These Transformer Toys Will Transform Your Day

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Before it was a sometimes-decent film series, Transformers were toys that could turn from vehicles into robots.

Boys in elementary school had pencil cases, even, that turned into Transformers (and then, vehicles).

I always wanted one.

In lieu of movies directed by that dude whose name rhymes with Fykel Raye; in honor of the cartoon series, we bring you 12 Transformer toys that’ll hit you in the nostalgic feels.

1. The Liokaiser King Reigns Supreme

Transformers Combiner Wars LiokaiserSource:
Liokaiser is a combination of a whole task force of Transformers. This explains how colorful a Transformer toy this guy is. He stands out from most of the other combiners in that he’s brutal in his means and sharp as a tack. A really, really freakin’ large tack. The Generations toy series is pretty great, but Liokaiser was my favorite regardless of why he’s a walking rainbow. Coming as six singular Destron units, all you need do is combine them to make the Super-robot of a lifetime.

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2. Everybody Loves Bumblebee!

Deluxe Bumble Bee TransformerSource:
Now, in the movies, Bumblebee had what other unexpected heroes have. Like Gizmo from the Gremlins as well as 70% of the sidekicks from animated Disney movies, Bumblebee cares for the earth and its human population. This deluxe Bumblebee toy is modeled after the Bumblebee from The Last Knight, which means he transforms into his signature Chevy Camaro and as a bonus, protects you from the wrath of the Autobots and/or any other Fykel Raye movies. Yay Bumblebee!

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3. All Transformer Toys are a Game of RISK

RISK Transformers EditionSource:
This one, quite literally. Board games are a lost art. Once upon a time, in the days before video games were handheld and you could walk an augmented reality universe to catch Pokemon, you played board games. Personally, I was never very good at RISK. Meaning, I suck at it and don’t actually get it, but for those who do love it — and I know there’s a bunch of you — this Transformers special edition of it is the ideal geeky companion.

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4. You CAN Solve a Rubik’s Cube if it’s Done With Optimus Prime!

Rubik's Crew Optimus PrimeSource:

What’s that, you say? A movie collectible that’s adorable and can also serve you the way a fidget spinner can? This Rubik’s Crew Optimus Prime from Hasbro is a Transformer toy that’s all of those things and more. Bobbleheaded figures are huge these days, thanks to companies like Funko — Luke Skywalker is looking over me as I type this — bringing a whole new spin on TV and movie collectibles, and this guy has that and more. Pop his head off — do it, trust me! He’s a Transformer, he can take it — and it becomes a Rubik’s Cube.


(Take a moment to enjoy these Star Wars pops!)

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5. Optimus Prime is So Metal

Metal Earth Optimus PrimeSource:

He’s so metal that if he were a person, a Metallica song would play as he walked into joints. As if by magic. JOKES ASIDE, this Transformer toy is a metal construction kit that’s probably more for adult Transformers fans or anybody that likes to put things together from scratch. These puzzles are so fun but they also consist of tiny pieces that some people — I am gesturing to myself here — would lose or not be able to construct. The final product is amazing to display, and the best part is, you can tell anybody who likes it that you made it.

You kinda did!

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6. Get a Monopoly on Transformers

Monopoly Transformers Collector's Edition

Who loves Monopoly? THIS GEEK LOVES MONOPOLY. Can I just say that non-internet Monopoly may be one of the best games ever created? Oh, wait, I can because it is. Collector’s edition Monopoly games always bring more fun to the game, too. I, for example, am a high roller on Star Wars Monopoly and I always make sure to buy Mos Eisley. If you’re a Transformers fan, this Transformers Monopoly is such a good thing to own, even if it just stays on your shelves in the years between Christmases. SO GOOD.

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7. What’s Better than an Optimus Prime Action Figure?

Optimus Prime Double PackSource:
TWO Optimus Prime action figures, obviously. This two pack will supplement your Transformer toys collection perfectly, combining Optimus’s original form with his Prime one, there’s not a whole lot you can do with this guy that isn’t transform him and love him. Why would you do anything else? Remember the feeling when he showed up in the movie? Hold onto that each time you look at these figures and smile. If you’re not already…

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8. Don’t Let Bumblebees Go Extinct

Exclusive Bumble Bee PopSource:

He is their leader, sub to only the queen and she doesn’t even turn into a killer car. This Bumblebee pop vinyl is an adorable addition to any collection, and while you can get a couple of the Autobots, don’t we all love Bumblebee the way we do Wall-E? He’s so cute. And he has feelings, which in ways backup Elon Musk and his idea that Terminator will, eventually, be a real thing and maybe that eventually isn’t as far off as we think. Maybe if we stock up on Transformer toys now, we’ll save our inevitable doom in the future?

(Or, check out these must haves to welcome our robot overlords!)

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9. Play Your Transformers Cards Right!

Transformers Playing CardsSource:
Ah, playing cards. Another lost art along with board games. These are really cool collectors ones that you can either keep in the pack for safe keeping or take out to play with. It’s never too late to learn to play card games, and just because my grandma taught me how to play them when I was five, doesn’t mean you have to be five to learn to play. Playing cards need no batteries. They don’t even really need another person, not if the 250+ types of Solitaire are to be indulged upon. For an only child, that was always a pull.

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10. Autobot? Or Autobus? What Did You Say?

Bus TransformerSource:

I said autobus. There are a few different Transformer toys that turn into buses and a few different buses that turn into robots in real life. (Legit! Give it a Google). These Transformer toys are great collectibles if you want to go a bit out of the box. I have to tell you, too, if all buses turned into Autobots, I might enjoy being stuck on one more in a world where I can no longer check into Pokestops on my commute home.

(Have a look at these Pokemon puzzles if that annoys you too!)

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11. Chess This Out!

Transformers Chess SetSource:
Chess is One Of Those Games. A bit like RISK, you kind of have to have a certain skillset to play it well. That aside, having a chess set that’s been created specifically for your favorite franchise can double as a collectible item. Meaning: you don’t have to know how to play Chess to appreciate this Transformers chess set. The totally awesome Autobot and Decepticon pieces will look just as great untouched. That said, if you suck at Chess, play against me. I suck too!

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12. The Generations Collection Really is Amazing

Titans Soundwave SoundblasterSource:
The Transformer generations toy collection brings something wholly unique to the table. It brings Soundwave blasters. Each one of the Autobots comes with its own boom box and are a brilliant homage to the toys of the 80s. These Transformer toys really stand out and the collection is extensive, making them ideal for matching gifts for father and son, brother and sister, you name it. Don’t forget to check out the base that’s sold separately!

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