12 Super Pokemon Plushies So Cute You Can’t Even Deal

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cHoly bajesus! Plushies have gotten adorable since we were younger. After a speedy playthrough of the final Life is Strange offering, Farewell, 2/3 of us geeks at DGHQ are ready to snuggle up to our favorite geeky plushies and sob.

If you follow any of us on social media in the last week you may have seen cries of, “No!”, “Why God WHY?”, “Why can’t Chloe just have nice things??” and “Max” followed by a dozen angry-face emojis. If any of your friends love the series, they’ll have done it too.

BUT, this is about Pokemon and revisiting these adorable pocket monsters always brings things back into perspective. Eeeveen when we’re sad about other gaming franchises.

Thus, we bring you 12 Pokemon plushies that will totally dry your tears. (They’re nice to cuddle, too).

1. Pikachu is the Apple of Our Eye

pikachu plush pokemon plushieSource: ThinkGeek

In the daily trials and tribulations of some Pokemon eliciting high-pitched squeaky noises and awws from me, this Pikachu Pokemon plushie has just about broken the record. There is no human in the Jyoto region that could not have that precise reaction to this guy. On a scale of 1-Togepi in cuteness, he wipes the floor with it, mostly because I just made up the scale right now to make a point of just how cute he is. An apple-a-day might keep the doctor away, but it will also keep this Pikachu plush by your side.

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2. Vodka Dratini, Please (Shaken, Not Stirred)

dratini plushieSource: Amazon

In the days when I played Pokemon Go!, hatching a Dratini was one of the most memorable events of the patchy year that I played for. I loved him so much that even after saving up all of the Poke-candy I needed to evolve him twice, I sort of didn't want to evolve him. I did, mostly so I could get Dragonair and Dragonite in my Pokedex. Dragonair was beautiful, but I never really warmed up to the look of Dragonite. I still loved him because he was my evolved Dratini, but I spent a chunk of time trying to find another Dratini for its cuteness. With this Dratini Pokemon plushie, I don't have to try anymore!

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3. No Worries, All Eeveelutions Have Pokemon Plushies

eevee plushSource: Amazon

Choosing only one of the Eeveelutions was hard, so I thought that the reasonable thing to do would be to stick to the reason any of them exist at all: Eevee herself! We all have our preferred Eeveelution, but the one thing that binds us all is our love for their base Pokemon, for, without Eevee, there would be no Espeon and that, my geeklets, is not a gift I am willing to give up for the rights to my disbelief. Most of the Pokemon plushies I've found are super happy, but honestly? I think Eevee is the happiest of them all.  

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4. No Alola Pokemon Will Ever Be Unwanted

white vulpix plushSource: Amazon

Vulpix is adorbs, but the Alola species adapted to fit their snowy, mountainous surroundings and it just so happened that white is for sure their color. The Alola Vulpix plush stands alone amongst their Pokemon plushie counterparts too because instead of a smile, they're gasping in awe. Probably at their own reflection. But that is my take on it. It isn't canon. I'm not definitively saying that Vulpix is that vain. What I am saying is that they are so pretty, they totally could be and we wouldn't be able to blame them for it!

Get the Alola Vulpix plushie on amazon.com

5. What is Mimikyu Mimicking Now??

mimikyu plush dollSource: Amazon

Call me slow, but I only (just) realized that Mimikyu's eyes are on its body and the ragdoll Pikachu head is fake. Today I learned and today I hung my head in shame. I've gotta hand it to the little dude, he had me fooled for years. Granted, all I needed to do was buy a Pokemon book or guide or actually search for it on the net, but considering logic has never been my strong point and I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt when it comes to identity (calling a spade a spade is so boring!) I get as much of a pass as Mimikyu himself. Uh... right...?

Get this Pokemon plush Mimikyu on amazon.com

6. Snorlax is so Comfy and Relaxed, You’ll Feel it Too

snorlax plushSource: ThinkGeek

Is a Pokemon plushie being so comfy and cozy that you feel sleepy a good thing or bad? Does it depend on what time of day you clutch it to your chest to forget about the world (and what it has against Chloe in Life is Strange)? Whether you like being tired or not, you cannot deny the supreme pull of the Snorlax. With a lifestyle that can only be looked upon with awe, this big blue cushion with eyes knows how to live his best life, and it's not hard for him to become a favorite in the Pokemon world. Some days, we should all be more like Snorlax.

