23 Romantic Deadpool Gifts That’ll Melt Your Heart

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Nothing says I love you to that superhero nerd in your life as much as these cuddly and romantic Deadpool gifts. We all know how loving and passionate this anti-hero is and we also know how crazy he gets. Like how crazy we get when we fall in love. And that’s what Deadpool gifts are all about being crazy – crazy in love.

1. A Deadpool Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Deadpool Love Picture GiftSource: etsy.com
Superimposed over text, this Superhero Wall Art for Deadpool fans shows his true softhearted nature. Telling the one you love your feelings has never been so easy as it is with the merc with a mouth.

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2. Deadpool Is Exploding, A Bunch Of Deadpool Gifts In A Box To Show You What’s Inside

Deadpool Gifts in a BoxSource: etsy.com
Everyone’s favorite merc makes a surprise appearance with this exploding box. It’s handmade 3.5 inch squared box is an exciting way to astonish that special someone with the magnificent gift of Deadpool and whatever other thing you decided to put in there. The box holds up to 14 photos.

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3. Hug! Punch! Baby Deadpool And Baby Spidey Duel On This Tank Top

Deadpool And Spiderman Baby Characters Tank TopSource: amazon.com
Locked in an eternal battle on your chest, this long, white tank top shows the two heroic characters in a melee of frenzy for attention. Made from 100 percent cotton, just like 1970s TV Spidey’s webbing.

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4. Deadpool Quotes Every Man’s Favorite Poem In This Block Frame

Deadpool Quote PosterSource: etsy.com
Telling it like it is, Deadpool has never looked studlier than he does in this box frame featuring our favorite merc with the mouth giving the international image of love. His brick figurine is at the bottom of the presentation. At 10 inches by 1.5 inches by 10 inches, this is an ideal Deadpool gift for him if he loves comics and bad poetry.

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5. Marriage Is A Time for Love, Romance And Deadpool With This Cake Topper

Deadpool Cake TopperSource: etsy.com
Just what every new bride wants to see atop her wedding cake. Deadpool wants to make a cameo at your wedding with this handmade cake topper. The bride will say “I do” and our favorite merc with a mouth will say “I do do.”

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6. This T-shirt Announces Ancient Chinese Proverb: “Your Crazy Matches My Crazy”

Deadpool Your Crazy Matches My Crazy T-ShirtSource: etsy.com
Tell the world the truth when you walk out your front door. It’s a mad, mad world and sometimes it takes a crafty T-shirt to announce it. And sometimes it takes a Deadpool gift to remind you of the one’s you love and sometimes want to maim.

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7. This Deadpool Mug Delivers A Message To Your Sweetheart

Deadpool I Love You MugSource: amazon.com
Don’t break or stab or shoot the heart of your loved one. Deadpool wants to let them know how you feel with this ceramic coffee mug. The perfect Deadpool gift for her, this microwave safe mug keeps you in her mind all day.

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8. This Picture Print Of Deadpool Wants You To Feel The Love And He Means It

Deadpool Feel The Love PosterSource: etsy.com
You’ll have no choice but to feel Deadpool’s love with this handmade print available in a number of different sizes. Perfect for the home or office, it lets people know you are a person of peace, but still know how to get feisty if you need to.

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9. When This BFF Necklace Comes Together You Get The Might of DeadSpiderPoolMan

Deadpool and Spiderman Superhero Best Friends NecklaceSource: etsy.com
No, I want to be Deadpool, you get to be Spidey! While most Deadpool gifts are for one person, this BFF necklace for two will surely cause a rift in your friendship, it’s handmade and comes with your choice of chains. You may not be able to pick your friends, but you can pick your favorite hero.

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10. This Tank Top Has Deadpool Show His Love And Musical Prowess to Spidey

Spiderman and Deadpool Baby Characters Tank TopSource: amazon.com
Hanging on the moment, Spider-Man just can’t believe Deadpool is so good at crooning. This eco-friendly, 100 percent cotton tank top will help you join the duet.

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11. That New Deadpool Canvas Wall Frame You Got Goes Great With The Bear Rug

Deadpool Canvas Art PanelsSource:amazon.com
Warm up your living room with a handmade five-piece canvas wall. The fireplace and bearskin rug give a rustic feel to any home. Oh, and every combo comes with a free Deadpool.

