12 Must-Have Game of Thrones Shirts That Are Stylish AF

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Valar morghulis, geeklets! That is unless you have impeccable taste in fashion and own one if not more of the following Game of Thrones shirts we’re about to share with you.

If you can dress, you don’t have to morghulis anywhere if you know what I mean. While us here at Discover Geek are unsure whether or not we are ready for the show to end, I can sure tell you we’re on the edge of our seats for the next season of Game of Thrones.

We’re not ready to say goodbye to Westeros yet! Heck, we’re still not ready to say goodbye to Middle Earth either and, we’re surprised Peter Jackson let go of the dead horse before we did. (JK, Peter. You are truly a legend of all geeks).

Now settle back, settle in, and prepare yourselves for these awesome must-have Game of Thrones shirts.

1. Here’s Who You Should Vote For in Every Fictional Election

stark targaryen game of thrones shirtSource: Amazon

It's not like it would be the first time that King's Landing has seen an incestuous pair of running mates in charge. Jaime and Cersei may be model beautiful but I don't think any of us have forgiven them for introducing us to the spawn of Satan, Joffrey. Because that's really what he was. At least Dany and Jon Snow kind of want peace? It doesn't have any effect on us either way, but like in our world, we should still vote even if we think that way. Show your support for the Stark/Targaryen ticket in this fabulous campaign Game of Thrones shirt.

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2. Huh, I Thought Babe Ruth Would’ve Been a Baratheon

house stark raglan baseball jerseySource: Amazon

I mean, assuming he ate his own candy bars, it would make sense. The Baratheons are known for their indulgences. This is in STARK contrast (see what I did there?) to those who dwell in Winterfell, who consistently live and fight to survive another day. And die. A lot. (RIP Sean Bean. You should have known what would happen given your acting history). We joke for a reason. When your house has produced an awesome character such as Arya, you get all the Game of Thrones shirt representation you need. Fight me.

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3. Save Time by Being Honest Right Away

tyrion lannister shirt got quoteSource: Amazon

Tyrion Lannister is popular with the ladies because he's honest and to the point. Is he going to commit? Probably not, but then he's never said he would. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in character and that's why he's as beloved as he is. Besides, anyone who knew Joffrey was bad news deserves free access to all of the brothels in King's Landing. Next time you're setting up a dating profile and get stuck on what to say, ask yourself WWTD: What would Tyrion do? And do it. Because life is short. And this Tyrion shirt is awesome.

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4. You’ll Never Need to Use Google Maps Again

westeros map shirtSource: Amazon

I don't entirely believe that any of the characters in Game of Thrones find their way around the place without using Google maps. I can barely find the way to the end of my road without it and I'm not on horseback. It is pretty annoying when your battery dies though, so having a Game of Thrones shirt like this one could only serve you and the characters positively (if you're wearing it when you're lost in Westeros). Honestly? I feel like even Dany's dragons would benefit from this one. It does come in a bunch of different sizes.

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5. Be the Parent of Dragons You Were Born to Be

targaryen sigil shirtSource: Zavvi

Mother or father, young or old, Khaleesi or total pauper, we all ought to get the chance to have our own pet dragon if we want it. The way to their hearts is if the Dennis Quaid movie Dragon Heart is anything to go by, directly through their chest. But if you'd prefer the dragon actually stayed alive after the fact, it would probably be much better to slip into one of these Targaryen shirts, pledge your allegiance to the Khaleesi, and you know, not go anywhere near a spear that can pierce through dragon scale. Just a suggestion.

Get this Targaryen t-shirt on zavvi.com

6. So This is Why the Lannisters Go Quiet During Baseball Season

lannister lions sports teeSource: Donkey Tees

Usually, when the Lannisters are quiet there is some intensive plotting going on somewhere in the ranks. We've all seen enough Game of Thrones to know that's the case. That's just how they are and why they save their loud and terrifying noises for when their home is under attack. When that happens, it's the plebeians that do the roaring. Cersei is much too busy wearing gorgeous dresses, looking as gorgeous, and being slightly if-not-a-villain-then-a-bit-evil. She might spare you if you wear this Game of Thrones shirt.

