12 Kick-Ass Dragon Ball Z Toys for Geeks of All Ages

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Toys are, undoubtedly, one of life’s pleasures, whatever your age.

If that fact was any less true, I’m pretty sure we at DGHQ wouldn’t be finding joy in scouting stuff like Dragon Ball action figures or Stranger Things POPs.

At least, not as much as we actually do have when doing it.

We always say that being a geek is a reason to keep our childhoods alive, and these Dragon Ball Z toys are a surefire way to make that possible.

Check ’em out!

1. Are You Ready for a Dragon Ball Z Web Exclusive? Good

Piccolo Dragon Ball action figureSource: Amazon

Ah, we love a good web exclusive. With the Internet is as it is now, exclusive action figures are much easier to get one's hands on than they would have been a decade ago. Once upon a time, in a world before Supernatural pop vinyl, Amazon hadn't quite caught up to eBay for collector's items. Luckily for us, that's no longer the case, and this Piccolo action figure is ripe for the taking. (No, really, he's much less angry than he looks).

Get this awesome Piccolo action figure on amazon.com

2. Pro-Tip: Say “Ossu! Ora Goku!” Instead of “Yahtzee!”

Dragon Ball Z YahtzeeSource: Amazon

According to the Dao of Dragon Ball's blog, Goku's only catchphrase in the Japanese version of the show has an explanation. You can read about it here. It's pretty fascinating. Why use that when the game is DBZ-themed? We're geeks and if you're anything like me, every piece of electronic equipment in your home is named after a Star Wars starship that connects to the Death Star router. It's just what we do.

Get the Dragon Ball Z Yahtzee! game on amazon.com

3. It’s a 19-Inch Bird, It’s a 19-Inch Plane, It’s Super Buu!

Majin buu Super Buu action figureSource: Entertainment Earth

Way better than Superman if you ask me (or Lego Batman), Buu is one of Goku and co's most ruthlessly awesome enemies. This gigantic action figure is a great testament to the guy's size. The last thing anybody wanted to do in the Dragon Ball Z toys factory was to make him mad, after all, so if he wants to be at scale, at scale he'll be. (In comparison to the smaller Dragon Ball action figures, at least. Beggars can't be choosers, even muscles or no).

Get this gigantic Majin Buu action figure on entertainmentearth.com

4. Cuddle Up to this Dragon… Z Ball

Dragon Ball Z plushSource: Amazon

We geeks aren't really known for enjoying sports, but me, I had a momentary dalliance with soccer. I was in goal and kept holding the ball, thinking about whatever part of the Ocarina of Time I was stuck at. (Spoiler: It was almost definitely the Water Temple and this Legend of Zelda merchandise will almost definitely ease the PTSD I may have triggered by mentioning it). Anyway, I suspect this cuddly Dragon Ball would be way nicer than a soccer one.

Get this plush Dragon Ball Z ball on amazon.com

5. This Play Set is Totally the ULTIMATE in Dragon Ball Z Toys

Dragon Ball Z toys playsetSource: Amazon

Why stop at one figure when you can get a bunch? Why stop at a bunch of figures when you can get the figures and surroundings as one mass collection of Dragon Ball Z toys to display or play with at your pleasure? The answer, really, is simpler than Haley Joel Osment's Medieval baby meme face:  

Thanks, Cap. I'll pimp these Captain America watches for your input. Get them all! Get all of the Dragon Ball Z toys! You're a grown-up! That's what being one is all about.

Get the Dragon Ball Z playset on amazon.com

6. You Might Think You’re Ready, but ARE You?

Dragon Ball Z monopoly gameSource: Amazon

Monopoly can get out of hand, though it depends on who you're playing it with. As the owner of the original trilogy Star Wars Monopoly from the 90s (which would be worth quite a bit if I hadn't played it so much that it's been beaten up more times than The Joker) and the last themed game I played being Game of Thrones, I can tell you that the risk to your life, familial relationships and friendships is totally worth it. Trying not to kill each other is, genuinely, the aim of the game.

Get Dragon Ball Z Monopoly on amazon.com

7. Another Pro-Tip: Tell People You Earned These in Battle

Dragon Ball Z collectiblesSource: ThinkGeek

Trust me on this. It'll be better for your reputation, in the long run, than to say you found them online. As cool and magical as the Internet is to those over the age of 50, the mere fact you can get rare-as-Mewtwo Star Wars POPs and Predator action figures online means that being a Dragon Ball master is where it's at. Heck, even if you told them you got them online, they're such cool, little replicas that even that will blow your friends' superhero socks off. (They have capes, they can fly).

Get these replica dragon balls on thinkgeek.com

8. Launch Some Sculpture into Your Life

Launch action figure DBZSource: Entertainment Earth

This Launch statue stood out to me because it reminded me of Tank Girl, which there aren't enough gifs of online. (But hey, there's Tank Girl merchandise right here!) I genuinely think it's awesome and the coolest Dragon Ball Z toy on the list. Granted, it's the one I'd want to own the most, but it's all part of geek culture to put one's interested before anyone else's. (Aka don't tell me Reylo is a thing or I will rage-lo). I LOVE Launch, especially like this, and you should love her too.

Get this Launch statue on entertainmentearth.com

9. Let’s Get Ready to Rumble (Thanks, Dual Shock)

Dragon Ball Z video gameSource: Amazon

Back in the olden days, long before the vibrating PlayStation controllers of yore, Nintendo brought us the Rumble Pack for the N64. The Rumble Pack could slip into the slot that memory cards tended to go into, and while I don't actually remember how that worked while also being able to save, feeling the ground shake each time Link caught a fish at Lake Hyrule was everything. These days, the rumble is all part of the game, and the DBZ games are always a blast!

Get the Dragon Ball FighterZ video game on amazon.com

10. Third and Final Pro-Tip: Wear this When You Play the Dragon Ball Monopoly

Dragon Ball Z toys shooter fun kidsSource: Entertainment Earth

Pay them what you owe, just strap on this Dragon Ball Z toy and concentrate really hard. You can blast the board and cause it to flip so you don't have to expend any energy in doing it yourself. There. Now nobody can win and they don't have the super cool Kamehameha shooter that you and Goku do. Don't ever tell me I'm not full of handy tips you can use to avoid responsibility. It's my one, true talent.

Get the deluxe Kamehameha Shooter on entertainmentearth.com

11. Dragon Ball Z Without a Dragon Would Just Be Ball Z…

Dragon Ball Z Shenron action figureSource: Amazon

How would a show like that even work? Could a show hinge on dragon balls? Oh, wait, Pokemon. Moving on. Shenron is the God dragon, the Divine Dragon, which basically means he's king of the crop of all of these Dragon Ball Z toys, too. This action figure/statue is the creme de la creme for DBZ collectors, with its indelible power and crazy likeness to dragons (they're REAL, she proclaims, like Nancy in The Craft), you're gonna want this somewhere fancy.

Get this premium Shenron action figure on amazon.com

12. Goku-ddle this Guy Forever and Ever

Goku DBZ plushSource: Entertainment Earth

Just when I thought Dragon Ball plushies couldn't get any cozy or cute than the ball I found earlier, this guy shows up. It's like he saved himself for last and his only downside is that he's not microwaveable (nor does he smell of lavender). This Goku plush is hella adorable and will look amazing in a collection of Dragon Ball Z memorabilia, just sitting there on his throne next to Shenron, somehow managing to look superior. You could also cuddle him. I won't tell...

Get this adorable Goku plush on entertainmentearth.com
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