Deadpool Action Figures: They’re Everybody’s Best Friend!

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Oh. Hi. It’s m– alright, I admit it, it’s not Deadpool. Not this time. But I subscribe to the Church of Pool, which means I’m as full of dirty jokes and Wolverine-lust as he is. When you can’t get the best worst Superhero in the business, just get a writer!

To follow the grand tradition of collectibles, and the wishing that they’d been this cool when we were growing up, we’ve found a bunch of Deadpool action figures to engage in PG activity with your My Little Ponies.

A’hm. After you…

1. Express Himself with this Revoltech Deadpool Action Figure

Deadpool Amecome Yamaguchi Action FigureSource:
Pose him in every way under the sun the joints will handle. Live vicariously through his downward dog and the splits which, by the way, ow? This poseable figure is phenomenally made for displaying and for taking photographs. It’s even got different eyes to change his expressions. When he sees a bad guy? Use the narrow ones. When he sees a taco? Chimichanga! That’s what I call love.

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2. Marvel’s Alternate Reality’s Deadpool Has Boobies, Oh Yeah

Lady Deadpool Action FigureSource:
Wanda Wilson takes the reins as Lady Deadpool, defender of the brave, Countess of the Clink, etc etc etc. Basically, Earth-3010’s counterpart to the regular world’s Deadpool possesses qualities he doesn’t. And I’m not talking the v-word. She flies around in a ship named after Monday’s favorite Golden Girl, the Bea Arthur, and can be found playing guitar when she’s not busy taking on the world. Lady Deadpool is basically awesome, and so is her action figure.

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3. Deadpool Takes a Ride in a Rocket… Kinda

Deadpool Rocket Ride Action FigureSource:
Take a load off. There’s plenty of room in this made-for-kids playground rocket for two. Plenty. In his free time, Deadpool likes to relive his contemporary years by playing on swings or going down slides; chain-smoking under the bleachers, writing Logan sucks D on one of the bathroom stalls. Things have sure changed since he was just a little, less scarred Wade Wilson. He has to double up his legs. But there’s still room. Or just put this wicked figure on your shelf next to Chewbacca and watch him rock.

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4. This Top of the Line Deadpool Action Figure Might Set Your Heart Ablaze

Marvel Classics Deadpool Action FigureSource:
Then you guys can run off and create a tag team of cool, burned people. Everyone wins! (The soreness will go away once the nerves are damaged or by simply not giving a flying duck. So Wade would say.) The level of detail on this figure is impeccable. If you click through some of the photographs in the reviews, you’ll see just how detailed. Set your camera to macro and pose this guy however you want for some amazing Deadpool-y shots. Alas, the alcohol is not included. A legion of armament, however, is.

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5. Funko has a Mass of Deadpool Pops Right at Our Disposal

Marvel Deadpool with Rubber Chicken PopSource:
And I think this one of him with a rubber chicken just says everything there is to say about Deadpool without us having to actively open our mouths to say it. In a way, that’s more preferred and the sign of a brilliant POP! One of the best things about the Funko collections is how experimental they get with some of their figures. (See Fallout bobbleheads for more!) I’m sure if Deadpool was here, he’d let us know how he feels about having a bunch of effigies in his honor. (You know profanities will be involved.)

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6. Marvel’s X-Force Deadpool is a Silver Fox

Marvel Universe X-Force Deadpool Action FigureSource:
Eat your hearts out both George Clooney and that budget Australian version who sings. (I’m kidding, Hugh Jackman). Play Arts Kai does some EXCELLENT work. Their Wonder Woman action figures are some of our favorites. They really know what they’re doing when it comes to making comic book collectibles that make a girl drool, and this white Deadpool action figure is no less badass. Orange might be the new black, but white never goes out of style.

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7. The Diamond Select Deadpool Comes With A Wall

Deadpool Action FigureSource:
And I’m not talking Pink Floyd’s. This is an actual wall that provides a base for the fully posable Deadpool. The Merc with the mouth has many forms, but it’s only in Diamond Select’s that his form comes with a base as a backdrop that doesn’t take you out of the moment completely. Display him or let your kid that shouldn’t be watching or reading Deadpool (or yourself), play with him.

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8. This Animated Chibi-style Deadpool Figure is Adorable

Gentle Giant Deadpool StatueSource:
If you want to revive your life and your household with the pitter-patter of tiny new feet and cursing, consider adopting a Deadpool action figure of your very own. Your life is about to become fun, adventurous, kind of insanely naughty, and maybe a little absurd, but how could you say no to this face? If you did, he’d walk away like Charlie Brown and he’d be sad. Do you want to be responsible for a baby Deadpool in tears?

