Holy Fashion! These Batman Leggings Sure Look Good

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Gotham City is in need of a makeover. By makeover, I do actually mean when it comes to fashion rather than the city. That’s Batman’s job.

Leggings are comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that most our favorite superheroes wear some form of them. They’re durable for sport and for play, and a pair should be the first step towards a new wardrobe!

Here are a few different kinds of Batman leggings you can get out there on the web.

And my darling geeklet, no. Your butt does not look big in any of them.

1. These Batman and the Joker Leggings Were Plucked Right Out of an Arthouse Movie

Batman andJoker leggingsSource: rageon.com
What would happen if David Lynch was given the reins to direct a Batman movie? One has to imagine the result would be something like this pair of Batman leggings. The bright colors on the Joker’s side just make Bruce Wayne look boring in comparison, which I feel is something of a pattern when it comes to media of a post-Adam West Batman world. They’re super cool and so different. Isn’t that why we like the Joker, too?

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2. You’ll be a Walking Bat Signal in These!

Batman Bat Logo LeggingsSource: amazon.com
You’ve eaten too much from one of your Batman cookie jars, making wearing skinny jeans nigh on impossible. Sweatpants are too heavy for the weather outside and the last thing you want to do is walk around in them for longer than an hour. We’ve all been there. I’m there right now! These Batman leggings will serve your body up as being an epileptic fit of Bat Signals meaning Batman has no actual choice than to come and save you from YOURSELF. But hey, they look great and go with anything. Hooray for leggings!

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3. These Batman Leggings are for Comics Fans

Batman Comic Panel LeggingsSource: amazon.com
Comics fans OR, if you’re like me, geeks that have read a few comics and due to that alone, consider themselves avid comic book readers even if they’re technically not. It’s all good, these leggings are badass enough so that you don’t have to feel bad about being told you’re not a real Batman fan at all. To that I say, “Says who?” and strut around in these Batman leggings that, protip, look killer with unlaced biker boots.

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4. Who Run the World? Batgirls!

Batgirl Batman LeggingsSource: amazon.com
You know how there’s been 50 Batman movies, games, and TV shows (at least)? How about, in the wake of Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman owning at the box office (which still tingles me, by the way, and you can pick up a Wonder Woman mug here and raise a toast), we have somebody direct a Batgirl film? Barbara Gordon is a comic book character that has a fantastic origin story and overall arc. Enough of seeing the Waynes slaughtered over and over, let’s have a Batgirl film by a female director. Can I get an a(wo)men??

Get the Batgirl Batman Leggings on amazon.com

5. Let’s Get Back to Basics with some Class from Bioworld

Bioworld Gray Stripe Batman LeggingsSource: amazon.com
Bioworld has some hella awesome merchandise out there. They bring a whole new aspect to the world of geek clothing that I haven’t seen much before. I like that! These leggings will be as suitable to wear to the gym as they would be in everyday life. I actually own some Ghostbusters leggings that are made of a similar material. I’ve had them for eight months now and I still wear them once a week. They’re just so freakin’ comfortable! And they look good.

Get these Bioworld Gray Stripe Batman Leggings on amazon.com

6. Just In Case You Wanted Your Bat Signals a Little Smaller

Batman Alternating Bats LeggingsSource: amazon.com
The Bat Signals on these leggings are pretty different to the ones on number 2’s, so you could technically own both pairs and wear them alternating days, and while you’d still look like you’ve just walked off the pages of a geeky fashion magazine, you could wash them in between. These leggings are more like tights than they are leggings though, so bear in mind that they might be a little see-through. There are so many cool t-shirts that’ll cover up what needs to be covered up though. I wouldn’t worry about it at all.

Get these Batman Alternating Bats Leggings on amazon.com

7. If Puddin’s Got Some Leggings, Harley Wants Some Too

Harley Quinn LeggingsSource: amazon.com
We included this pair in our Harley Quinn leggings article, but it wouldn’t be a list of Batman leggings without everyone’s (Ivy’s) favorite cute little psycho. I’m only cross there are no Poison Ivy leggings. Boy did I search, let me tell you. One thing I will say, though, is that we had to separate Harley from the Joker because who knows the mischief they’d have concocted if they were closer. Don’t tell me I don’t look out for you, my geeklets.

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8. Pow! Thwack! Adam West’s Batman is Back!

White Classic Batman LeggingsSource: amazon.com
I’ve mentioned before that the cheesy Batman TV show with the late, great Adam West was such a massive part of my childhood. It doesn’t matter how many times I bring it up, either, when I see the old school vintage Batman logo, I am overwhelmed by the feels of the past. I’ve heard that’s now the legit definition for Nostalgia. These Batman leggings bring everything I loved about the TV show and more. My only problem? I’d never take them off.

Get these White Classic Batman Leggings on amazon.com

9. Damn, the Joker Did NOT Like Me Keeping Him and Harley Apart…

The Joker LeggingsSource: tvstoreonline.com
Actually, that’s not true. Maybe he did. He is laughing on these colorful leggings after all. But he looks like he’s on the verge of a psychotic breakdown. I think the only thing here that we have to do is ride out the wave and look stylish anyway. If you can’t be smart in life, you can’t be smart in Arkham when they’ve stripped away all of your fashion sense and given you ill-fitting overalls.

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10. ??? Riddle Me Huh… ???

Riddle Me This Riddler LeggingsSource: amazon.com

These Riddler leggings are some of the only Batman leggings you can wear that will make it okay to walk around proposing riddles to your friends and strangers. They’ll find it charming for a while and when they don’t, just move onto the next person with style, grace, and question marks.

Here are a few vintage Riddler riddles to get you started: Which president wears the largest hat? When is the time of a clock like the whistle of a train? What weighs six ounces, sits in a tree, and is very dangerous?

If you’re chased, just remember, your leggings will make doing a comic run too hilarious for anyone to be mad!

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