Sailor Moon Brooches Take Girl Power To A Whole New Level

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Over the years, Sailor Moon has become the pinnacle of all things right in the anime world. You don’t have to be an anime fan to know who Sailor Moon is.

It’s served as a welcome wagon to the land of manga for so many of us, no matter our gender, and we all have a Sailor Moon character we’d cosplay as if given the opportunity. (Sailor Uranus. Clearly.)

We’ve found some of the coolest Sailor Moon brooches out there on the web. You know. Just in case you needed to love it more.


Come on in, take a look-see.

1. A Season 1 Sailor Moon Brooch To Totally Transform You

Sailor Moon Brooch Season 1Source:
In the interest of living like children do — something we geeks are good at — I’m not going to sit here and tell you that this brooch won’t open up and transform you into a  Sailor Senshi. It will. (Nudge nudge.) Because that’s what transformation brooches do…

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2. Sailor Moon Crystal Henchin Brooch

Sailor Moon Crystal BroochSource:
This baby is imported straight from Japan and another one of the Sailor Moon brooches that broaches (this wordplay isn’t working, is it?) the idea that it can also serve as a keychain and a pill case. Again, it’ll work in transforming you, but you’ll have to empty it out first and put gum in it, just so your breath doesn’t go the way of the Shitennou.

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3. Sailor Moon Season 2 Transformation Compact Mirror

Sailor Moon Crystal Star BroochSource:
This compact brooch is metal and fully functional. It opens up to two different mirrors: a regular and an amplified, so when you cosplay and either eat lunch or make out with a Darth Maul, you can fix your lipstick right after. Looks pretty celestial to me.

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4. Sailor Moon Season 3 Cosmic Heart Compact

Cosmic Heart CompactSource:
Bandai’s Sailor Moon proplica line might be one of our faves when it comes to Sailor Moon props and replicas (see what they did there? Clever!) and this Cosmic Heart transformation brooch is just like the one used for Usagi’s third transformation.

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5. A Crisis Moon Compact To Celebrate Sailor Moon’s 20th Anniversary

Sailor Moon Crisis BroochSource:
But age is just a number and time if we listen to Einstein, has never been linear, so we’re not old at all and this “20” business really just means we’re cooler now. Or something. This small Sailor Moon compact mirror should serve to help you fix your (moon cosmic power) makeup, Oh, I’m clever…

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6. And This Eternal Sailor Moon Brooch Serves To Celebrate It Too

Sailor Moon Eternal BroochSource:
And it’s a freakin’ beautiful replica of the transformation brooch that allowed Usagi to transform from Super Sailor Moon to Eternal Sailor Moon, as given to her by Pegasus. (Consider my claim in the list of unicorn stuff that unicorns don’t have wings void.)

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7. Get All Of The Sailor Moon Brooches In This Set!

Sailor Moon Brooch SetSource:
If you’re the kind of person I am and you can’t decide, why not go ahead and cover all corners at once? This box set includes all of the most iconic items in the Sailor Moon series: the transforming compacts. The set covers more than just one series, making it the perfect thing for the indecisive Sailor Moon fans among us.

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8. But If You’d Like More Options, There’s Always A SECOND Set Of Sailor Moon Transformation Brooches

Sailor Moon Brooch SetSource:
Oh there’s more. Really spoiled for choice now, huh. It’s alright. These five Sailor Moon brooches cover the other side of Sailor Moon. The first set has mostly pink brooches but this one shakes it up a bit with the Eternal Moon article and the Cosmic Heart in red. Ideally, you could just get both. Why choose?? This is the world of the internet. We don’t always have to.

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9. Spruce Up Your Jewelry Collection With These Sailor Moon Necklaces

Sailor Moon PendantsSource:
This set includes 12 different Sailor Moon pendants from a few of the series’ as well as characters. There are six transformation brooches and six rods and they come with a chain AND a keychain so you can decide which you want to wear when you want to wear it, and how you want to wear it.

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10. Sailor Moon’s Moonlight Memory Star Locket Doubles As A Music Box

Moonlight Memory LocketSource:
Wind up the little key in the back and you’ll hear the Sailor Moon theme. Music boxes are one of the best inventions ever and you don’t see them enough anymore, especially wind up. Especially wind up ones that you can wear as a necklace. It’s the perfect size for cosplay and is so shiny, it might as well be actual gold.

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11. And This Sailor Moon Crystal Star Locket Is Fantastically Beautiful

Sailor Moon Crystal Star LocketSource:
Along with music boxes, another outdated memorabilic institution is the pocket watch. Because of our phones, our computers, and our tablets, we don’t really need a watch anymore, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have them and this Sailor Moon watch is beautiful and perfect and amazing AND shows the phases of the moon as well as the time. As that one song by I forget the artist would say: Whatcha waitin’ for?

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12. Polish Off Your Look With A Sailor Moon Charm Bracelet

Sailor Moon Charm BraceletSource:
This bracelet combines both sets of Sailor Moon brooches to give us nine different transformation rods and brooches in the form of gold charms. Dotted with stars and a size-adjustable catch, it’s pretty gorgeous. It might not turn you into a senshi like the transformation brooches totally will (WINK) but it’s sure gonna look great on your wrist.

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