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12. Deadpool and Harley Are Strangely Color Coordinated In This Artwork

Deadpool and Harley Quinn Kissing ArtSource: amazon.com
Perfect for the madman of the office, this handmade art print showcases the superhero baddies with plenty of armament. It’ll make everyone you work with wonder who’s a better shot: Deadpool, Harley or You.

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13. Deadpool Wants To Steal Your Heart Right Out Of This T-shirt

Cute deadpool shirtSource: amazon.com
This Baby Deadpool loves you with all his heart. This 100 percent cotton T-shirt shows the world your devotion to your one and only main squeeze. There’s no shame in wearing your heart on your sleeve…er…chest.

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14. Proposing Has Never Been So Dangerous With Deadpool’s Decorative Box

Deadpool Engagement Ring BoxSource: etsy.com
Let Deadpool be your wing man when popping the question. This matchbox decorated with Baby Deadpool is perfect for that big moment. She’ll think you want to light a fire but you really just want a chimichanga.

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15. Get Cuddly With A Deadpool Plush

Deadpool PlushSource: amazon.com
Deadpool wants a hug. These lush characters are perfect for that special someone to let them know how you feel. They are especially successful on Valentine’s Day when Deadpool takes on Cupid for the right to bring people together.

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16. Don’t Be Scared Of This Coffee Mug, Lil’ Deadpool Just Wants To Tell You He Loves You

Cartoon Deadpool I Love You Travel MugSource: amazon.com
There’s nothing like a cup of joe with a little love and this travel coffee mug with Deadpool printed on both sides to make your morning brighter. This stainless steel mug keeps your coffee warm and your heart warmer.

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17. Your Crazy About Her, Now Show It With This Jewelry Cuff

Deadpool Your Crazy Matches My Crazy Bracelet CuffSource: etsy.com
A fantastic Deadpool gift for her, this bracelet will show how devoted you are. A 6 inch aluminum cuff, your crazy comes through with her crazy loving every minute of it.

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18. Flowers And Hearts, Deadpool Loves Valentine’s Day In This Black Sweatshirt

Be My Bloody Valentine Deadpool SweaterSource: tdbclothes.com
This black sweatshirt shows you can keep the cold nights warm as long as you let these romantic Deadpool gifts into your heart.  Show your Valentine they are the greatest thing that ever happened to you except for Deadpool.

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19. Give Your Keys The Protection They Need With Deadpool And Spider-Man

Deadpool and Spiderman KeychainsSource: etsy.com
Custom made key chains featuring Spidey and Deadpool and Spidey & Deadpool. Each keychain is 2.5 inches in length with a glittery glaze to make you favorite heroes really pop. Can you see them pop?

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20. Deadpool Says How He Feels In This Picture Perfect Art Work

Deadpool Loves Chimichangas PosterSource: etsy.com
Show the one you love the levels of your affection on the Deadpool scale. A downloadable gift, perfect for framing. The perfect Deadpool gift for him, this picture both expresses your love and makes you hungry at the same time.

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21. This Cute Phone Case Showing The Little Webslinger And Deadpool Expressing Their Feelings For Each Other

Spidey and Deadpool Cartoon Phone CaseSource: amazon.com
The phone case is made from the highest grade materials to keep your iPhone safe from heroes and villains alike. This Spider-Man and Deadpool gift gesture their affections in thought balloons. Isn’t love grand?

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22. Deadpool Lets Us In On His Favorite Food With This Coffee Mug

Deadpool You My Chimichanga MugSource: etsy.com
This 16 ounce coffee mug, available in either white or black, features the love image of Deadpool. Perfect for the comic lover on an anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day. Nothing says “You My Chimichanga” like our favorite anti-hero.

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23. Tying the Knot With Deadpool On Your Cake

Deadpool Cake TopperSource: etsy.com
Rapunzel Rapunzel, let down your hair! This handmade cake topper brings cartoons to life with Groom Deadpool and Bride Rapunzel. For any couple that’s looking to get married with their true personalities, this cake topper can be the ultimate in crossover events.

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