Harley Quinn Accessories to Make You Feel CRAZY (Awesome)

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Everything Harley Quinn does is a little kooky. It doesn’t matter if it’s the comic version of her, the Arkham version or the Suicide Squad, the punchline is that she makes the cast of Girl, Interrupted look well-adjusted.

And? We love her for it!

She’s one of my favorite comic characters ever, so as a companion piece to our Harley Quinn leggings, here are some Harley Quinn accessories I’d hate for you guys to miss out on.

1. Like This Harley Quinn Wallet!

Harley Quinn WalletSource: superherostuff.com
Keep all your cards out of the hands of the baddies that do harm by having them all in one safe place. The thing about Harley being a bit One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is that you can probably trust her with your cash because not only is she currently busy with Ivy (YES! CANON! FINALLY!), I’m pretty sure the girl doesn’t give a flying poop about money. Why? She’s got a mallet or a baseball bat, whichever incarnation you wanna go with. She doesn’t need cash!

Get this Harley Quinn Wallet on superherostuff.com

2. OR This Mesh Trucker Hat

Mesh Harley Quinn Trucker HatSource: amazon.com
As modeled by the gorgeous little lunatic herself. (Doesn’t she look great?) Trucker hats have the ability to fit any kind of head shape, and they never 100% out of style. I mean, just look how perfectly it fits over the top of her jester hat. Can you see a fedora doing the same?? Nope. And that’s not just because fedoras are the lamest of all hats. (I say this as someone with a bowler, by the way. Very Clockwork Orange).

Get a Mesh Harley Quinn Trucker Hat on amazon.com

3. OR My Favorite of All the Harley Quinn Accessories Out There…

Harley Quinn BackpackSource: amazon.com
A BACKPACK! Let’s establish a few facts. We can leave Harley to entertain herself with these Joker shoes for a few minutes. I’m a writer. I’m also a gamer and I travel a lot. Backpacks and messenger bags are my life. To have one that also makes my tiny little geek heart happy is all I’ve ever craved in this life and this Harley Quinn backpack hits every single one of those spots a few times over. I don’t think I’m alone in that, either.

Get this Harley Quinn Backpack on amazon.com

4. You Can Even Get a Cute Harley Quinn Pop for Your Keys

Pink Harley Pocket Pop KeychainSource: amazon.com
Keys deserve to be well looked after, too. The reason socks go missing so much the fact they have to share the spotlight but wearing odd socks is much more forgiving than locking yourself out and because you’ve forgotten your one key, having no idea what to do with yourself. Let this amazing Harley Quinn accessory help ensure that never happens to you again.

Get the Pink Harley Pocket Pop Keychain on amazon.com

5. OR a Harley Quinn Necklace That’s Basically 5-in-1!

HQ Charm NecklaceSource: amazon.com

Somebody heard my prayers for more choice and gave Starbucks even more leeway when it comes to personalized drinks and gives us geeks even more options. Geek Gods, I bow down to everything that you do for our kind. I hope you look like Cthulhu, but if not? I’d settle for the songbird from BioShock Infinite. This interchangeable Harley Quinn accessory can literally look like a different piece of jewelry entirely from day-to-day. The silver chain comes with five Harley Quinn-specific pendants: her mallet, her hat, two bats and a heart.

Batman is totes seething right now.

Get this HQ Charm Necklace on amazon.com

6. Or, For the Approaching Cold Weather – an Adorable Beanie

Harley Quinn BeanieSource: superherostuff.com
At some point in the last couple of decades, beanies became hats you could wear at any time of year, which took a little excitement away from the cold months. The thing is, beanies with pom poms are aimed more at that market. Since we’re approaching the middle of September already, everyone is back at school and, due to both of those things, and we’ve all aged a decade in a week, we deserve a cute, geeky beanie to show off. What better, then, than a beanie with Harley on it?

