14 Wonder Woman Mugs From Which to Drink Your #Covfefe

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Wonder Woman is exploding right now, and quite rightfully! The film is massively bigger than any of the other DC movies so far and I’m pleased to say I am gleefully unsurprised about it.

Wonder Woman is AWESOME and we are so psyched she’s getting the reemergence that she is.

Internet memes about stupid men aside, these Wonder Woman mugs are viable for all types of liquid! Coffee, tea, wine (I mean…), men’s tears (that aren’t catchable in every Batman coffee mug)… and they’re all available for you right now.

1. The Evolution of Wonder Woman Mug

Wonder Woman Through the Years Coffee MugSource: amazon.com

The Amazonian Princess first hit the pages of DC comics in 1942. Her evolution has been steadily following the trends of the time during every decade. It’s just so cool to see every different style from the 40’s through to the Wonder Woman of the new millennium all next to each other. You can see how she’s changed but has ultimately maintained her badassery from then through to now.

(Tag yourself, I’m 1980s Wonder Woman.)

Get the Wonder Woman Through the Years Coffee Mug on amazon.com

2. A Wonder Woman Logo Mug That’s Surely Wonderous

Wonder Woman Logo MugSource: amazon.com
Doesn’t it make you want to sing the theme song from the TV show/one scene in Spiceworld where Ginger Spice throws out a feminist statement that blew my MIND as a teenage girl? (She was my least favorite, but that’s a whole other thing for a whole other time.) I’ve mentioned it before but the bigger the mug, the better.

I’m also pretty sure it would look amazing as a backdrop to a photo of one of my Wonder Woman action figures for Instagram…

Get the Wonder Woman Logo Mug on amazon.com

3. Spill the T from Your New Wonder Woman Mug… That Literally is Wonder Woman

Retro Wonder Woman Head MugSource: amazon.com
Or literally is her head, I should say. Zak Designs’ the coolest sculpted superhero head mugs are unique-as-frick and totally awesome. Seriously, imagine yourself getting up on a morning when you don’t want to, having to fill the coffee pot because nobody else did or you live alone and didn’t, but then getting to drink it out of Wonder Woman’s head? You can even pretend you’re drinking her brains. (That one’s for the zombies.)

Get the Retro Wonder Woman Head Mug on amazon.com

4. Transform Your Morning with Diana Prince

Heat Changing Wonder Woman Transformation MugSource: amazon.com
If you’re a regular reader of Discover Geek, you’ll know how much we love heat changing mugs. I don’t know what age people are supposed to grow up at, but either I haven’t yet or the science of an image changing with the addition of heat appeals to all ages. With this Wonder Woman mug, you get to see Diana ditch the suit and pick up her whip. Did you know how much you needed that until now?

Get the Heat Changing Wonder Woman Transformation Mug on amazon.com

5. You Want Wonder Woman? Just Say the Word and We’ll Lasso Her Down

Wonder woman Lasso MugSource: entertainmentearth.com
We might have to borrow her lasso of truth, but since she’ll be wherever “up” is, she very easily might have left it at home and borrowed Mario’s hat with the wings on it. So yeah, we can do that for you, or we can let Wonder Woman lasso us and interrogate us for however long Amazonian princesses interrogate for before punching people in the face.

Get the Wonder woman Lasso Mug on entertainmentearth.com

6. Harness Wonder Woman’s Powers Using This Heat Changing Mug

Wonder Woman Heat Change MugSource: thinkgeek.com
Is it too soon to mention the words HEAT CHANGING MUG again? Is it ever? I just did it twice, who knew. Let’s geek out together over coffee in our new Wonder Woman mugs and watch as her logo turns into a fully fledged Wonder Woman comic panel. I’ll take mine black without sugar, Diana, thanks.

Get the Wonder Woman Heat Change Mug on thinkgeek.com

7. This Wonder Woman Travel Mug is More My Size

Wonder Woman Travel MugSource: amazon.com
I go through about three of these worth of coffee before noon. Am I sorry ’bout it? No, but my heart probably is. Look, before coffee, all I did was lie in bed until I could get a diet coke, and at least coffee doesn’t ruin your teeth, right? (Please don’t reply to the contrary if you’re a dentist, let me live in my ignorance.) I will say one thing, ceramic travel mugs are pretty heavy but by THANOS, do they stay cool-to-the-touch.

