and cotton candy. In short: light up this Unicorn puke soy candle.

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29. These Unicorns Responsible For The Double Rainbow Shirt

Unicorns Responsible For The Double Rainbow Shirt Source: redbubble.com
It’s a double rainbow all the way. Damn! It’s a double rainbow! Oh my god. What does this mean? It’s so bright, so beautiful. It’s so intense. Double rainbow all the way across the sky. The Unicorns puking double rainbows print comes on different men’s and women’s T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Tank Tops.

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30. This Wild Rainbow Puking Unicorn Phone Case

Wild Rainbow Puking Unicorn Phone Case
Source: redbubble.com
Some Unicorns aren’t meant to be tamed. They have to run free and spread their love for freedom across the world. A wild rainbow puking Unicorn just makes a awesome Phone Case design.

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31. This Dreamy Puking Unicorn Necklace

Dreamy Puking Unicorn Necklace Source: etsy.com
This pastel colored Unicorn looks like it’s right out of a fairy tale. The fact that it’s puking all over the place only makes it more magical. It even comes with a matching bracelet and/or earrings.

Get the Necklace on etsy.com

32. This Minimalistic Unicorn With A Splash Of Color Phone Case

Minimalistic Unicorn With A Splash Of Color Phone Case Source: casegorilla.com
This Unicorn proves that Unicorns don’t always have to be super colorful to look majestic. This Unicorn in black and white adds it’s own splash of color on this Phone Case with it’s radiant rainbow puke.

Get the Phone Case on casegorilla.com

33. This Unicorn Having A Puke Showdown Shirt

Unicorn Having A Puke Showdown Shirt Source: redbubble.com
This little contest between a Unicorn and a Rhino proved, that they really only have the horn in common. Colorful vs. Greyscale. Who’s the winner? The Unicorn vs. Rhino puking contest design is available on men’s and women’s T-Shirt, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Tank Tops styles.

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