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9. How About Kidpool? He Might Be Older But He’s Still Got Feelings

Deadpool-Kidpool StatueSource:
And a katana that he knows how to use enough to take Kill Bill’s The Bride in a battle. Factory Entertainment’s collection of Deadpool metal miniatures are amazing additions to any comic book fan’s collection. And when we say metal, they’re literally metal-metal. They’re metal-if-Slipknot-was-a-Deadpool action figure-metal. Party on Garth, party on Wade.

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10. Bored of Nodding Bulldogs? Get a Deadpool Wacky Wobbler Instead?

Deadpool Wacky WobblerSource:
These things are what everyone used to picture when they heard “bobblehead”. Whenever you’re stuck in traffic, this neat little Deadpool figure will call attention to your cause, your aggravation, your…amazing taste. Deadpool will bob his head along to whatever kind of music you like to listen to. If you’re a podcast person, he’ll bob along to that too and throw up his trademark thumb to passing cars. Or the finger if they cut you off.

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11. With Great Power, Comes Great Square Enix Action Figures

Square Enix Marvel Deadpool Action FigureSource:
Square Enix aren’t irresponsible, but it’s in Deadpool’s best interest he stays that way. A superhero is supposed to have no weaknesses. Then again, a superhero isn’t supposed to break the fourth wall either, and Deadpool does that better than anyone. This realistic action figure looks amazing next to the other Play Arts Kai figures and may or may not photobomb them at any chance it gets.

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12. A Face Only A Mother Could Love… to Slap

Deadpool Without Mask PopSource:
Deadpool’s mask is removed in this Deadpool Funko POP! Dressed in his X-Force uniform — does his ass look big in this? — and unmasked, Wade Wilson is ready to fight. You can see why a guy might be a little self-conscious. That is until he’s naked, but that’s a whole other thing and he really has to love somebody for it. This POP vinyl will look killer next to all your others.

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13. The Marvel Legends Series Deadpool Figurine Comes with a Bunch of Different Accessories

Legends Series Deadpool Action FigureSource:
Those accessories include weaponry, an alternate expression, and, to honor Deadpool from our hearts to his stomach, a taco. (Man, do I want a taco.) This Deadpool action figure looks fun-as-hell to play around with, whether you want to just play or take photographs of him like with some of the others. I sure wish we’d had camera phones when I had my WWF figures, I’ll tell you.

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14. Good Smile’s Nendoroid Deadpool Figure Has Lost His Pants

Nendoroid Deadpool Action FigureSource:
American pants, that is. We can’t have him losing the others. There are kids present!! This figure is so amazing and my favorite. He comes with different, chibi-like expressions that give him a little color (if that color is red). I really like this take on Deadpool, even if he’d be a bit reluctant to my calling him cute without buying him a drink first. Is Deadpool a cocktail man?

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15. Deadpool Joins the Men in Black, Galaxy Defenders

Deadpool Black Suit ArtFX StatueSource:
Kidding. He is wearing black though and better than either of the agents from those films and comics could. This is a Deadpool statue that takes classy and turns it into sassy. Crouched in the preparation of using his sword, it does make me curious what he’s thinking. “Man, this combination is way better than black-on-red”? “Ouch, my back!”? I bet we’ll never know.

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16. What the DUCK! Deadpool is Ready for Bath Time – Where Did He Put his Loofah?

Bath Time Deadpool PopSource:
I told you there was a wicked selection of Deadpool pops, did I not? Once again, I ought to shun the non-believer. (Shuuuun!) You got your Deadpool shoes, didn’t you? Was I wrong about those? DIDN’T THINK SO. Wade takes a shower in a shower cap for a lot of different reasons. We could get started on guessing any of them, or we could let the guy live his life and do with the rubber ducky as he will.

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17. Who Looks Better in Yellow and Blue? Deadpool or That Other Guy?

Marvel Gallery Deadpool Variant StatueSource:
There was a time that Deadpool temporarily joined the X-Men. You can understand why, at the end of the day, he works alone, but the idea of him in a room with so many other people, slowly getting frustrated enough to show their mutant powers is just plain funny. This statue has Deadpool in his X-Men costume, and like the title says, he looks so much better in it than the dude whose name rhymes with Pulverine.

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18. Super Deadpool Balances on Some Warehouse Rafters

Deadpool ArtFX StatueSource:
Is he aiming for the weapons or the wig? He’d look so good as Ronald McDonald. They do do tacos there, right? And Ronny McDonny does get free stuff, I imagine? Foolproof plan, the end. You can even put the wig on him if you want, or really have him wield any of the weapons that come with the set. Our favorite? The cute Deadpool flag. Duh.

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