Get this Harley Quinn Beanie on superherostuff.com

7. OR, As Far as “Must Have” Harley Quinn Accessories Go…

Suicide Squad BagSource: amazon.com
This bag is more of the tote type of bag geeks like me only wish they could be bothered to carry around. It’s the sort of bag that looks like it could have come from the catwalks of Milan or Paris and then was stolen by The Joker to get Harley Quinn’s likeness on it just for her. (On second thought, that sounds too… nice for The Joker, clearly, it was Ivy because, again, GOTHAM CITY SIRENS. GO READ). Even if we’re not bag-lovers ourselves, we all know a bag lover and we all know a bag-loving geek…

Get this Suicide Squad Bag on amazon.com

8. Don’t Let Harley TIE You Up…

Harley NecktieSource: amazon.com
Or do, if you’re into that. To each their own, geeklets, and judge not, that ye be not judged. (Yes, I did have to Google that. What are you looking at me like that for??) If you’ve got to strangle yourself on a day-to-day basis, or even for a wedding, why do so in the most boring one you can find? There are no rules to ties and so unless you’re going to a funeral or something where you super need to wear black, I insist you get this adorable Harley Quinn tie. Make every day memorable, puddin’.

Get a Harley Necktie on amazon.com

9. This Harley Quinn Belt is an Ess-cinch-tal

Harley Quinn Cinch BeltSource: superherostuff.com
Harley Quinn doesn’t do much by half, but she does cinch her waist in to the most impossibly small size, so it kind of makes sense that there’d be a nice belt like that with her on it to put on over dresses, Batman leggings, or high-waisted pants or your pajamas like I would because, well, why not?

Get the Harley Quinn Cinch Belt on superherostuff.com

10. Harley and Ivy Sitting in a Tree

Harley x Ivy Phone CaseSource: teepublic.com

K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Did I mention canon?? Besides the other 800 times, I mean. This Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn phone case is what everybody with any kind of smart phone should have. If you’d like to take this to the ring, we can do that, but I’m pretty sure Frodo threw it into the volcano already if these Lord of the Rings shirts are to be believed. Anyway, I really do love this, even if it wasn’t Harley and Ivy, the drawing style is so different to the usual Harley stuff we see. And there’s just not enough Poison Ivy merchandise in general.

Someone should fix that…

Get the Harley x Ivy Phone Case on teepublic.com

11. Jest For Success!

Harley Quinn Jester HatSource: tvstoreonline.com
So, this Harley Quinn hat is a little bit less, how can I say this, low key(?) in comparison to the beanie, but it’s cute and will keep your eyes warm as well as your ears?? Novelty hats are all the rage though, they always have been in the geek world. That’s because we’re not afraid of looking different. And that, geeklets, is what makes us special.

Get a Harley Quinn Jester Hat on tvstoreonline.com

12. This Harley Quinn Scarf Smells of Roses

Rose Infinity ScarfSource: amazon.com
I would imagine it does, at least. Roses and shame with a little cotton candy and a little brassy scent of blood. It doesn’t, don’t worry. When it’s on you it’ll smell of whatever perfume you use and on me the pungent, Francophilian mixture of coffee and other people’s cigarettes. In any event, I love infinity scarves and think they’re a necessary Harley Quinn accessory for the fall.

Get this Rose Infinity Scarf on amazon.com

13. Here’s Another Wallet For You!

Deluxe Harley Quinn WalletSource: amazon.com
Girl pants don’t have pockets, much to half of the population’s dismay. When we have to start stuffing our cards and keys in our bras on a night out causing chaos in Gotham, you know something’s gotta change. This Harley Quinn leather wallet is everything you could want for those times. It’s got plenty of storage and looks so amazing, I’ll even let the Mr. J love slip. SEE HOW MUCH I LIKE IT? This coming from a chick with an Animal from the Muppets wallet. Does that not back up my good taste??

Get the Deluxe Harley Quinn Wallet on amazon.com