These Groot Shirts Will Make You Wanna Dance

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Now, a real introduction to these Groot shirts would be me saying, “I am Groot” over and over again. But, sadly, as I am not, in fact, Groot, you’ll have to listen to me fangirl over one of my favorite franchises in the whole galaxy instead.

After rewatching Guardians 2, it felt right to have a look to see what cool Groot shirts were out there. Turns out, there are a LOT.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Super Galaxy Bros, Out Now

Super Galaxy Bros Groot Baseball TeeSource:
(Don’t I wish). This baseball style Groot shirt is an adorable mash up of Baby Groot and Super Mario Bros. On reflection, had Mario gone into a painting of the galaxy in Super Mario 64, would he have wound up on Berhert? More in, if he’d have wound up on Berhert, would we have had Rocket trying to steal his hat the entire time? I just really feel like we would, okay. This adorable cartridge design also makes up for what I couldn’t as far as I am Groot ratios go. That alone should make you want it!

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2. Tell Us How You Really Feel, Groot

Today I Feel I Am Groot ShirtSource:
We included this t-shirt in our Baby Groot gifts article because it was just so adorable. The animators on Guardians did such a good job with all of the CG work. All of the animated heroes look real, and that’s not even beginning on the alien monster that barfed rainbows or the living planet. They did amazing work with micro-expressions and the fact they could make a twig encompass every single emotion is fascinating to me. So for that, I raise a glass and say, “We are Groot.” Excellent work and an excellent Groot shirt. J’adore ça!

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3. Hit the Dancefloor in One of the Best Baby Groot Shirts

Dancing Groot ShirtSource:

What are you waiting for? If Groot can plug an amp into Star Lord’s Walkman and have a gigantic dance off while the rest of the Guardians are trying to take down the rainbow barf monster thing (the Abilisk, whatevs), I think you can take five minutes to break it down to DeBarge. Groot goes with dancing the way Kylo Ren goes with whining, and now you can get him dancing on your chest at all hours of the day.

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If you’re a fan of DeBarge (or, indeed, Devo) check out the Holtzmann mug in our Ghostbusters mugs article!

4. The Tree-Shirt of Your Dreams

Baby Groot ShirtSource:
Cast out of the stone of our hearts to make the fully fledged, living, breathing — slightly wooden? — tree of our dreams, the watercolor style of this shirt is as minimal as it is stylish. Less is, as they say, often more, and I’d give anything to wear this Groot shirt under one of my blazers then tucked into high-waisted pants. Geek-a-Porter at its finest. I LOVE this tee.

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5. Get Mixed Up With Baby Groot

Groot's Mixtape Tank TopSource:

This Groot shirt could separate the generations. It’s kind of terrifying how many teenagers weren’t alive when you could buy cassettes at the record store. I was listening to cassettes even after I got my first boom box, and there was no worse of a feeling than when the actual tape got all rambled up. See, somehow, possibly due to the same phenomena as how one sock always goes missing when you wash it, you could be listening to a cassette and then it would stop working because it would’ve become undone inside of the machine.

It was annoying.

That said, if Baby Groot was the one doing it, I might have been less mad.

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6. Yondu is Mary Poppins, Y’all!

Groot T-ShirtSource:
I’d prefer not to talk about Yondu due to the fact my stone heart will crack and I will feel Feelings, but I will say that he’s one of my favorites in both of the movies and it kinda sucks that he won’t be in Infinity War. Nebula will be though, yay! And with a massive part, so that I can’t wait for. There’s a silver lining to everything, I suppose. (The other being that Chris Hemsworth had drinks at a pub near where I live and everyone raved about how lovely he is!) These three are the true Guardians of my heart. Having them alien chest-burst out of me on my shirt is a pleasure.

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7. Today’s Headlines: I Am Groot

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 TeeSource:

We’re all Groot. This Guardians of the Galaxy newspaper-inspired tee hits all the right spots for me. If only we could wake up to headlines about adorable trees dancing rather than the next dumb thing Trump has done. On the daily. The picture of Groot is from the promo shots they did for the movie which were all animated and amazing, you can find them here!

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Speaking of Drumpf, these Wonder Woman mugs are great for the one thing he’s given us next to bigotry: #covfefe.

8. Groot’s Tree Farm has all the Trees You Could Need

Groot's Tree Farm TeeSource:
Think of all the times during the year that you say to yourself, “Boy. Life would be infinitely better if I had a tree for this specific occasion. Like Christmas and… uh, the run up to Christmas? Groot’s side business allows him the time to dance on top of a counter like he works at Coyote Ugly while also helping to provide homes for his less rhythmic tree friends. Groot’s Tree Farm is where trees go to live. Won’t you help him out by representing it?

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9. Groot is the Tree of Life

Glowing Groot T-ShirtSource:
And the scene from the end of the first movie makes me as emotional as Yondu, so let’s not go there either, beautiful, special Groot shirt, okay? The fact the tree, of all the Guardians, was the one to make sure they all landed on earth safely should put a lot of environmental aspects into perspective. Like rainforests and M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening becoming as real as the upcoming AI uprising. That kind of thing. This Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt is so beautiful.

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10. Just Groot It

Just Groot It TankSource:

Shia LaBeouf might’ve had more luck in inspiring us all if he’d said, “Just Groot it!” instead of, “JUST DO IT!” Still, he was kind of convincing. Maybe not as convincing as an adorable baby tree who is fully responsible for alleged hero Star Lord making it to the second movie, for his eventual comic marriage to X-Men’s Kitty Pride, but convincing all the same! Wear this tank top to the gym to see what it can really do for you.

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11. Pac-Groot is the Newest Fad

Pac-Groot TeeSource:
Can you imagine how much more fun Pac-Man would be if you got to be Groot? More fun than the regular Pac-Man, that’s for sure, and all of us at DGHQ think that it’s one of the best video games ever to be created! This Pac-Man goes Groot shirt is perfect for the geekiest of geeks, which makes it prime wear for somebody like me, who keeps Funko pops surrounding me at all times.

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12. Rocket and Groot Are Peanuts

Cute Rocket and Groot ShirtSource:

Styled like Snoopy and Woodstock, this Rocket and Groot shirt is kind of adorable. Sport one of our favorite duos in the entire galaxy while also maintaining a sense of humanity (I mean, given the fact all the characters from Peanuts display some level of that). Just look how cute it is! Couldn’t you just die?

(Don’t, though).

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