Pokemon Jewelry! Try to Catch ’em All!

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You gotta! It’s the rules of Pokemon. So it’s been, what, a year since the release of the worldwide phenomenon (that took over so many of our lives and helped us shed weight) Pokemon Go? On the one hand, I have trouble believing it, but on the other, I’m forever wishing to recapture the magic I felt over the first few months of its run.

I just really love Pokemon and I know I’m not alone in it. There are other new Pokemon games and they’re all well and good, but it was actual going out that really made Go stand out. I will remember the first time I hatched a Dragonair for the rest of my life.

Because Pokemon has been a staple for the last twenty years (Jesus…), there’s a lot of cool stuff out there, and after seeing one of a few cool Pokemon necklaces, it just makes sense we start with Pokemon jewelry.

Ready geeklets? Let’s get stylish.

1. Pikachu is Golden, not Yellow (It was the 90s)

Gold Pikachu NeckalceSource: thinkgeek.com
Maybe they’re one in the same, depending on who you are, but with this Pikachu necklace, you get to keep Ash’s number one Pokemon with you at all times. Pikachu is the right Pokemon to have as your starter. He’s loyal, he’ll do anything to protect you, and if you want to go to a rave, he can supply the lightning that’ll make fellow ravers buy your drinks. Forget Zeus. As far as Lightning Gods go, Pikachu has it covered in the tiniest, most adorable package with a voice you wouldn’t believe could belong to a ball that could very easily turn into your death sentence. I’d say it’s wise to keep him around (your neck).

Get the Pikachu Gold Necklace on thinkgeek.com

2. If Your Ears Are Pierced, You’ll Agree that Earring Packs are THE BEST

Pokémon Pikachu 3-Pack Earrings SetSource: thinkgeek.com
None are more whatever-the-word-is-for-“most best” than a pack of Pokemon earrings. Packs let you mix and match, so if you’re not feeling like wearing a pair of matching studs or you’ve lost one of the Pikachus at the Doctor’s office (true anecdote, more on it later if you ask nicely), it really doesn’t matter. You can still wear your cool Pokemon earrings any way you like. This set comes with Pikachu, Pokeballs, and lightning bolts. Even if Pikachu isn’t your favorite Pokemon, you can’t deny how freakin’ cute he is.


Can you?

Get the Pokémon Pikachu 3-Pack Earrings Set on thinkgeek.com

3. Keep Your Pokemon in Your Heart Always (LITERALLY) With this Poké Ball Necklace

Poké Ball Heart NecklaceSource: thinkgeek.com
Do you think whoever designed Poké Balls in the franchise ever thought about making them different shapes? I mean, yes, they’re balls and you throw them at the Pokemon to catch them (and will if you’re lucky, looking at you 11HP Snorlax), but do balls have to be round? Wait, let me rephrase that. Do Poké Balls have to be round? Couldn’t they be different shapes like stars or hearts and you could just throw those at them? Or would it hit the Pokemon on the head? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN? Sorry, I got carried away. Just wear your heart around your neck with some Pokemon jewelry like this and maybe they’ll come running anyway.

Get the Poké Ball Heart Necklace on thinkgeek.com

4. If You’re More Water than Electric, Get Some Squirtle Earrings!

Squirtle Earrings 3-PackSource: entertainmentearth.com
I’m a fire girl, but I can’t act like I didn’t love using my water Pokémon to oust damn Dragonites from gyms back in the day. We all like different things, right? Squirtle is as adorable as the other starter Pokémon, and the stud selection in this pack of earrings follow suit. Like the Pikachu ones as well, there are studs of his face but in place of the lightning bolts, there are drops of water. Makes sense, right? Dowse your Charmander friends with your Squirtle earrings and see how they like it. At the worst, you can cool them off when it’s too hot outside…

Get the Squirtle 3-Pack Earrings Set on entertainmentearth.com

5. I Love Mew, Do You Love Mewtwo?

Mew EarringsSource: amazon.com
Ah, the glorious, most rare Pokémon of them all. To my recollection, that is. Back in the day, they were pretty much impossible to catch and none of the Pokémon cards I ever took PURELY BY ACCIDENT from the comic book shop were ever going to be of him/her. Display your love of Mew with these adorable earrings OR, if you’re a charmer like that, get them for the fellow geek you’re into because of them, too, being the rarest find of them all. Awww, no, see? Pokemon jewelry can be as romantic as geeky engagement rings.

Get the Mew Earrings on amazon.com

6. This Charm Bracelet Literally Has Caught ’em All

Pokemon BraceletSource: amazon.com
Do you think they spent any actual money on getting credits for Pokemon Go to attach the Pokémon as adorable charms? I hope so because I don’t want to be the only one who did that in the search for my Snorlax. (I caught my first and only by bolting across a busy road when tracking still worked because I live on the wild side when it comes to Pokemon). There’s a bunch of Pokemon bracelets out there but this one was too adorable for us not to put on the list first. Silver looks good with anything, remember that!

