The Walking Dead Merchandise to Build Your Own Zombie Survival Kit

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Forget the Doomsday Preppers, forget Fallout (for now), look to the first object on your left. That’s your weapon when a walker breaks through your door.

En bref: my chocolate bunny won’t do sheet.

Turn around and look at the flowers, reader. JK. Don’t turn anywhere! We’ve done our best sweeping of the geekosphere to find the best Walking Dead merchandise that will perform a dual duty by coming in super handy for your Zombie Survival Kit.

1. You’re Gonna Need Supplies – Here Is The Zombie Survival Kit

The Walking Dead Survival KitSource:
Injured while fighting walkers? Bitten by a walker and are now trying to hide it so nobody knows you’re about to kill them? Et voilá!

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2. You’re A Rebel And A Vigilante Like Daryl Dixon So You Need Daryl’s Leather Vest

Daryl's Leather VestSource:

Whether you stole Daryl’s vest because you’re a bad ass or you made a replica to join his secret society, no human, cosplayer, or martian will look bad in this.

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3. Check Out The Walking Dead Cookbook To Learn How To Cook During A Zombie Apocalypse – Official Walking Dead Merchandise

The Walking Dead CookbookSource:
More deaths are attributed to salmonella from improperly cooked chicken in Alexandria than walkers. It’s just that all the doctors have bit the dust. – Official Walking Dead merchandise.

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4. Be A Lover And A Fighter With A Replica Of Michonne’s Katana

The Walking Dead SwordSource:
Her entrance swathed us with a sense of calm since we were all Andreas. Chain your favorite walkers like dogs, grab your katana, and never kiss Rick. (Please.)

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5. Less Of A Hand-to-Hand Combat Type? Grab Daryl’s Crossbow

The Walking Dead Daryl's CrossbowSource:
Ideal for target practice when the zombies just won’t leave the outskirts of the prison. That’s your home. You do stuff there. And things.

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6. Take A Shot Every Time Somebody Says “Stuff” With These The Walking Dead Shot Glasses

The Walking Dead Shot GlassesSource:

These shot glasses will come in useful when you’re sick of everything the world has become.* If you’re out of liquor, why not drink Daryl’s moonshine from it?

*before OR after the outbreak

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7. Daryl Would Approve this Daryl Dixon Poncho Messenger Bag

Daryl Dixon's Poncho Messenger BagSource:
You’ll be able to carry a lot in this messenger bag. Supplies, weapons, your laptop. There…is WiFi in post-walker America, right? No? By God! How do they not just give up??

Get Daryl Dixon’s Poncho Messenger Bag on

8. Find Your Way To The Salvation Of Terminus With a Map

Terminus MapSource:
Since there’s no WiFi (don’t talk to me about it, how am I even posting this if I can’t Internet?!!), this kinda means we’re gonna have to go old school and learn to read maps. But say, this Terminus place sure looks safe…

Get the Terminus Map on

9. Teach Your Dog To Gut Walkers With This Zombie Tug Toy

The Walking Dead Dog ToySource:
Just in case you were worried they were going to end up like the dog in the — criminally underrated, even with the crap Hollywood ending — I Am Legend film, you’d best start them on their training early.

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10. What’s That? I Can’t Ear You! You Want Daryl’s Ear Necklace Too?

As far as Walking Dead merchandise goes, it doesn’t get any more gore-geous than this. F/W 2017’s latest accessory, do you really want to miss out?

Get the Zombie Ear Necklace on

11. Disguise Is A Good Way To Survive. And You Shouldn’t Miss This Mask In Your Zombie Survival Kit.

Zombie MaskSource:
This grotesquely beautiful walker mask will work wonders in getting you to the Winchester. Step one, cover yourself with the smell of decomp. Step two, walk like you’ve been out drinking all night. Step three, PROFIT.

Get the Walking Dead Zombie Mask on

12. Self-Appoint Yourself Leader Of The Group With Carl’s and Rick’s Sheriff Hat

If Rick Grimes can lead a group (often to death), any of us can. I’m fully prepared to take the reins. If only I had a badge to go with it…

Get the Walking Dead Carl and Rick’s Sheriff Hat on

13. Well, I’ll Be! There IS A Sheriff’s Badge To Go With It

The Walking Dead Sheriff's PatchSource:

You best get it, Sheriff. You know, just in case people don’t believe that you’re in charge in a society where there’s no such thing as being in charge. Don’t have to tell them that.

Get Rick’s Sheriff Patch on

14. Even Letter Openers Can Be Weapons like this Michonne’s Katana Letter Opener

Michonne's Katana Letter OpenerSource:
Not like you’ll be using them for anything else anymore, right? And look at it this way, Michonne’s got a backup should anything happen.

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15. Conserve Your Energy By Carrying Everything You Need In Rick’s Sheriff Backpack

The Walking Dead Rick's Sheriff BackpackSource:
Carry stuff and carry things everywhere you go with Rick’s Sheriff backpack. If they don’t believe you with your hat and your badge, surely third time’s the charm. Rule on, Geek Grimes.

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16. But If You Wanna Be Even More Mobile, How About This Survival Kit?

The Walking Dead Survival KitSource:
Preparedness is key. Be prepared with your own Z-Pak water bottle that includes a space blanket for warmth, a waterproof poncho for dry…th, bandages, mirror (yes!!!), and glow sticks. Bottom line: It’s everything you need in a Zombie Apocalypse and a kit that would be a great The Last of Us Merchandise addition. I’m sure Ellie would appreciate it.

Get the Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse Kit on

17. Get There Before Negan Does With His Baseball Bat Lucille

Negan's Bat Source:
Ain’t she beautiful? This replica prop baseball bat of Negan’s one and only love is made of plastic, but you wouldn’t know it and the zombies certainly won’t either. You’ll be safe in her care. The walkers? Ehh, not so much.

Get the Walking Dead Negan’s Bat “Lucille” on

18. Every Girl And Her Katana Need A Katana Inspired Sling Bag

Michonne's BagSource:
And Michonne has style as well as smarts. I’m going to be taking this one to the gym with me. Where I shall stare at it, smile, and pretend to work out.

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