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7. This is Officially, Legitimately and Totally the Real Dragonite

ditto dragonite plushieSource: Amazon

I shall not hear otherwise. This is a Dragonite plush and not AT ALL a plush of Ditto disguising itself as Dragonite. That would be silly and totally transparent. I like to think I know my Pokemon well enough to know what a real Dragonite looks like and what an impostor does. Say what you will about its size, you don't know what its parents looked like. They could have been small too. Maybe they had small features. NOT EVERY POKEMON OF THE SAME SPECIES NEEDS TO LOOK THE SAME, OKAY?

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8. Pray this Teddyursa Plush Never Evolves

teddyursa pokemon plushieSource: Amazon

So, back in the days when I played Pokemon Go! (and not considering the fact I am highly debating giving it a go for the fourth time), after they released the second generation of Pokemon out into the wild I was walking my dog when GASP!  

A wild Teddyursa appeared! Clearly, I had to have it and clearly buying extra Pokeballs because I'd run out of them from grinding Pidgeys (sorry Pidgey) was worth it to catch. What could be better? I love cute things, have a connection to the night sky, and they have moons on their heads! And then I evolved the one I caught. And I haven't played since. Coincidence??

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9. You Might Have a Shiny Charizard, but do You Have PIKAZARD?

Pikachu charizard plush pikazardSource: Amazon

NOPE. At least, you don't have Pikazard yet, but this Pokemon plushie could change that. We all know Pikachu is cute, but if everybody had the same Pikachu, it would get a little boring. Pikachu is helping us out with this specific line of him dressed up as different Pokemon. Which no Pokemon has EVER done before. (What's a Ditto? Mimikwhat?) This is a totally unique trait to the Pikachu and all of the other Pokemon can sit down because literally the only thing better than a shiny Charizard, is a Mewtwo. Uh, I mean Pikachu dressed up as Charizard.

Get this Pikazard plushie on amazon.com

10. Bulbasaur is SUCH a Baller

Bulbasaur pokeball plushiesSource: ThinkGeek

Kobe Bryant eat your basketball-playing heart out, there's a new baller in town, and this one means business. Bulbasaur is here to drink Red Bull and kick ass (no seriously, apparently small amounts of caffeine can be good for plants, though whether it's good for Pokemon remains to be seen) and he is all out of Red Bull. If you're one of the smart people who picked Bulbasaur to be your starter Pokemon on Pokemon Go! or if he just simply is your favorite, this cute little plush combo is for you.

Get Bulbasaur and his pokeball on thinkgeek.com

11. Something’s FISHY About This One

Magikarp plushSource: Amazon

Stay tuna-d in to find out why. All right, all right, I'm done. (You laughed while you groaned at least, right?) The first time I caught a Magikarp, not knowing much about Pokemon before that outside of the cards I used to get from the market stall in town (literally to sell on) I could never have guessed that a hundred of these guys would amount to the badass known as Gyarados. There is something magic about them though, I guess hence the name. They look so dumb and are essentially flopping around like a fish out of water. (Because they are!) I still have my sprite in a Magikarp hat and I shall continue to (until I download the game again).

Get this cute Magikarp plush on amazon.com

12. Nope, No Lies Detected, Snorlax Really IS That Comfortable

Snorlax plush beanbag chairSource: ThinkGeek

While not technically a Pokemon plushie, this Snorlax beanbag chair is plush on the outside. I debated whether or not to include this as, if you guys are anything like me, you'll sit down on it to play Lego Batman 3 and won't get up again for hours, despite having had to use the bathroom for what feels like FOREVER. That said, nobody could blame us for finding comfort in Snorlax, especially not Snorlax himself, who is fond of the lazy life and happier than most other Pokemon and humans alike. Lie around and hug him today. No regrets. #YOLO and all that.

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