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7. You’re on Fire in This Game of Thrones Shirt

stannis baratheon sigil shirtSource: Zavvi

It wouldn't be a complete set of Game of Thrones shirts if there wasn't a Baratheon one to round up the ranks. It would be like a Hogwarts clothing line without any Hufflepuffs (which would be the house to accidentally be forgotten, even if they did have Cedric Diggory). It just wouldn't make sense. The Baratheons are the House of #YOLO and it's because of it that we enjoy them the way they do. All that said, it was Renly that first showed kindness to Brienne and because Brienne and Arya should totally be the sole survivors of the book GRRM will never release, his entire kingdom gets a thumbs up from us.

Get this Baratheon Sigil Shirt on zavvi.com

8. Casterly Rock Be Warned, a Stark Never Forgets

north remembers stark got shirtSource: Amazon

Being a Northerner myself, this Game of Thrones shirt might as well be a political commentary on the state of the UK, too, which is why it's one of the best out there. Northerners don't forget the wrongs that have been done to them. While they will fight for justice and for peace, once their land has been wronged, the consequences will never be light. Maybe that's what GRRM was going for, maybe not. What I can tell you is everything about this phrase is true. We do remember and we will never forget.

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9. A Song of Fire and Ice is #FAKENEWS

funny political shirt game of thronesSource: Amazon

If you don't laugh at the state of the world sometimes, you'd cry. That's the way I see it. In a world where we cannot masquerade as someone else the way Arya did when it came to Walder Frey, all we have is continuing to exist and laughter. (Also pizza and video games, but the kids in Westeros don't have that same luck). One can only hope that by the end of the series, someone makes Westeros great again. Even if it is one of the white walkers. I do love me a good zombie apocalypse and we're already covered for it thanks to this Walking Dead merchandise.

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10. Ahh, Kingslayer! My Favorite Heavy Metal Band

game of thrones kingslayer shirtSource: Donkey Tees

Lead singer Jaime Lannister has come a long way since he shoved Bran Stark out of a window. I mean, he shouldn't have been playing Peeping Tom, should he? Kids have to learn their lessons somehow and after a nice companionship with Queen of Everything, Brienne of Tarth, it was kinda impossible to dislike Jaime. He's so pretty... and he did kill the Mad King, so I would rather be on his side than against him. Pick up the Kingslayer Westeros tour Game of Thrones shirt POSTE HASTE.

Get the Kingslayer shirt on donkeytees.com

11. Groot and Hodor Walk into a Bar…

hodor groot funny geeky shirtSource: Amazon

I sense the contents of this Game of Thrones shirt is the punchline of that joke and so I really don't need to finish it. If you never thought that a Guardians of the Galaxy and Game of Thrones mash-up could ever happen, you were wrong. But happily so. It has happened and it's happened in such a way that anyone clued into the joke that is Hodor or Groot will freakin' love this Hodor/Groot shirt. They'll love it so much, they might actually kill a non-Jaime Lannister for you. Would we really be missing out on anything?

Get the Hodor and Groot conversation tee on amazon.com

12. A Mother Has to Love her Dragons

game of thrones novelty mommy shirtSource: Amazon

I'm no ma, but I think if Catelyn Stark hadn't have bitten the big one far earlier than she should have, she'd have ditched all of her dresses to wear this Game of Thrones shirt. How can I tell, you ask? Well, as the mother of Robb and Arya and not to mention having to give her home to what she thought was her husband's illegitimate child for a while. Moms are the real heroes of every story there is in the world. Superhero stories, fantasy stories, space stories; you name it. In the words of the Crow (and Silent Hill and whoever the quote can be attributed to in the first place): Mother is God. She has to be to wrangle five kids.

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