15 Angry Unicorns Ready To Stab You

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Unicorns are so beautiful and graceful. You should however never underestimate what they’re capable off. Unicorns don’t have horns to scratch each others backs. They’re always ready to stab you. Here is our list of angry Unicorns gifts that serve as examples for how dangerous Unicorn really are.

1. This Cute Stuffed Unicorn That Will Go Completely Crazy When You Squeeze It

Cute and Evil Looking Unicorn Source: Amazon
This fluffy and adorable stuffed Unicorn isn’t as innocent as it seems. A little squeeze behind its ear shows this feisty Unicorn’s true face. It’s 8.5″ tall and will definitely bite you, if you’re too slow.

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2. This Shirt Reveals The True Reason Why We Want To Be Unicorns

I wish I was a Unicorn Shirt
Source: amazon.com
Let’s be honest. While being a Unicorn would be probably pretty magical, the one and only reason why we want to be Unicorns is so that we can stab people with our heads. This Unicorn Shirt reveals our true intentions.

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3. This Unicorn On A Mug That Just Really Doesn’t Care

I do what I want Mug

Source: amazon
A little passive aggressiveness never hurt anyone (at least not physically). This careless Unicorn on a Mug that doesn’t have any sh*ts to give anymore, is our spirit-animal before we had our first coffee.

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3. This Art Print of Unicorns That Literally Stab People

Unicorns Stabbing People Art Ptint
Source: Society6
We promised, we delivered. This awesome artwork shows what happens, if Unicorns just can’t take it anymore. The Unicorn poster comes in sizes mini, small, medium or large.

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4. This Unicorn That Will Cut You

Unicorn That Will Cut You Shirt
Source: Teeturtle
This shirt proves to never underestimate a Unicorn. It says exactly what we’re thinking when dealing with annoying people. This awesome print is available on men’s and women’s T-Shirts and Hoodies.

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5. These Unicorns Jerks In A Coloring Book

Unicorns Jerks In A Coloring Book
Source: Amazon
Nobody is perfect. Behind the mystical and magical facade of sparkly Unicorns hides their true and rude nature. This hilarious adult coloring book shows eighteen examples of Unicorns being complete jerks.

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6. This Four Unicorns Of The Apocalypse Shirt

Four Unicorns Of The Apocalypse Shirt
Source: Teeturtle
Who said that unicorns are living beyond the rainbow or in enchanted forests? The real badass unicorns come straight from hell. Get this awesome print on a men’s or women’s T-Shirt or a Hoodie.

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7. This War Unicorn With A Machine Gun Shirt

War Unicorn With A Machine Gun Shirt
Source: RedBubble
The one and only Unicorn we’re ready to ride into battle with: Rainbo. You can choose to have this brutal artwork printed on different T-Shirts, Tank Tops and Sweaters.

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8. This Unicorn Responsible For The Rainbow Massacre Shirt

Unicorn Responsible For The Rainbow Massacre Shirt
Source: Teeturtle
This Unicorn doesn’t play around. To make sure that it’s stabbing is super effective, it has a chainsaw attached to it’s horn. Duh. This print is available on Hoodies, men’s and women’s T-Shirts.

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9. This Unicorn That’s Having A Bad Day Shirt

Unicorn That's Having A Bad Day Shirt
Source: Woot
Just because a rainbow is colorful, doesn’t mean it’s happy. Rainbows are just colorful frowns and if you keep talking to the Unicorn, we can’t guarantee for anything. Get your own grumpy Unicorn Shirt.

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10. This Unicorn Tank Top That Has The Answer To Every Question

How about no Unicorn Shirt
Source: amazon
These Unicorns don’t have time for your problems today. Being magical doesn’t mean they’ll do everything for you. Wear this “How About No” Unicorn Tank Top to politely reject anything or anyone.

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11. This Extra Magical Unicorn Shirt

Extra Magical Middle Finger Unicorn Shirt
Source: Amazon
Isn’t it absolutely magical? This Unicorn middle finger shirt perfectly shows our current mood and doesn’t need many words. You can get this beautiful print on a women’s and men’s T-Shirt.

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12. This Unicorn Carrying The Grim Reaper Shirt

Unicorn Carrying The Grim Reaper Shirt
Source: Teeturtle
Sometimes a magical horn is simply not enough to stab all the people that deserve some stabbing. It comes in handy if your best-friend is the grim reaper himself. This deadly Unicorn print is available on men’s and women’s T-shirts.

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13. This Unicorns Made Out of Swearwords Coloring Book

Unicorns Made Out of Swearwords Coloring Book
Source: Amazon
What’s more beautiful than Unicorns made out of swearwords? Unicorns made out of swearwords that you can color. A truly relaxing adult Unicorn coloring book relaxing.

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14. This Unicorn That Stabbed Another Unicorn Shirt

Unicorn That Stabbed Another Unicorn Shirt
Source: Woot
Playing tag when you’re a unicorn, just isn’t that much fun. This T-shirt of a little Unicorn stabbing another Unicorn while playing tag is the best prove. Rules for playing tag in the Unicorn world include, no tagging, no touching, and no moving. Who’s in?

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15. This Unicorn That Knows You Can’t Cut Anyone With A Horn Shirt

You Can't Cut Anyone With A Horn Shirt
Source: Teeturtle
This Unicorn isn’t joking. It made some research and is now fully prepared to cut you. They call him “Stabby The Rainbow”. Get this edgy “I Will Cut You” Unicorn print on a unisex or women’s T-shirt.

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