These Pokemon Shirts Will Make You Legendary

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Pokemon Go still hasn’t quite recaptured the luster a lot of us had for it last year, but since picking it up again with all of the changes that have gone on, catching Pokemon is a great activity for exercise and for a fun way to pass the time.

Here are some of our favorite Pokemon shirts that basically all of us at DGHQ would wear in a heartbeat.

1. Karp Diem: Fish in the Moment

MagiKarp T-ShirtSource:

I guess there’s something in not judging a Pokemon by its size, which is something the trainers could bear in mind when they’re telling me the 1654 HP wild Snorlax I caught is decent. Pokemon shirts can be funny, cute or inspirational, and I’d say this tank top fits all of those adjectives to a T.

(Also, at the risk of all things uncool, I shall never take my Magikarp hat off).

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2. Grow Your Own Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur T-ShirtSource:
Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could? Let me tell you how long, exactly, it took me to catch one of these things. I hadn’t even seen one in the wild until six months after I started playing, was in Paris, and realized the apartment was next to both a Bulbasaur and Charmander nest. (Just to prove how annoying that is, I live in the middle of a ton of fields). I’d still love to grow one. I would name it Coop and it would be my friend forever.

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3. Gotta Pi-catch-u All the Pokemon Shirts

Pikachu TeeSource:

Pikachu was another of the starter Pokemon that it took me ages to find. I suppose this is what I get for picking Charmander. The rest of them — bar Squirtle — avoid me like the plague. IT’S BECAUSE I’M A VALOR, ISN’T IT? Any-hoothoot, Pikachu has a vast range of emotions on this Pokemon shirt, all of which make him worthy to study inside the Actor’s Studio.

What does Pikachu want to hear God say when he reaches the pearly gates? PIKAAAAAA.

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4. A Long Sl-EEVEE-d T-Shirt to Keep You Warm

Vaporeon Long Sleeved TeeSource:
When you’re a Pokemon trainer, you don’t want to be too cold but you don’t want to be too hot either. Fall is a strange season for this. Wearing a coat and walking a lot can be uncomfortable but going out in a t-shirt can leave you cold. This is EXACTLY why the long sleeve t-shirt was invented, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen one as lovely as this. Vaporeon is one of my favorite Pokemon (generally, I love all of the Eevees, as I mentioned in our article on Pokemon jewelry!) and she looks really beautiful here.

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Cthulhu Pokemon ShirtSource:
Holy Lovecraft, Batman. We’ve got a mashup in the midst of our Pokemon shirts! Pitting Godzilla against Cthulhu (my King, the Greatest of the Great), this shirt shows us what would happen if these two greats came head-to-head in the Pokemon world. My money is on Cthulhu, just because he’s Cthulhu and Godzilla has had a bunch of movies to his name already and he still hasn’t destroyed the earth, so…

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6. Daryl Dixon Just Got Himself on my Hitlist

Daryl Dixon Pikachu ShirtSource:
CAROL WOULD NEVER. I don’t care how hungry you are, hunting down a Pikachu to do more than fight alongside him is just rude. Can’t you just eat chickpeas, Daryl? Why do you have to ruin everything? I bet Merle wouldn’t have done this. Remember Merle? Remember??? (Regardless of my feelings on the eating of Pokemon, this Walking Dead/Pokemon shirt is hilarious).

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7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle

Ninja Squirtle ShirtSource:
He’s our hero! He’d also come in more handy if he came equipped with Leonardo’s swords like this, but since he doesn’t, I guess we can save him to fight fire Pokemon. This clever little Pokemon shirt really is cute though. It mixes up two of my favorite child and teenhood shows and makes me feel less bad about being so sick of catching Squirtles, I ignore them now…

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8. One Magikarp Maki Roll Coming Up

Meowth ShirtSource:

Ohhh, oh, oh, so that’s what Magikarp are for. Before I knew they turned into Nessie’s best friend, I ate them a lot. (That’s a lie, I prefer my sushi vegetarian). Meowth, however, exists on a diet of all kinds of fish Pokemon, and because he’s a cat (sorta) we let him do this. At least he’s being inventive and using chopsticks before he coats it in Wasabi paste.

Meowth, that’s right!

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9. This Pun is Too Much (and Too GOOD)

Funny Raichu ShirtSource:
…unless you continually make incredible puns like this that make me wish I came up with them myself. Didn’t I tell you Pokemon shirts came in all different kinds of styles? There are serious ones, joke ones, etc. We’ve got them all covered here! Mostly the comedic ones but that says more about me as a person and I feel like we just /get each other, reader. I love this t-shirt so much, I have tears. First time Raichu has ever come in useful!

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10. Snore Gym is Probably the Gym I Should Go To

Snorlax Gym TankSource:
I know he’s having trouble with the barbell here but I also know that, if he wasn’t so tired, he could lift it easily. (And the trainer said he was overall decent, pfft). Between us, the Snore gym is my kind of gym and this Pokemon shirt is false advertising because all we do there is nap. It’s like, the best gym ever. Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure it’d be your favorite too.

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