Batman Cookie Jars for the Cookie Monsters of Gotham

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Gotham City is renowned for a few things: its high crime rate, its mysterious defender that’s not Jaden Smith but might as well be with how well-known Batfleck is, but it’s not really known for its cuisine. What do the citizens of Gotham eat? I imagine they’ve got a McDonalds and a Starbucks, but what about super(ha)markets?

Is that why they’re called Supermarkets??

These Batman cookie jars will provide storage for your favorite cookies (or biscuits), whether you buy artisan or not, and will go awesomely with your Batman coffee mugs. Chhhhhheck ’em out!

1. An Angry Bat Without His Cookies Makes for a Happy Us

Batman Cookie JarSource:
Batman isn’t too impressed on this cookie jar. He’s either wanting us to eat healthier or he really, really does not want us taking his cookies specifically. Come to think of it, I did read somewhere that Bruce Wayne is all over Girl Scout Cookie season, The cookie monster might even be him in disguise. Either way, I don’t really want to risk taking any because I’m either going to get thrown into Arkham, or he’s just going to spit cookie all over me while he yells at me. If you’re after a Batman cookie jar that will openly threaten anyone that even thinks about getting a thin mint out, this guy is the one.

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2. The Joker Wants to Save You From the Bad Bat For a Change

Joker Cookie JarSource:
Life’s a joke if you don’t have the Joker to keep you out of line. Based on the early DC comics version of the Joker, this is a cookie jar that serves as the perfect counter to the angry Batman that came before him. He’s sinister in the way only the Joker can be, sinister enough for us to want more of him because he, like Pennywise the clown, sometimes looks kind of sweet? Ish? If the Joker is your favorite Batman character and you’re in the market for a new cookie jar that isn’t shading you, look no further than the guy with the cards.

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3. This Retro Batman Cookie Jar Pays Tribute to the Late, Always Great, Adam West

Retro Batman Cookie JarSource:
Retro Batman is in the house. We at Discover Geek are still overly in denial about what happened to Adam West this last month (he DID NOT DIE, you are LYING. He’s on vacation with TUPAC), mostly so we can watch the old Batman tv show in all of its camp glory without getting too emotional. Whilst nomming a variety of cookies from THIS Batman cookie jar which, unlike the other, is in blue, so you know the scowl isn’t actually a scowl. It’s a “Robin, what the hell did you do?”

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4. Justice League Bursting Out of the City to Protect and Save Your Thin Mints

DC Superheroes Cookie JarSource:
All three main members of the Justice League are ready to protect your cookies on this jar. Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman are all bursting out of the city to care for you and your cookie stash. And come on, who would win in a battle between these three and the cookie monster? Nobody. He could probably take Superman, but that’s just because he’s secretly a scientist and has manufactured a formula to increase the volume of kryptonite in chocolate chips. (They don’t need him anyway, shh).

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5. Vroom! Make Room for the Bat Mobile and its Cookie Haulage

Bat Mobile Cookie JarSource:
Get ready, geeklets. The Bat Mobile is locked, stocked, and ready to unload cookies to all of your houses, for summer is a time of giving and Batman has taken up baking during the day. What else is a far-too-rich orphan going to do with his cash when he’s upgraded all of his bat-gear to the latest operating system besides bake? I pose this question to you because I really want to know, and my spider senses are tingling, telling me that SOMEBODY out there has to know. And hey, maybe the answers lie in this Bat Mobile cookie jar. You don’t know, but you can.

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6. Batman VS Superman’s Caped Crusader Joins the Cookie Jar Ranks

Batman vs Superman Cookie JarSource:
I know I always rag on Superman, but he’s not all bad. He’s just… not Batman (or Wonder Woman). This Batman cookie jar is based on Batman vs Superman, which was a pretty good film and only holds no comparison to the Avengers because it’s a completely different genre, in a way. Just because they’re superheroes from rivaling companies doesn’t mean anything other than that being the case. Batman’s outfit is a classic, so obviously if you’re in the Batman cookie jar buying game for style, look no further than the caped crusader. (Like you could, his cape is too cool).

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7. Harley Quinn Also Has a Cookie Jar, if You’ll Believe It

Harley Quinn Cookie JarSource:
You can’t keep puddings in here, Puddin’, but you can meet half way and freeze them until they become mushy cookie-type creations that can be stored in here for about an hour before they start melting. Alternatively, you could just stick actual cookies in there like a normal person, even if it is way less fun and WAY less Harley Quinn. To be fair, you can put anything you want in these cookie jars and they’ll still look wicked cool in your house.

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8. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory is Going to Want THIS Batman Cookie Jar Rather than You Wanting His (It’s Way More Awesome)

Batman Statue Cookie JarSource:

The caped crusader is back and he’s back in his full-length glory to protect your cookies from harm. His mouth is too small to eat them, and so protect them he shall as it is his civic duty as both a superhero and a cookie jar. Fans of the Big Bang Theory might enjoy this one as it’s as close as you can get to Sheldon’s from the show. While it’s not exactly the same as his, does anyone really want to be Sheldon? I mean…

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All-in-all, every single one of the Batman cookie jars above is fantastic and worth a shot. It’s up to you which one or two you really want. If Discover Geek has taught us anything so far, it’s that there’s no limit to the cool, geeky stuff you can find on the Internet.

Until next time…! Same Bat time, same bat channel.