These Pokemon Puzzles Will Train Your Brain

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July marked a year of the augmented reality phenomenon that was Pokemon GO. Since its release, Pokemon was plucked out of the relative obscurity of being a game only Nintendo lovers still played and into the wide world of mobile gaming.

It served as a fabulous run up to Pokemon Sun and Moon. Pokemon GO also inspired an avalanche of unique merchandise like Pokemon jewelry and Pokemon puzzles for fans of all ages.

Check out some of the jigsaw puzzles out there featuring some of our favorite pocket monsters!

1. Believe it or Not, This Crystal Pikachu is Actually a Puzzle!

61-Piece 3D Pikachu Jigsaw PuzzleSource:
Check out the link to see the different pieces and you’ll see I’m not lying. Would I do that to you? Okay, I’ve been known to, but I always point it out after so you know this is the truth. This little dude and his accompanying Pokeball might seem like one of the more simple Pokemon puzzles to put together, but when you factor in the size being the palm of your hand and there being 61 pieces. Let’s just say you might be at it longer than you think. It also looks wicked when displayed, so what are you waiting for?

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2. My Favorite Print is Pokédot (heh) to Dot

Pokemon Go Dot-to-Dot Puzzle BookSource:
Puzzle books are basically the pre-iPhone iPhone. Granted, you can’t make calls on them or play games, but if you have one or two and a pencil, your train, car or bus journeys will go by so much quicker when you’re putting your mind to something. This Pokemon dot-to-dot book is great fun for all ages, because why do we have to stop enjoying things when we hit 20? SPOILER: WE DON’T. That’s why we’re geeks!

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3. This 500-Piece Pokemon Puzzle Might Take You a While…

500-Piece Pokemon Jigsaw PuzzleSource:
And this puzzle is like the jigsaws I grew up doing. Only with Pokemon instead of Noah’s ark full of animals or my favorite, a bunch of dinosaurs fighting each other while the Diplodocus’ nommed calmly on their trees. Almost, if not all the Pokemon from the Kalos region are part of the picture on this puzzle including familiar faces like Pikachu, Charizard, and all the Eeveelutions. Cute right? Remember that in 500 pieces time.

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4. Pikachu, I Choose You! (…and You, and You, and You, and…)

So Many Pikachu Pokemon PuzzleSource:
Looks like Ash is out of his depth, drowning in legions of Pikachu. Which one is his? This Pokemon puzzle comes with glue to make it into a piece of art you can hang on your wall! You don’t have to glue it together, though. Far too many people have discovered that putting all the confusing Pikachu pieces together is as fun as it is frustrating. You can choose which way you go, or get two and just glue one.

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5. This Johto Region Puzzle Looks Needfully Complicated

Johto Region Pokemon PuzzleSource:
…and that’s a whole different kind of complicated to it being needlessly so. If you’re the type of brain that likes sweating over a puzzle rather than doing it as fast as you can, I cannot recommend the map jigsaws enough. Not only will it be the fun kind of frustrating and complex, but you’ll learn more about the world of Pokemon as you’re putting the pieces together. I’d even do it with you! That said, the clouds and the sky are on you.

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6. If 550 Jigsaw Pieces Aren’t Enough, How’s 1000 Sound?

Japanese Imported 1000-Piece Pokemon JigsawSource:
Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you’re a third of the way through the box and have been working on it for a week already. I did! Sort of. I mean, I told you it had 1000 pieces and then challenged your patience to complete ANY Pokemon puzzles that big (patience of which I do not, myself, have). That’s something! This 1000-piece puzzle is imported from Japan and features all of the nationwide Pokemon. ALL OF THEM.

You’re welcome. See you in a month.

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7. What’s So Special About This Colorful Jigsaw Puzzle?

Special Colorful Pokemon PuzzleSource:
You mean besides the fact it’s got Pikachu looking so happy it makes you squee on it? Well, you can put it together fully and mount it without the help of glue. No more worrying about ruining your puzzles, no more cool-looking Pokemon jigsaw puzzles with less than 100 pieces. If only it could help to ease world hunger, then it’d have everything covered!

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8. If You’re Gonna Get Back into Puzzle Books, You Should Pick This One Up Too

Pokemon Word Search Puzzle BookSource:
This book of Pokemon puzzles is chock full of word searches for you and your kids. Not sure about you guys, but I was crazy about word searches when I was younger, and if I have the chance to do one these days, I never turn one down. With a bit of clicking around, there are another three puzzle books you can get that are different but just as exciting. Question: what’s better than a book of 60+ word searches? A book of 60+ Pokemon word searches with Squirtle on the front. Obviously.

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9. The Nano Block Pokemon Collection Puts Lego to Shame

Nanoblock x Pokemon Pocket Monsters CollectionSource:
Nano Blocks are as their name suggests. The world’s first tiny building blocks that can be put together to make things. It’s only right that they do a collection with Pokemon. They look SO good when complete! Each Pokemon takes between 30-80 pieces to put together, which means that’s a lot of pieces for a lot of different Pokemon. Our favorite starter Pokemon are in there (like Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu) as well as a tiny Pokeball. I’m sold.

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10. All of the Pokemon Maps Exist as Jigsaw Puzzles

Hoenn Region Pokemon PuzzleSource:
Most of them are linked to the ones we’ve featured in the article (like the Johto region and this one, which is the Hoenn region), so they’re not horribly difficult to find. We picked the two to a) make it more streamlined and b) that perhaps mentioning the Hoenn region will spur Pokemon GO to release gen III. I am, if nothing else, a trier. Thank me if it happens!

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11. Teach Your Mini Mes the Importance of Geekery Early

Pokemon Cube Slider PuzzleSource:
There’s no time like the present! It feels like it’s getting easier and more common to be a geek or into geeky things on account of our generation not… actually having to grow up if we don’t want to. Sure, we’ve gotta work or go to school and make sure rent is in and the food is on the table, but why should we not buy toys with what we have left?? THERE IS NO REASON. Kids will love this Pokemon puzzle that’s got at least six different pictures on it. I’ll leave that explanation to science.

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12. This Pokemon Puzzle Tin Will Be Super Easy to Wrap Up

Pokemon XY 100-Piece Puzzle TinSource:

I’m just saying. In case you wanted to get me something for my birthday/Christmas/Halloween. This Pokeball tin comes in three different styles (you’ll get a random one so it’ll even be a surprise!) and each contains a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle. Kids will love it, adults love it, collectors love it. If you don’t want it for the jigsaw puzzle, why not get it for the tin?

(PS Why isn’t there any Star Wars puzzles in Death Star shaped tins??)

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