18 Fallout Bobbleheads That Will Look Amazing In Your Shelter

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The world of Fallout has only one downside. That downside is for those gamers who want to excel in everything because it’s damn near impossible to! There’s always going to be a perk you want more than the one you just leveled up. Thing is, it’s so addictive and amazing, we keep on playing.

In fact, we love it so much that we’ve ranked our 18 favorite Fallout bobbleheads for any self-respecting Pip-head — like us — who just can’t get enough.

1. A Limited Edition GOLD Pip-Boy Funko Bobblehead That’ll Make Your Heart POP!

Vault Boy Gold Funko PopSource: amazon.com
Who needs Oscar when you’ve got this guy resting on the mantle you just ripped out from the dilapidated house next door and put into yours? I’ll tell you: not you, and not I.

Get the Gold Vault Boy Funko Pop on amazon.com

2. Pip-boy Is Experiencing Some Intense Nerd Rage In This Funko Fallout Mystery Mini Bobblehead

Fallout Funko Nerd RageSource: amazon.com
I have never before related to a figurine more in my life. (She says, peering longingly at the hole made in her bedroom door when she couldn’t beat the worm in Final Fantasy X.)

Get the Fallout Funko Mini Nerd Rage on amazon.com

3. A Fallout 4 Dogmeat Pop Vinyl That’s Gonna Make You Regret Switching Your Companion

Fallout 4 Dogmeat Funko Pop!Source: popinabox.us
Dogmeat is my favorite part of Fallout 4. The look on my face when I realized I could make a dog my companion for the duration of the game can only be described in gif form:

Get the Fallout 4 Dogmeat Funko Pop! on popinabox.us

4. This Female Lone Wanderer Funko Bobblehead Puts The Dorbz In, Well, Dorbz

Female Lone Wanderer PopSource: popinabox.us
And who can blame her for being this happy? A world where you get to be alone all the time? Sign me up. (But you guys can come.)

Get the Fallout Female Lone Wanderer Dorbz on popinabox.us

5. Doesn’t This John Hancock Funko POP! Make You Wanna Give Him A Hug?

FALLOUT 4 JOHN HANCOCK POP!Source: popinabox.us
The only companion I would (temporarily, emphasis on) leave Dogmeat for. The ghoul mayor of Goodneighbor is proof looks are deceiving.

Get the Fallout 4 John Hancock Bobblehead on popinabox.us

6. Think Of One Thing Better Than Power Armor And You’ll Get A Power Armor Dorbz Bobblehead

It was such a pain getting the armor and even more of one remembering where you left it that I feel as though rewarding yourself with a cute bobblehead of it is a given.

Get the Fallout Power Armor Dorbz on popinabox.us

7. A Pip-boy POP! That Glows In The Dark Without Being Radioactive???

Fallout Glow in the Dark Pop!Source: popinabox.us
Get outta Concord! We love our Fallout Bobbleheads even more when they’re exclusives like this dude. The lack of radiation is just a bonus at this point. I’m going to call him Chernobyl.

Get the Fallout Glow in the Dark Bobblehead on popinabox.us

8. This Super Mutant POP! Will Make You Forget That One Time He Beat You To Death

Fallout Super Mutant Pop!Source: popinabox.us
Or, like, twelve times. I (almost) guarantee it. And look how cute he is! Mutants need love too. Don’t make me make an RSPCA style video utilizing Sarah McLachlan songs because I will…

Get the Fallout Super Mutant Pop! on popinabox.us

9. Could The Locksmith Pip-boy Be The Funko POP! Who Could Come In The Most… Handy?

Fallout Locksmith Funko Pop!Source: amazon.com
Elizabeth is envious that a lock isn’t included in the BioShock merchandise list. Who’s got time to wait around to find single lockpicks when there are boxes of them hanging out in Diamond City? Come on.

Get the Fallout Locksmith Funko Pop! on amazon.com

10. No Funko Fallout Mystery Minis Collection Is Complete Without The Reaper Bobblehead

Funko Fallout Grim Reaper's SprintSource: amazon.com
Don’t fear him, he’s never heard of Blue Oyster Cult. What do you mean, “How”? He’s a vault boy and a perk. Duh???

Get the Funko Fallout Grim Reaper’s Sprint on amazon.com

11. Wanna Know What The Military Is Building In Area 51? Look No Further Than This Liberty Prime POP! Bobblehead

Fallout Liberty Prime Pop!Source: popinabox.us
A distant cousin of Optimus Prime, Liberty is way cooler because he’s made up of human technology rather than alien like those stupid Transformers. (You know it’s all about Bumble Bee.)

Get the Fallout Liberty Prime Bobblehead on popinabox.us

12. The Perks Of Being A Vault-Tec Bobblehead: You Can Barter!

Fallout 4 Vault Boy BarterSource: amazon.com
Tell me now: is there anything the Vault boy can’t do? I’ll give you a couple of days to come up with an answer other than “no”…

Get the Fallout 4 Vault Boy Barter Bobblehead on amazon.com

13. This Nick Valentine Funko POP! Might Give You The Willies

Fallout Nick Valentine PopSource: popinabox.us
But he’ll do it in style and help you along the way as he does it. I could stand to have Nick as my companion. Plus: you’ll get to hang out with Ellie. (Dreamysigh.)

Get the Fallout Nick Valentine Pop on popinabox.us

14. The Mysterious Stranger Vault Boy Dorbz Might Kill You With Cute

Fallout Vault Boy Mysterious Stranger DorbzSource: popinabox.us
Or his gun, but he tries not to use that as long as he’s dressed like an extra from Bugsy Malone.

Get the Fallout Vault Boy Mysterious Stranger Dorbz on popinabox.us

15. Finally, A Codsworth POP! Figure That Makes Him Much Less Annoying

Fallout Codsworth Pop!Source: popinabox.us
Codsworth is an amalgamation of motherly chores and dad jokes. He’s like marmite in that you love him, even if you hate him. At least the super cute vinyl figure version can’t talk.

Or can he?

Get the Fallout Codsworth Pop! on popinabox.us

16. A Fallout Vault Boy Dorbz Who Is Adamant(ium) He’ll Give You A Good Time

Fallout Adamantium Skeleton DorbzSource: amazon.com
And I just dissed Codsworth for his jokes. Don’t you love it when the hunter becomes the hunted? I will also take one of these skeleton onesies.

Get the Fallout Adamantium Skeleton Dorbz on amazon.com

17. Funko Mystery Minis Female Raider: Angel Of Darkness Bobblehead

Funko Fallout Mystery Minis Female RaiderSource: ebay.com
See what I did there with the Tomb Raider reference? No? Well, that’s why I told you, yay! And now we laugh!

Get the Funko Fallout Mystery Minis Female Raider on ebay.com

18. Fancy A Surprise? Why Not Pick Up The Box Of 12 Fallout Mystery Figurines?

Fallout Mystery Minis 12 MinisSource: amazon.com
The only thing greater than getting a toy is getting a toy and not knowing what it is until you open the packet. It reminds me both of the 90s and Advent Calendars. WINNING COMBO, IF YOU ASK ME.

Get the Fallout Mystery Minis 12 Figurines on amazon.com