Basic Computer Classes for Seniors

These days, everything you might ever need or want can be done online. Need groceries? Order online. Want to talk to your family? Go online. That’s why having computer skills is a necessity for pretty much everyone, yes, including seniors.

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These days, everything you might ever need or want can be done online. Need groceries? Order online. Want to talk to your family? Go online. That’s why having computer skills is a necessity for pretty much everyone, yes, including seniors.

Unlike millennials or Gen-Z, seniors have a harder time coping with the technological advancements of today. Some are even intimidated to learn how to use a computer. But not to worry because there are actually basic computer classes for seniors—yes, specifically designed for the older generation.

These computer classes are broken down to the very basics so senior learners can understand everything, from the simple – like using a mouse – to the more complex – such as using apps. Check out the list below:

The Best Basic Computer Classes for Seniors Online

Here are some of the websites that offer both free and paid basic computer classes for seniors:

Seniors Guide to Computers

This site gets down to the basics and is a good place to start if you really have little to no idea about computers. It starts off with an explanation of the parts of a computer and how it works and is even compared to objects seniors are more akin to. For example, the CPU or central processing unit is compared to the brain, or the hard drive is compared to a filing cabinet.

Seniors Guide to Computers also offers valuable information on how to back up data, using emails, using the internet, hardware and software, and security.

Tech Boomers

Now, if you already know the basics of a computer and want to know more specifically about apps, Tech Boomers is an excellent place to learn. You can get clear instructions from setting up an account on Instagram or how to use PayPal and more.

This site can also offer information on online shopping, online dating, a wide range of social media, and messenger applications.


Udemy offers a paid course specifically for basic computer classes for seniors. You don’t need to have any background on using a computer with this course and it can be accessed on a TV or mobile device.

The video course offered will cover parts of a computer, the basics of browsing the internet and using emails. It also offers lessons on how to use Youtube, how to create, save, or print spreadsheets and documents, and how to open and close applications and files. This course is for familiarity in using both a PC and a mobile device.


From the very basics to more specific programs like PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, Meganga offers beginner’s lessons for seniors. You can also get nifty tips and tricks from Meganga, such as taking screenshots and troubleshooting common problems. This can include your computer screen freezing, how to find lost files through file management, and spyware infections.

Meganga also offers the basics of using Photoshop, maybe you’d like to edit a photo of yours or maybe make your family pics classier by converting them into black and white. There are also lessons on using different internet browsers and emails like Google Chrome, Hotmail, and Gmail.

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

On this website, you can watch free training videos on the basics of a computer to learning how to use Microsoft software. This includes Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint.

The good thing about Teach an Old Dog New Tricks is there are also lessons covering Google plus training on Quickbooks, which is perfect if you have a business that you would like to update or simply want to manage your own accounting or taxes.

Skillful Senior

The Skillful Senior is an excellent resource for learning everything there is to know about the computer and its uses. More than anything, this site can help you learn to become more independent when it comes to using technology.

Aside from offering online resources and tutorials, the Skillful Senior also links you to other fellow seniors who may also be experiencing the same things when it comes to using computers.

son showing his grandfather how to use a computer

Learning Through Offline Options

If you aren’t ready just yet to jump into an online class, there are actually offline options available. Here are a few:


Maybe you are really old school and would like to learn from a book, there is a wide range of books that offer the basics of a computer that are written specifically for seniors. Some titles are even specific to the gadget you are using from mobile phones and tablets to your operating system and more.

Local Classes

Now, if you prefer having a teacher and learn more effectively in a classroom setup you might want to check your local community for computer classes for beginners and seniors. There might even be some courses offered at local schools or universities.

One-on-One Tutorials

If you have a patient child or grandchild, friend, or relative, they can help you out with the basics of using a computer. They don’t have to be an IT or a professional to teach you the basics. They just need to teach you how to get started and maybe access your basic computer classes for seniors.

Before You Start

Now that you know that you have many options to learn about the computer, it’s important to start slow. If you go in too fast with basic computer classes for seniors you might get overwhelmed. Know that this is a step-by-step process that requires a bit of time and patience.

You should also know that you need a lot of practice and you should get your very own computer. The best computer for seniors usually has ergonomic designs. Go for something with big buttons, keyboards with letters you can clearly see, and easy to use.