Sailor Moon Pop Vinyls Exist and They Are ADORABLE

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For love and justice, there’s a large amount of us who love Sailor Moon. It was a show that set a standard for girls and boys of a certain age, influencing their fashion (as seen in these Sailor Moon brooches), their aesthetics, and their honor.

Fandom is great for that. Our favorite shows and characters can teach us what’s right and wrong; they can teach us morality and how to be good to one another as opposed to, well, somebody like HIM in Powerpuff Girls (who happens to be my idol, but I digress). Sailor Moon was at the forefront of that.

And so, in the name of the moon, we’ve picked out our 6 favorite Sailor Moon pop vinyls just for you.

1. Sailor Moon and Luna Should Be the First Figure in your Sailor Moon Pop Vinyls Collection

Sailor Moon with Luna Funko PopSource:
Even if she’s not your favorite. Just because she’s Sailor Moon and comes with Luna! This double figure pack is so cute, I’m afraid you mightn’t be able to handle it on your own and getting it as a gift for your birthday — or indeed gifting it — might bring about tears, if you love Sailor Moon as much as we do. The Sailor Moon pop vinyls even come with clear stands to help keep them upright if you like to display your pop figures out of the box. So if you’re like me and like mixing worlds with your fandoms, you can easily have Sailor Moon standing next to your Mega Man bobblehead.

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2. Ice to Meet You, Sailor Mercury!

Sailor Mercury Funko PopSource:
Sailor Mercury is the Guardian of Wisdom. She is the brains of the Sailor Senshi. Without her, the group wouldn’t function as well as it does. If we’re talking Hogwarts, Sailor Mercury would be in Ravenclaw, and possibly the leader of the house. Intellectuals will find a bond with her, for she’s kind of the ‘Oracle’ of the group, doing all of the bookwork and computer work so the other Senshi can protect us all. This Sailor Moon pop vinyl is pretty much perfect for the smart Sailor Moon fan in your life, and out of all of the group, she’s one of the most recognizable.

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3. Sailor Mars is Here to Chastize You

Sailor Mars Funko PopSource:
But only if you misbehave. Sailor Mars is the Guardian of fire and of war. Her design at her conception was wholly unique to the other, preexisting Sailor Senshi. Teaming up with the other girls to defeat the Dark Kingdom, she proved irreplaceable. Sailor Mars’s psychic powers make her stand out from the crowd and she’s the only one — of the inner circle, at least — that has psychic powers. Is one of your friends keeping a secret from you? It’s cool, Mars can help you out, just shove her in their faces and they’ll either start talking or she’ll tell you what they’re thinking. I know, I know, it’s rare for a pop vinyl to do that and it probably isn’t going to work, but they don’t know that.

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4. Sailor Jupiter is Here to Protect You, It’s Just What She Does

Sailor Jupiter Funko PopSource:
If Sailor Mercury is the Oracle of the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Jupiter is the lawful good, anime version of Poison Ivy. Her powers revolve around nature, plants, thunder, and electricity. The strongest of the inner circle of Senshi, Jupiter is the one you’re going to want to have as protection over all of your other Sailor Moon pop vinyls (or your Star Wars pops if you want to mix and match, as pops were invented for). Don’t worry, with this pop, Sailor Jupiter will always have your back.

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5. Sailor Venus and Artemis Will Protect Your Love

Sailor Venus with Artemis Funko PopSource:
At all costs. Sailor Venus is the Guardian of love, like her planet, which means her role in the Sailor Senshi is one of grave importance. Awakened before any of the other girls, she operated as Sailor V, of whom Sailor Moon herself — in her human form — was a big fan. She was the first to defeat the dark kingdom, the first to do so many things, and to what cost, you ask? She was cursed to never get her love. Artemis is her watcher and guardian. Responsible for awakening her into the world of the Sailor Senshi, Artemis has been by her side since and didn’t even think to leave when she was turned into this Sailor Moon pop vinyl, making his fate one and the same.

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6. Tuxedo Mask is my Favorite of the Sailor Moon Pop Vinyls, and He’ll Be Yours Too

Tuxedo Mask Funko PopSource:
Literally, the only thing that would have made him better would be him being a girl in a tuxedo as opposed to a guy. But he’s got style and we take what little victories we can get. Tuxedo Mask is one of Sailor Moon’s closest allies, and can always be found having her back, at the most surprising of times. It’s a symbiotic relationship that works both ways, eventually leading to their coupling as husband, wife, and parents of Sailor Chibi Moon. I mean, you can’t blame her really, when there’s anyone as dapper as Tuxedo Mask floating about, can you?

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