Star Wars Puzzles For Every Curious Padawan

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Take yourself back to a time when video games could only be played with people in the same house as you. Go back to a time when a weekend required you inside at a certain time because you had school the next day, or the time there was a blackout in the middle of the night and 4G didn’t exist.

It was a time of puzzles. 3D puzzles, dinosaur puzzles, impossible puzzles, and they had one thing in common: they were fun.

These Star Wars puzzles, for example, are sure to keep you entertained for hours.

1. This EPIC Star Wars Saga Jigsaw Puzzle is 2000 Pieces of Joy

Star Wars Episode I-VI Saga PuzzleSource:
And Jar Jar Binks. I hardly want to imagine how difficult the sky will be on this with the hyperspace, but the cast of characters and overall design might just make up for that with how cool it is. Pretty much every character, ship, and planet is represented here, even the Wampa that’s dangerously close to eating the droid in front of it. Droid’s lucky he is a droid, really, as I don’t think you can drain the blood out of any of them and hang those in your cave. I could be wrong…

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2. A Star Wars Puzzle that Stays True to the Cover Art of the Original Trilogy

Star Wars PuzzleSource:
I was fascinated with the VHS Star Wars covers as a kid. We didn’t own the videos, so I had to lend them from the son of one of my mother’s friends. They were before George had redone them to make them look more “modern”, how they “should be”. They were amazing. Every single cover of all three videos looked like this Star Wars puzzle and every single cover, I wanted either on my wall or as a comforter. Er, I say wanted, I mean want. It’s a whole thing.

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3. 3D like this Death Star Star Wars Puzzle is EXACTLY What I Was Talking About

3D Death Star PuzzleSource:
Though back in the day, it was more landmarks. Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge, I want to say the Statue of Liberty but in case I’m wrong, I’ll leave it as I want to say. I knew people with those but none of them were as interesting to me as the real things and I had a weird reaction to the foam that reminded me of floats at the swimming pool. All that said, the second I saw the fact this one was the Death Star and I am, arguably, one of the biggest nerds in the galaxy, I knew I had to have it. Feel the same?

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4. This ‘Droids of the Resistance’ Puzzle is the FUN Kind of Hard

C3-PO, R2D2 and BB8 PuzzleSource:
School won’t tell or show you this, but that is a thing. Not everything that’s difficult has to be boring or frustrating. It can actually be the most fun you’ve had in ages, and with 1000 pieces and a photo mosaic design, I can guarantee you LITERAL hours of fun. I mean days, if you’re anything like me, but I’m slow more or less all of the time, especially where spotting Star Wars scenes is concerned. Imagine looking for a corner and spotting Lando Calrissian on the landing bay in Cloud City. Would you put that piece in right away? Thought not.

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5. Millennium Falcon in Puzzle Form, Could You Ask For More?

Millenium Falcon PuzzleSource:
There can’t be a collection of Star Wars puzzles that don’t include one of the Millennium Falcon. This 1000 piece puzzle is complicated but in a way that’s going to be hella-rewarding when you frame it and hang it on your wall at the end. Not only will you have a great framed poster, you’ll have put it together yourself. Which means you’re kind of an artist in that paint-by-numbers kind of a way. “Where did you get your cool new poster from?” “I made it.” You can’t lose with that.

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6. This The Force Awakens Puzzle is Actually From the Dark Side

Worlds Most Difficult New Hope Star Wars PuzzleSource:
Sure, that makes us love it more, but it’s been specifically designed to be one of the most difficult puzzles in the world to put together. How the science works, well, Threepio didn’t tell me as I am merely a right-brained earth-dweller that can’t stand the heat, but I assume it has something to do with the fact it’s double sided, all pieces are relatively the same shape, and there’s no way to tell which side is which. LIKE I SAID, dark sided. If you long for a challenge and to be the best Star Wars puzzle Jedi in the galaxy, this one is for you. The rest of us, we can sit back and see who defenestrates who first.

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7. Who Else Loves that Rey > All Other Characters in the New Trilogy? Who Else is Also Gonna Be Pissed When they Change it to Kylo?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens PuzzleSource:
This Force Awakens jigsaw, however, won’t make you want to commit alien genocide. Rather, it’s 1000 pieces of pure art. It’s gorgeous in the way the film was, and rightfully puts Kylo Ren as an opaque centrist-type figure, primed to be ignored as he was his parents until the few minutes before he cruelly ripped Han Solo from our grasp, leaving us to deal with Disney making a Han Solo film with somebody who isn’t Han. Good going, Kylo. Really. At least Phasma and Rey are either side of him. As they should be. They are, after all, the true MVPs of the first movie of the new trilogy. Nobody cares about the dude in the mask.

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8. This Yoda Mosaic Puzzle is Jam Packed With Wisdom

Yoda PuzzleSource:
Challenging, this Star Wars puzzle is. Do or do not, a puzzle putter-together-er cares not about those things. This Yoda puzzle is another mosaic one which, you know what that means, fun for the whole family and way too much time spent identifying the scenes from the film as it’s put together, not even minding the fact it makes it brutally difficult to fathom at the best of times. This puzzle is the jigsaw version of Luke having to lift the ship out of the swamps of Dagobah so, you know. Don’t give up on Yoda and he won’t give up on you. That’s generally how the force works, I think, but since I’d use it for my own gain… SHRUG.

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9. A Puzz-3D of the Millennium Falcon Exists and All is Right with the Galaxy

Millennium Falcon 3d PuzzleSource:
Um, so when I said the 3D death star was my dream puzzle (or a variation of that theme) I was lying but didn’t know I was lying. If a single picture could be under the word ‘cool’ in a kid’s dictionary (you know, the ones with pictures, they’re so lucky), it wouldn’t be an ice cube, it’d be the Millennium Falcon in 3D. Imagine displaying the final product in your room forever. Whatever room you wanted even. By a window! You know, for when it’s not globally warmed out there and you can see the stars.

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10. Star Wars: Rogue One is Commemorated in Puzzle-form Too

Star Wars: Rogue One PuzzleSource:
Rogue One was a heck of a film. I’m so glad there’s a Star Wars puzzle that’s based around the lore of that film because it fits into the story so well that without the backstory, there’d always be an, “Okay but–” between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. How did Leia and the Rebel Alliance get the plans? How did they know there was a weakness in the Death Star? The weakness couldn’t have been overlooked by scientists and designers that would’ve been force-choked if they made an active mistake, right? Rogue One fills in all the blanks and continues the tradition of badass women that keep the galaxy from imploding. Jyn Erso, we salute you.

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11. The Ultimate, Legendary Star Wars Saga Puzzle of Your Dreams

Star Wars The Legacy PuzzleSource:
Are you ready for 5000 pieces of pure joy? Of course you are! You’re here and all Discover Geek brings you is joy. Right? Riiight? (Check out our Star Wars pops and Deadpool action figures if you don’t buy it). This puzzle’s art is my favorite thing about it, and like a lot of the others, you’ll be able to frame and display it to anybody lucky enough to set foot in your home that gets to see it. If there are Star Wars fans you desperately want to be friends with but don’t know how to start up a conversation, tell them about this puzzle. Tell them you need help. Tell them they can have it once you finish it or that you’ll get one for them for their birthday and they’re gonna be all over that. You are one with the Force, padageek. The Force is one with you.

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