Get the Pokemon Bracelet on amazon.com

7. Team Rocket Blasting off at the Speed of Light!

Team Rocket 3-Pack Earrings SetSource: thinkgeek.com

Surrender now or prepare to wear these amazing Team Rocket earrings that appeal to my villainous sensibilities. James is my Poke-idol, just in case you wanted to know that.

Team Rocket have what the kids call “swag”, like to play with gender norms and, in general, provide a campy pseudo-bad guy syndicate for Ash and the others. If I’m gonna wear Pokemon jewelry while I play Pokemon (that I am inevitably going to re-download after this), it’s going to be of Team Rocket. With these studs, you get Rs and Meowth with your Poké balls. Who doesn’t want a Meowth? The internet is obsessed with cats and because we’re the creators of so many cat memes, we geeks know how powerful they truly are.

Get the Team Rocket 3-Pack Earrings Set on thinkgeek.com

8. How Electrifyin’ is this Pikachu Tail Necklace?

Pikachu's Tail NecklaceSource: amazon.com
I won’t tell you how we got our hands on it, but I will say animal rights activists wouldn’t be pleased and it’s hard to get electric mice cast in gold. OH, the badness. Now you see why I like Team Rocket, don’t you? I’d never actually wear a piece of Pikachu unless I had no other choice, which is why it’s good I’m kidding and this gold pendant is just that: a gold pendant of Pikachu’s tail. Ever noticed it looks like a lightning bolt? I’m pretty sure the God Zeus would wear this because of it.

Do Greek Gods exist in Pokemon mythos?

Get the Pikachu’s Tail Necklace on amazon.com

9. We’re Not Going to Leave Out Our Favorite Flower Turtle

Bulbasaur Stud EarringsSource: entertainmentearth.com
This one is for the earth signs and the earth lovers. Bulbasaur can be found in rolling hills and expansive grassland. (If my experience is anything to go by as well, cemeteries). Bulbasaur is secretly an adorable little pet, replacing your dog or cat or whatever it is you have, meaning they can stay indoors when they don’t want to go out in the rain while your Bulbasaur blossoms and helps you catch other Pokemon. It works out for everyone. These studs are as adorable as the others, so if you’re a Bulbasaur fan and want cute Pokemon jewelry that’s not super out there, look no further!

Get the Bulbasaur Stud Earrings on entertainmentearth.com

10. Snorlax Earrings, Because He Pretty Much is Everyone’s Spirit Animal

Snorlax EarringsSource: amazon.com

I challenge you to find a single person of our generation (or any) that doesn’t find exhilaration in the words snore and lax. I’m a lax kind of a person. I’d probably be a Snorlax if I was a Pokemon, even if I prefer the fire types and Dragonair is the cutest to me overall. I’m lazy, tall, fairly non-violent I like to think, which totally conflicts with my Team Rocket sensibilities. Now if only the two would join together. Can you imagine a Snorlax on Team Rocket with Jessie, James, and Meowth? Can you imagine what such a team could do? Together?

I’ll leave that thought with you. (Team Rocket, call me).

Get the Snorlax Earrings on amazon.com

11. You Hear Pokemon Jewelry, Surely You Think Eevee, Right?

Eevee Earrings 3-PackSource: entertainmentearth.com.com
Eevee might not be one of the starter Pokemon, but she’s one of the most versatile. She’s the Prince of the Pokemon. The BOWIE, if you will. There are so many different Eeveelutions that really, there’s no limit to how many is too many. You can have fifty Eevees and you’re still going to want more, because what if it turns into one of the rarer Eeveelutions? What if you’ve got, on your hands, one of the cutest Pokemon in the entire history of Pokemon species? Look, I just really like Eevee, and I really like these earrings with the two different sorts of Poke Balls too. You’re going to need EEVEEn stronger ones to catch the best.

Get the Eevee Earrings 3-Pack on entertainmentearth.com.com

12. Flatter Someone By Giving Them This Crystal Poke Ball Necklace

Poké Ball Crystal NecklaceSource: thinkgeek.com.com
Alternatively, keep it for yourself and look great while you’re wearing it. I mentioned earlier how silver goes with everything and it does. There’s a reason a LOT of chains are silver. (The only exceptions to this are with things like Harry Potter bracelets, as you couldn’t really have a Gryffindor pendant on a silver chain, could you?) The crystal in the center of the Poké Ball gives it a unique, classy look. Who said us geeks couldn’t be classy? There’s loads of awesome geeky jewelry out there that is not only amazing because of its fandom, but because it makes us LOOK amazing because of it.

Get the Poké Ball Crystal Necklace on thinkgeek.com.com

13. Meowth, That’s Right! Meowth is Neowth a Necklace

Meowth NecklaceSource: entertainmentearth.com
Might I suggest pairing your deliciously awesome Meowth necklace with your Team Rocket earrings? You could even go double Meowth if you pick those studs for the day. There’s nothing wrong with a little–are you ready for this? I hope you’re ready for it because I am, feel free to groan if you like–double trouble. This cute little enamel character necklace is a great addition to any jewelry box.