Get the Wonder Woman Travel Mug on amazon.com

8. DC Bombshells’ Wonder Woman: She Can Do It!

Wonder Woman Bombshells Morphing MugSource: entertainmentearth.com
Rosie the Riveter’s merry band of superhero misfits make up the Bombshells. A re-imagined universe where Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy are all women during the second world war who, like so many legit women did back then, stepped out of the boxes society had made for them to do something WORTHY. This Bombshells Wondy mug changes with the heat to turn plain to fame.

Get the Wonder Woman Bombshells Morphing Mug on entertainmentearth.com

9. The Cape Mugs Are Back and the Wonder Woman One is the Best

Wonder Woman Cape MugSource: amazon.com
The mugs look as though they could take off and fly themselves, but instead of doing that, they’re there to serve us. In sickness and in health. Until caffeine doth us part. Apparently, caffeine is bad for your health but if you believe that (okay, it is), you can always drink something else out of this, if only just to be able to drink out of a mug with its own cape.

Get the Wonder Woman Cape Mug on amazon.com

10. Batman vs Superman Should be Called “Introduction to Wonder Woman”, and the Badassery of this Mug Proves Why

Batman v. Superman Wonder Woman MugSource: amazon.com
Gal Gadot is such a perfect Wonder Woman to me. It doesn’t matter that she’s nothing like Lynda Carter. That’s a good thing. It’s not like Michael Keaton, Adam West, Christian Bale or the dude that’s Batman now have anything in common. And yes, we know Lucy Lawless would have been perfect as well, but let’s talk about GAL. You will be after you see the Wonder Woman film. Might as well get an early start.

Get the Batman v. Superman Wonder Woman Mug on amazon.com

11. This Wonder Woman Soup Mug Isn’t Just For Soup, Right?

Wonder Woman Soup MugSource: amazon.com
Even if it is, you can pour coffee in it. Some days you just have to double-fist two mugs at once. But if you are wanting to use this Wonder Woman mug for its intended purpose, it comes with a spoon too. The handle has a spoon holder even so you don’t lose it if or when you take it to work. While you go about wanting that, I’ll go about figuring out the benefits of slurping coffee from a spoon.

Get the Wonder Woman Soup Mug on amazon.com

12. …There’s Always This Ceramic Wonder Woman Comic Mug if I Can’t…

Wonder Woman Comic MugSource: amazon.com
How wicked is this? It’s just about the right size for me if I’m unfortunately stranded, for some reason, without my travel mug. This jumbo mug has some panels from the Wonder Woman comics on it, just in case you’re more of a Diana-in-the-comics kind of a geekling. And it’s pretty cool because of it.

Get the Wonder Woman Comic Mug on amazon.com

13. POP! Goes Your Wonder Woman Funko Mug

Wonder Woman Pop! MugSource: amazon.com
I was talking about POP! figures the other day for some reason (some reason: I’m waiting on my Dale Cooper one) about how whoever had the idea to make collectibles THIS CUTE, was a fricken’ genius. Their mugs pretty much prove my statement to be fact, and their Wonder Woman one is no exception. Drink from the cutest Amazonian Princess in town.

Er, in your kitchen.

Get the Wonder Woman Pop! Mug on amazon.com

14. Hang On, A Mug that’s Also Glittery? Talk About Aesthetics

Wonder Woman Glitter MugSource: thinkgeek.com
I do like to consider myself as maybe not so much of a Wonder Woman as a Great Girl(?), even if that makes me sound more like a velociraptor being cooed at by a chill British guy in Jurassic Park than a superhero. But I’m a Quiet Queer (oh, I like that) who is all. about. the glitter. If I could dowse myself in anything and it had to be for the rest of my life, it would be glitter. Does this come in rainbow?

Get the Wonder Woman Glitter Mug on thinkgeek.com