This One Piece Merchandise Will Blow You Away

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We’re back with our favorite pirate and his merry band of straw hat friends, sharing some One Piece merchandise you’re probably gonna love more than you love anything.

Including but not limited to sugar, coffee, gold, and joy.

If I’m wrong and you still love all of those things as much as you do Monkey D. Luffy then that’s cool too. You’re allowed!

For this article, we picked out everything from action figure collectibles to posters, and even a backpack to die for. Prepared yet?


1. Just a Word of Advice, You’d Get More Money if You Bought Him Back Alive…

One Piece Notebook JournalSource: ThinkGeek

The One Piece merchandise/franchise is way too big to get away with bringing him back in a body bag. If you did, you'd have a lot of angry pirates after your head, and it wouldn't leave you with an Academy Award the same way it did Tom Hanks. What you can do, though, is pretend you're doing your job hunting him down when actually, you're using this notebook to write about your own adventures, which can be even more interesting than someone else's. Monkey D. Luffy would tell you the same thing. It's like the geeky, rebellious version of YOLO.

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2. You Don’t Want Trafalgar Law After You

Trafalgar Law Action FigureSource: ThinkGeek

That's a guess. Maybe you do but in a different way. He is one of the coolest guys sailing the four seas, after all, and his nickname just makes that fact even truer. With this action figure, in a way, he'll be on your side, and it means that if you're the kind of person who has an action figure that annoys you just to be the one the action figures you like can beat up, he's a great ally to have. It isn't just me who does that, right?

Get this Trafalgar Law action figure on

3. This Could Be Renamed The Many Expressions of the Internet

Mini One Piece StatuesSource: Entertainment Earth

Which are you feeling today? I'm in a Trafalgar mood, but then again, when am I not? Mini figures are a great way to make your love of something physical without either having to take up a whole lot of space or pick just one spot for something. These ones are also done in such a way that the characters look like they could have walked right off the screen and onto whatever surface it is that you're gonna use to put them. The best bit? You can get all six of these in one go. You know how I feel about decisions.

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4. Goldilocks Would Not Have Been Forgiven So Easily By Bepo

Beepo Plush One Piece MerchandiseSource: Entertainment Earth

She'd have been coated in sweat before the day was out. And it would have been entirely deserved, because who wanders into someone's house and helps themselves to both bed and breakfast without speaking to them even once? I don't care if the forest didn't work out well for Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Gretel, she should have knocked. Use this Bepo plush as a reminder to always be both helpful and cute. Not since Dobby has there been a friend I've wanted more.

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5. Has There Ever Been a One Piece Action Figure This Fabulous?

Donquixote Doflamingo Action FigureSource: Entertainment Earth

The answer is no. Even all of the Luke Skywalker figures in the world have nothing on this guy, and it would just be wrong if it was any other way. (But speaking of Luke, check out these Star Wars action figures too). I know he's technically a bad guy, but everybody has their crosses to bear, and he's got such a great backing of good style that you almost have to let him do whatever he wants. (Within reason).

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6. Spooky, Mischevious, or Super Fricken Cute: You Decide

Plush Ghost Backpack One Piece MerchandiseSource: Entertainment Earth

Two questions. One: Do you want to freak people out? Two: Do you want people to be confused over whether or not they're freaked out or find something cute? Enter this One Piece merchandise to follow you around like the creepy-cute ghost he is while also carrying as much stuff as you need him to carry, be it for school, for travel, or just for fun. This backpack is the funniest thing I think I've seen in a while in the best possible way, and my only advise besides, "You should get it!" is, try not to let it get wet. You don't want it to turn into a living version of a Gremlin toy, do you?

Get this plush ghost backpack on

7. Is He Running from the Ghost or Doflamingo’s Fabulousness?

Monkey D. Luffy statueSource: Zavvi

I wouldn't blame him for either. There's no fighting that amount of pink or spookiness, none at all. The detail on this Monkey figure is crazy. It's crazier than Jack Torrence, from the Kubrick Shining, breaking down the door to get to Wendy. That's a horror reference better left to a follow up to this Freddy Krueger sweaters article, except the new pop vinyls for classic horror characters are good enough to eat with a very large, very safe spoon. But like I should have all of those pops, every One Piece fan should have one of these.

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8. Sleep Tight, Bepo is Only Grumpy Because He Doesn’t

Beepo Pillow One Piece merchandiseSource: Entertainment Earth

If anybody remembers how cute he is when he's sleeping with his talking, I feel like there's no way they can say no to this. Usually, pillows don't have any specific style, and if they do, it's one that's easily adaptable to any kind of bed which automatically means they lose every once of fun. NOT THIS ONE. It's fun and if you fall asleep, he'll fall asleep with you, and you can both wake up refreshed and... wishing you could sleep longer. (These Star Wars pillowcases are pretty cool though, too).

Get this cute Bepo pillow on

9. Just Ignore That it’s Been That Long and Take in the Awesome One Piece Merchandise

Brook One Piece Anniversary StatueSource: Entertainment Earth

Rivaling Donquixote Doflamingo for most fabulous, camp pirate on the four seas, Brook is right there. Dressed like a 1980's Slash-from-Guns-n-Roses goes Jimi Hendrix in the middle of a roller disco, he takes the phrase pimpin' ain't easy to a whole other level. There isn't really anything more punk rock than being found on a ghost ship, and if any of the Finnish metal bands around the world heard of his origin story, they'd retire for good. This 20th Anniversary statue of him is simply too cool for pirate school.

Get this 20th Anniversary Brook statue on

10. Write Your Next Masterpiece With This

Plush Ghost One Piece PenSource: Entertainment Earth

During the late 90s, mostly thanks to the movie Clueless, fluffy pens were a thing we all wanted. I can't say whether they're still around or have had any kind of resurgence the way Sonic the Hedgehog has, but I can say that they made us enjoy doing school work, primarily so we could each see who had which fluffy pen. (Mine was zebra print and purple. Obviously). This pen mixes nostalgia with One Piece and makes a really awesome pen to write with. Because who says we have to use ballpoints after 18?

Get one of these One Piece ghost pens on

11. I Mean, I Don’t Think I’ve Seen Anything So Relateable…

20th Anniversary One Piece StatueSource: Amazon

The one true King of the Pirates. With a never-ending stash of sake and rum. Captain Jack Sparrow once asked where all of the rum went and the truth of the matter is, while he was passed out drunk, the Straw Hat crew silently swooped on in and nabbed it all. And then this happened. Monkey looks so content here that, from the position of a gamer who's still avoiding playing a video game she loves because she doesn't want it to end, sitting down with no cares in the world is pretty freakin' awesome. And very Monkey.

Get this stunning Monkey D. Luffy figure on

12. I Didn’t Mean to Kill You With Cute, it Was Just a Side Effect

Chopper Statue One Piece MerchSource: Entertainment Earth

Would Santa mind if somebody told him his reindeer weren't actually the smartest in the land? All he'd need to do is give them devil fruit and they could be, but then they'd escape and either get to work more than once a year or, like, not at all. Tony Tony Chopper is a vital member of the Straw Hat crew just like this adorable figure is a vital bit of One Piece merchandise for every collector and... casual fan alike. He's a doctor! (...and almost as cute as these Baby Groot gifts).

Get this adorable Tony Tony Chopper statue on

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