Get the Meowth Necklace on entertainmentearth.com

14. Here You Go, Congrats! You’ve Got a Mewtwo Now

Mewtwo NecklaceSource: thinkgeek.com
Let’s face it, having Mewtwo on a necklace is the closest 99% of us are going to get to owning a Mewtwo in any Pokemon platform, physical or otherwise. If you have this in your Pokemon jewelry collection, you’re technically not lying if you tell somebody you’ve got a Mewtwo. Because you have. It’s on a chain and it’s wearable and it might not be able to beat out any Jigglypuffs for any reason, but it’s Mewtwo.

And don’t let them forget it!

Get the Mewtwo Necklace on thinkgeek.com

15. Darwin’s Theory of Eeveelution: Now in the Form of Earrings

Eevee Evolutions EarringsSource: amazon.com
The six evolutions of Eevee are why Eevee is one of pretty much everybody’s favorite Pokemon. We all have our reasons for liking different ones; some of us like what powers they have above others or what XP they have, some of us (like myself) just like how cool they look. Umbreon looks kind of like he was ripped from the tombs of the Ancient Egyptians and therefore, understandably I’m sure, he’s mine. What about you? I mean they’re all pretty cute, even as earrings, so we’re not about to lose out anytime soon.

Get the Eevee Evolutions Earrings on amazon.com

16. Na na na na na, Gettin’ Jigglypuff With It!

Jigglypuff EarringsSource: amazon.com
I won’t deny that Jigglypuff is one of the most popular of the pocket monsters. If I did, it would be a great disservice to all the people I’ve known over the years who have liked him, as well as my musical roots. The Jiggly might not be rare, but it’s very much still sought after. Its crooning can keep you calm in the night and, if it’s angry, it can send out a note so shrill, anyone trying to harm you will be knocked to their feet. But he’s so cuddly, you say! I say yes, but at least if he’s on your earrings, your Pikachu might not accidentally explode.

Get the Jigglypuff Earrings on amazon.com

17. Blasting off at the Speed of Light, Be Part of Team Rocket in this Necklace

Team Rocket NecklaceSource: thinkgeek.com
They’re not too smart for evil geniuses, and you can’t expect two people that dress so well and are so witty to have everything. Brains, well, they’re a little lacking sometimes. Especially James. If you were to put a wig on and one of these necklaces, you could easily sneak into their headquarters to be one of them. What more could you ask for than some Pokemon jewelry that can serve you in your cosplay as well?

Get the Team Rocket Necklace on thinkgeek.com

18. These Charmander Earrings Deliver a Smooth Burn

CCharmander Earrings 3-PackSource: entertainmentearth.com
Not to your earlobes, don’t worry. They’re hot and you’ll look hot in them. Hot, cool, or both. I’ve even seen Ash wearing these when Pikachu isn’t around which…I feel like if Pika knew, would hurt him. For a hero, Ash isn’t exactly the most selfless of human creatures, sometimes he accidentally takes advantage of his friends and his best little yellow friend. You don’t have to do that. Nobody is asking you or anyone to affiliate themselves with only one Pokemon. Wear whatever Pokemon you like!

Get the Charmander Earrings 3-Pack on entertainmentearth.com

19. Pokemon Go… Get Your Charms

Pokemon Charm BraceletSource: amazon.com
What team are you part of? I have to admit, when it came to choosing a team, my decision came down to two fairly shallow things: 1) which instructor looked the coolest and 2) my favorite color of the three. Between us, I’d heard bad things about yellow and so I avoided them, which I’m not proud of. I was tempted. I do like yellow and I like the underdogs, but Valor got my association. Their loss, really, I suck at gym battles and keep Pokemon I find in places like mementos. This charm bracelet has all three of the team symbols on it and a cute Pikachu to boot!

Get the Pokemon Charm Bracelet on amazon.com

20. Sparkle Wherever You Go in Your New Jewel-Encrusted Poké Ball Ring

Pokémon Poké Ball RingSource: thinkgeek.com
The hard thing about buying rings like this in the geek world is ring sizes. Personally, I’ve got small fingers on big hands, so that makes my fingers bigger than what even a large ladies ring would be in some cases. Geek ones don’t even come in multiple sizes all the time. THIS ONE DOES. FINALLY. This ring is entirely adjustable so it doesn’t matter what size your fingers are. Even Bulbasaur could wear this baby.

Get the Pokémon Poké Ball Ring on thinkgeek.com

21. Pikachu Can’t Wait to See You Again

Pikachu NecklaceSource: amazon.com
Look how happy he is! Why not make it so he never has to say goodbye? There’s plenty of Pikachu necklaces here, so you can take your pick of which one you want to get to wear to keep him with you, but don’t count this one out. It’s way too cute and I’d hate to see you do it to yourself. Plus, since Ash has been sporting his Charmander earrings, I hear Pika’s in the market for a new trainer… Just a few little whisperings on the wind.

Get the Pikachu Necklace on amazon.com