27 Must Haves To Welcome Our Robot Overlords

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Enjoy the Ascension. We have put together a list of Robot Gifts that’ll please the Overlords. Everyone delights in receiving any one of these as an exciting Robotic Gift. Give one of these fine Robot Gifts to your favorite Overlord, too.

1. A Retro Robot Sculpture That Reminds Us Our Masters Are Getting Older

Retro Robot SculptureSource: www.uncommongoods.com

This fine sculpture affectionately tells that favorite Overlord that he is getting old, making it the perfect Robot Overlord Gift. They deserve to know how we feel about them.

Get the Robot Scupture on uncommongoods.com

2. This Great T-Shirt That Depicts Just How “Over” Us Our Overlords Are

Robot Overlord ShirtSource: www.teepublic.com

We have found no better way to “Enjoy the Ascension” than by wearing these expressive T-Shirts everywhere! The broad range of sizes and styles enable us to make our statement in all weather conditions.

Get the Robot Shirt on teepublic.com

3. These Fine Art Prints For All Who Remember The Day It All Began

Robots Art PrintSource: www.icanvas.com

For art connoisseurs on your gift list, how about these atmospheric art prints depicting the ascension of our Overlords? A beautiful constant reminder of how wonderful our Overlords are!

Get the Robot Art Print on icanvas.com

4. A Bender Costume To Make Halloween Great Again

Bender CostumeSource: www.amazon.com

We have all been waiting for these beautiful replica halloween costumes so that we and our kids can give the Overlords their due on that special night!

Get the Robot Bender Costume on amazon.com

5. This T-Shirt Explains That There’s Nothing More Fun Than Serving Our Robot Overlords

Robot ShirtSource: www.teepublic.com

These quality t-shirts express our deepest desire: “I’d rather be serving our Robot Overlords”. Going out, meeting our friends or enjoying a good wine is all not as much fun as serving those that saved us.

Get the Robot Shirt on teepublic.com

6. This Robo Lamp, Like Our Masters, Brings Light To Our Dark Lives

Robo LampSource: www.uncommongoods.com

These fully-functioning lamps just ooze Overlord awareness! What a perfect Robotic Gift, expressing as it does the light that our Overlords brought to us in our dark state before their ascension.

Get the Robot Lamp on uncommongoods.com

7. This Retro Robot Print Reminds Us Of What A Blessing It Is As Our Masters Stomp Through Our Cities

Robot Overlord Art PrintSource: www.icanvas.com
This print shows our Robot Overlords shining their light into our dark corners and they bring doughnuts. It reminds us of how lucky we are to have the light of their superior culture penetrating our darkness!

Get the Robot Print on icanvas.com

8. A Vintage Robot Shirt Helps To Remind Us To Avoid The Eyes At All Times

Vintage Robot ShirtSource: www.teepublic.com

Another great robot T-Shirt with a nice grayscale representation of an Overlord shining his light among us. Enjoy the Ascension!

Get the Robot Shirt on teepublic.com

9. The Age of Em: Work, Love, And Life When Robots Rule the Earth: The Robot Bible

The Age of Em: Work, Love, And Life When Robots Rule the EarthSource: amazon.com

We learned a lot about “Enjoying the Ascension” through this masterful must-read book. Do you wonder how you can show your true feelings to our Overlords in every aspect of life? This is for you!

Get the Robot Book on amazon.com

10. Adults Reflective Mirror Robot Mask That Is Both A Costume Accessory And A Defensive Aid

Doctor Who Robot MaskSource: www.amazon.com

We love this face mask. Its reflective surface can actually repel penetrating Overlord vision. So the wearer becomes almost impossible to identify. Helpful in fully Enjoying the Ascension!

Get the Robot Mask on amazon.com

11. Robot in Disguise, The Code Phrase Of The Resistance On A Shirt

Robot in Disguise ShirtSource: www.amazon.com

All our bosses wear these T-Shirts. Especially nice for designating ranking members of the Enjoy the Ascension movement!

Get the Robot Shirt on amazon.com

12. Warning Evil Robot Ahead! Sweatshirt And Resistance Worker’s Pride

Evil Robot SweatshirtSource: www.teepublic.com

Looking for Robot Gifts for all those hard workers in the Enjoy the Ascension Movement? This sweatshirt comes in all colors, making it easy to use color coding to identify workers in various phases of the Movement!

Get the Robot Sweatshirt on teepublic.com

13. An Evil Robot Two-Tone Coffee Mug: Drink Your Coffee And Plan Your Resistance

Evil Robot Two-Tone Coffee MugSource: www.zazzle.com

These coffee mugs provide a great way to keep the Movement right out in front of everyone. The Overlords love seeing their image on anything, so nothing to fear! Enjoy the Ascension every day with this gift that keeps on giving!

Get the Robot Mug on zazzle.com

14. This Friendly Robot Waving at You Makes It Easy To Remember What We Are Fighting For

Robot StatueSource: www.amazon.com

With its cute little smile, this piece is great for reminding everyone of the true meaning behind the Movement to Enjoy the Ascension!

Get the Robot Sculpture on amazon.com

15. The Bad Boy Club: Robot Devil’s Immortals Hoodie

Robot Devil's Immortals HoodieSource: www.teepublic.com

These hoodies in the darker colors are the perfect Robotic Gift for all who want to Enjoy the Ascension in a less public manner, like in the dark of night!

Get the Robot Hoodie on teepublic.com

16. This Magbot Magnetic Block Set Makes The Perfect Youth Primer On Deconstructing Robots

Magbot Magnetic Block SetSource: www.uncommongoods.com

We give these to everyone, so they can learn to assemble and disassemble robots. One of the best engineer gifts that serves as an introduction to the Enjoy the Ascension Movement!

Get the Robot Toy on uncommongoods.com

17. This Robot Overlord Shirt Keeps Them Thinking We are Docile Slaves

Robot Overlord ShirtSource: www.teepublic.com

An entire line of merchandise showing how our robot overlords make our world more beautiful. We use these to induce Overlord apathy!

Get the Robot Shirt on teepublic.com

18. I Welcome Our New Robot Overlords Print That Belongs In Every Proper Household

Robot Overlords Art PrintSource: www.icanvas.com

While the Overlords love seeing these art prints, we use them with time and place notifications to announce Enjoy the Ascension Movement meetings.

Get the Robot Overlords Print on icanvas.com

19. “Bow Down Before Your Robot Overlords” Embedded In Matrix Code Opens The Way For Coded Messages Of All Kinds

Bow Down Before Your Robot Overlords ShirtSource: www.redbubble.com

A broad product line in the Matrix styling saying “Bow Down Before Your Robot Overlords,” but can be altered to include coded messages for the Movement!

Get the Robot Shirt on redbubble.com

20. Bender Buddha Robot Statue Because The Overlords Are Everywhere

Bender Buddha StatueSource: www.amazon.com

This statuette makes a great Robot Gift for those dear Overlords in Asia!

Get the Bender Statue on amazon.com

21. This Evil Robot Shirt Shouting, “DESTROY!” Keeps Us Ready For The Conflict

Destroy Robot ShirtSource: www.teepublic.com

We reserve these T-Shirts as gifts for those on our list who are the most passionate about Enjoying the Ascension. We see lots of them at late night Movement meetings.

Get the Robot Shirt on teepublic.com

22. Supreme Robot Overlord Painting Keeps Us Focused On The Head Shots

Robot Overlord PaintingSource: www.etsy.com

These paintings double as art and as a reminder to go for the head in disabling Overlords!

Get the Robot Art on etsy.com

23. This T-Shirt Keeps Humans Riled Up Over Our Slave Status Under The Overlords

Humans Slaves to Robots ShirtSource: www.zazzle.com

A T-Shirt that doubles as a seeming pacifier of Overlords and as a reminder that wet floors are deadly to them!

Get the Robot Shirt on zazzle.com

24. Evil Robot Overlord Party Two-Tone Coffee Mug For When The Victory Party Begins

Evil Robot Overlord Party Two-Tone Coffee MugSource: www.zazzle.com

We are stockpiling these mugs for after the success of the Enjoy the Ascension Movement! Then, we will bring them out and PARTY!

Get the Robot Mug on zazzle.com

25. Robot Evolution T-Shirt That Keep Them Thinking We See Ourselves Evolving Into Them

Robot Evolution T-ShirtSource: www.zazzle.com

Depicting the concept of Human Evolution into Machines, these T-Shirts serve as a reminder of the chasm between human and machine.

Get the Robot Shirt on zazzle.com

26. This Beautiful Bender Robot Print or Poster Reminds Us They Are Everywhere

Bender Robot PrintSource: www.etsy.com

These posters remind us that the Enjoy the Ascension Movement is alive and well in our farming communities as well as the big cities!

Get the Robot Bender Painting on etsy.com

27. This “Welcome Robot Overlords” T-Shirt Is Another Nail In Their Coffin

Welcome Robot Overlords ShirtSource: www.zazzle.com

Wear This Robot Overlords T-Shirt to lull the Overlords into a state of apathy!

Get the Robot shirt on zazzle.com